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What is content marketing? How does it work? How to do content marketing, and why? Is this an effective marketing strategy? What is content marketing? Why should useful content be at the heart of your marketing?

The attention span of people for new information, including content, decreases year by year due to the density of information. If you consider the amount of data that affects us every minute only via digital media, this is not surprising.

In particular, advertising is affected by this development, as people are only interested in product information in a small phase of their customer journey, i.e., they are open to advertising. Also, the widespread use of ad blockers is coming in many new browser versions.

Here, content is a way of accompanying or addressing customers throughout the entire customer journey. With content, people can be addressed long before the actual product interest. Besides, free coverage can be achieved through content. The dissemination of advertising, however, always costs money.

Content should always be designed and produced in a user-centered manner. Advertising is usually made from the company’s point of view.

To catch customers’ attention and get new customers, companies need to develop their digital content for a better marketing experience. That is why, as project managers or as a marketing director, you could be looking for full-time and part-time content creators with years of experience in managing content. You may need the best senior-level content marketing specialist and content marketing manager on your side to set up the proper social media marketing and an original content marketing strategy.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is about building up the proper and needed content consistently in order to capture a specific audience and target. The main goal is to transform complete strangers into prospects, then into customers.

We can determine three primary goals for content marketing:

  • Positioning the brand
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty

When defining the term content marketing, the opinions and comments of the experts differ. Depending on the perspective, branding- centric, SEO-centric, and PR-centric interpretations of the term content marketing have emerged over the years.

Definitions from the SEO scene see content marketing as part of search engine optimization to build

  • links.
  • Definitions from the PR point of view see it as a means of public relations.


We understand content marketing as an elementary part of corporate communication.

Content marketing mostly includes free content in the form of:


  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • software
  • Play
  • Testing
  • Survey
  • Studies
  • Whitepaper
  • Advisors
  • E-books


When it comes to events, one can have different opinions as to whether it is content marketing or not. But I think that events are at least an excellent means of developing content such as interviews, videos, recaps, etc. from them.

And they do. Content marketing is now widely used by the largest companies globally, such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and more.

But content marketing is also used with excellent efficiency by small businesses. Even online, very small businesses use articles and blogs to make themselves known, develop their activity, grow their company, and better face the competition.

Why? Because it works …

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What are content marketing jobs?

It is the quality of the teams put in place that will determine the quality of your production. Indeed, they will be responsible for defining the content marketing strategy and its proper execution.

There are many jobs and, therefore, many ways to structure your content marketing team:


  • Content Manager is a strategic position
  • Content Strategist will be the experts for auditing existing content to define an editorial line …
  • Marketing content and web writers are journalists, writers, philosophers, technical product managers …
  • Content marketing editors is the one that checks the syntax, the grammar and possibly adds information that the writer would not have thought of.
  • The marketing content coordinator is in charge of the editorial planning/calendar.
  • SEO specialist’s role is to give visibility to the pages of your site on search engines. Otherwise, no one will see them.
  • A Social Media Manager must ensure its brand’s presence on social networks following the marketing strategy.

Here are the main jobs in content marketing. This list is obviously not exhaustive but presents the primary resources within a team.

How to get a job in content marketing?

For Content Manager, many training courses are also surfing the trend to train future community managers, for example.

Curiosity will be one of the most sought-after soft skills, as will the spirit of synthesis. Top profiles are candidates who will not be afraid of failure: content editing is not an exact science. You have to know how to be flexible and have a “test and learn” approach.

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How much can you make with content marketing jobs?

Salaries for content marketing jobs can vary based on your experience as well as the type and size of the company you are working for.

  • Salary for a Content Manager will be between 30,000 and 35,000 euros as a beginner and up to 65,000 euros with 10 years’ experience.

For SEO Manager, the job’s difficulty is that search engine algorithms are continually evolving and can impact strategies, sometimes for the better … sometimes for, the worse. The most crucial thing in 2020 when it comes to SEO is user experience.

  • Salary for Content Manager will be between 35,000 and 40,000 euros as a beginner and up to 90,0000 euro with 10 years’ experience.

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Where to find content marketing jobs near me?

You can look into the many freelance online platforms for freelancers and post a job offer online. However, if you do not select the best and most focused platforms, you will have to go through a large number of uninteresting bids from unqualified so-called content marketing people.

To maximize your time and energy, choose talents and professional market places such as Eventeus.com, and you will have the opportunity to connect with the best content marketing professionals and experts worldwide.


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