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With our modern society come new writing jobs and opportunities. A freelance writer does not have to write a book. He can be a part-time professional finding freelance writing jobs and doing creative writing or writing sample and short stories as a ghostwriter for various clients.

Today, we tell you more about freelance fiction stories writers and how to find writing jobs, and how to become long term fiction writers thanks to Eventeus.com.


What is a freelance fiction writer?

Anyone who writes advertising texts as a freelance copywriter works as a writer if they can largely determine the advertising line themselves. Those who engage in journalistic activities are also classified as writers. The writing speeches for others, writing of funeral orations, and texts as a ghostwriter are also attributed to the literary work. Anyone who writes puzzles or quizzes published in a magazine or works as a screenwriter for film and television is also classified as a writer.

Anyone who writes instructions for use for technical devices is also active as a writer, provided that the text is based on given data but can be seen as the author’s achievement. A translator transmits general texts and is therefore not act as a writer. He doesn’t have his thoughts on paper but only translated those of another person into the desired language.

There are hundreds of thousands of opportunities to become a writer, and the art of being a freelance worker makes sense when it comes to making the most of those opportunities.

A freelance fiction writer is a professional who writes optimized content without belonging to a company or entity but acts as an independent contractor or as a small business.

It is possible to exercise this profession full time and earn a living or part-time to increase regular income. Another role is to do it for fun, to broaden its range of skills.

You can now decide to become a freelance writer and get more fiction writing jobs quickly with the best freelancing platforms and talented communities such as Eventeus. Whether for fun or a career.


How to become a freelance fiction writer?

No wonder that many hobby writers have with the idea of ​​starting their own business as authors. But is it that easy? What you have to bring with you to find your place as a professional fiction writer in the world of freelance? And what do you have to consider legally? Here are the answers to the most critical questions.

Writers should have some specific knowledge:

First of all, future writers need to have a particular talent for writing. Besides, it is essential to have a secure feeling for language.

Hobby writers who want to start their own business need to be very familiar with spelling rules – especially those who do their editing themselves. Besides, it never hurts to have a few years of professional experience in the text industry.

The following prior knowledge can be an advantage:

  • Experience in journalism
  • Training as a graphic designer
  • Work as a lecturer


Freelancer or entrepreneur? That is the question.

If the book idea is there, that’s half the battle. However, to earn money with it, there are a few legal things to consider. After all, the self-employed must also correctly tax all their income – even if they are only temporary.


For many freelancers, the first question arises: “Am I a freelancer or do I have to register a business? “. The answer to this depends on the individual case.

The authors fall into the freelance category. Why? Because as a writer, you have an artistic and, thus, a freelance activity. Therefore, future authors should first visit the tax office as the activity is registered there.

What skills should a freelance fiction writer have?

 Ideally, you have already written your texts and short stories as hobbies or have a lot to do with written language in a professional context. You can also hone your skills through online writing forums and creative writing courses.

Ultimately, you have to have an individual and distinctive writing style. It is an important unique selling point with which you stand out from the crowd and stand out.

Whether you want to write factual or fictional texts: It is always helpful to be passionate about the topic being discussed. When you work as a freelance writer, you only spend part of your time actively writing.

Extensive background research is often required to give your work the necessary depth. Therefore, you should make sure that you are writing about something that you won’t lose interest in after a long time.

To prove yourself in the job in the long term, you also need a lot of perseverance and discipline. Not everyone can work alone, organize themselves, and motivate until the finished book is in your own hands. Only regular and reliable work leads to the goal!

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Personal skills and particularities:


  • Extremely creative work
  • Work from anywhere
  • Profession with star potential


Where to find freelance fiction writing jobs?

Become active in the community of writers. There are literary groups and writers’ associations in several countries, and it would be a good idea to belong to them to meet other professionals, get information and advice, and establish your skills as a professional. ‘writer.

Look for a group that hosts meetings, seminars, guest speakers who provide advice on all aspects of writing, including publishing and marketing, and how to network with publishers and promote network creation. Many of these groups also sometimes have an excellent resource for job postings.

Join the leading freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc. You should also join the social media groups on Facebook and search online, and you should quickly find organizations located in your region or country.

You should also join considerable talents and artist communities such as Evenetus.com to find writing job ads and promote yourself and freelance fiction writing services to new clients worldwide.


What are the job prospects?

The world of freelance fiction writing is vast and can therefore suit extremely varied profiles: web, communication, art, information, marketing for companies, individuals, associations, for oneself, for readers…

Word lovers and phrases could also be directed towards advertising, publishing, or even choosing professions such as proofreaders or copywriters.


Find fiction writing jobs on Eventeus.com!

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