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Creating a garden is work, but also fun. Depending on the garden’s purpose later, it is essential to develop and design usable open spaces accordingly. There are quite a few garden forms:

Whether kitchen garden, house garden, front garden, ornamental garden, courtyard, forest garden, natural garden, residential garden, water garden, allotment garden, vegetable garden, or Japanese garden, every garden design has its own character and advantages.

Regardless of how we set up our green paradise, garden design is never done. Maintaining a garden (even a natural garden) is a life’s work.


What are garden design jobs?

Jobs related to the garden and the landscape are numerous, diverse, and varied, and do not know the crisis.

With the growing interest of individuals for their garden-living space, on the one hand, and on the other hand, environmental and public health concerns which are becoming more and more important, the needs in terms of development landscaping and all the resulting activities are increasing.


In garden landscaping, you will find jobs in the following areas and companies. For example, you will be able to wok for horticultural offices, horticultural associations, botanical, nature parks, green spaces, landscaping, landscaping companies, gardening companies, horticulture, floristry, gardening companies, research, agricultural sciences, medicine, civil engineering, sports facilitiescaretaker services, employers’ associations, Chambers of Agriculture.


What does a garden designer do?

 As a garden designer, you will have many activities as part of your area of ​​responsibility in garden landscaping.

Garden design professions require training in the field of garden landscaping. You will, among other things, hold talks with clients and architects, carry out measurements, calculations, and billing for construction work. You will also perform planning and administrative tasks in your career, for example, and draw up detailed drawings.


Jobs around the garden and the landscape

The trades around the garden are organized around 3 poles:

  • The production of plants and plants: horticulturist, market gardener, arborist, floriculturist, nurseryman …
  • The sale of plants and gardening equipment: florist, garden center vendor, horticultural technical sales representative, etc.
  • The creation and arrangement of gardens: landscaper, landscape technician, pruner, gardener.

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Besides, the feminization of professions around the garden and the landscape is developing. The more diploma the training, the more women are in the courses. We cut the grass under the foot of the cliché of the gardener man!

Job opportunities around the garden and the landscape

  • Trades in the production of seedlings and plants find work with landscaping companies, at different levels, ranging from skilled workers to site managers, including technicians and supervisors.
  • Then, garden centers and brands specializing in gardening hire these profiles because they know what they are selling and can be an exciting sales force.
  • Nursery workers, of course, employ people trained in this area.
  • The research sector, particularly laboratories working on plants and plants, can also hire at engineer levels.
  • The trade and sale of plants and gardening equipment offer positions as salesman and department manager in garden centers, in garden areas of supermarkets, in nurseries. The more suitable training courses will find job offers from large producers and distributors of plants and phytosanitary manufacturers.
  • Careers in the creation and development of gardens will have as outlets the jobs offered by landscaping companies, design offices, local authorities, public companies, private landscaping agencies. It is always possible to create your own landscaping business.


Constant growth and job creation have characterized these sectors for several years. Moreover, some offers do not find a taker, which clearly shows that the garden and the landscape are promising sectors in terms of jobs. Jobs that have a bright future!

How much can you make with garden design jobs?

 Your salary in garden landscaping will be between € 2,850 and € 4,000 per month after completing the relevant training.


Where to find garden design jobs near me?

 You can look for a garden designer on the internet and the online listings. However, the best way to find the best professionals near you for your garden landscaping is to join freelancers and professionals’ marketplaces such as Eventeus.com.

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