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You have undoubtedly noticed it; videos have been everywhere for a few years. But what would a video be without good editing? The video editor job is essential to bring pictures to life.

Are you passionate about audiovisual and want to work for yourself? Video editing is 100% compatible with the self-employed (or micro-business) regime.

We tell you everything to exercise your art in complete independence and how to start and plan your career as a freelance video editor.

From freelance photo editors using Adobe Premier to high-quality video projects, a talented freelance editor with many years-experiences will be the ideal candidate to create custom videos and develop a top-notch social media experience for your projects.

What are freelance video editing jobs?

 After filming, editing is essential to obtain a rhythmic and coherent film. As full-time o part-time freelance editors, you will offer a post-production job and expertise between technique and artistic sense to develop unique video content.

The first step is essential since it is a question of selecting the most appropriate plans. There is no room for error during this task. The freelance video editor tirelessly views the rushes on his editing table (now digital!): Thanks to this, he will obtain the most successful film possible.

Once the catch of selected views, this is the assemble to using editing software. Work on the image must also be done. It includes at least the harmony of colors and a fine adjustment of brightness and contrasts. It is called calibration.

Depending on customer requests, the editor may also have to subtitle the films. This operation is meticulous and must be adjusted to the nearest frame to match the video’s soundtrack.

To achieve a successful video, the freelance editor sometimes fine-tunes the transitions between the shots at length because it is also in the details that the quality of edit is revealed—a very technical profession, but where the artistic fiber will make the difference.

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What does a freelance video editor do?

The freelance video editor job is not regulated: no diploma is compulsory to exercise as a self-employed person.

However, to have legitimacy with your future customers and a technique mastered at your fingertips, taking training is strongly recommended.

There are many public or private courses and training, such as:

  • A Bachelor in Audiovisual professions editing option allows obtaining all the necessary knowledge in video editing.
  • Higher certificates of professional assembly training are offered in many private schools and allow them to obtain the essential knowledge to start in 2 years.
  • For those who want to go further, training up to a master’s degree exists. These five years studies allow the acquisition of many complementary skills (history of cinema, scriptwriting, special effects, etc.)
  • Another possibility with training: specializing in a technique, such as special effects or 3D, often called CGI ( Computer Generated Image ).

If you are self-taught, it is necessary to have substantial professional experience and to be able to justify it by making public some of your achievements to inspire confidence in your potential clients. A virtual portfolio in the form of a website or an online video channel remains a safe bet.

When you start your business, you may want to consider specializing in one type of video and clients to set yourself apart from the competition.

The different specialties of the editor

Under the very generic term of “video editor” are hidden several specialties and missions. To become a successful professional, the editor often begins by working as an assistant only to select images on the editing bench. He then sends these extracts to a chief editor, who then takes care of all the other assembly stages.

Depending on the project, a fitter may be necessary. A freelance video editor and graphic designer who masters animation software at his fingertips can create perfect special effects to meet the director’s expectations.

Skills to become a video editor.

The video editor works mainly on a computer. This professional must be very comfortable with often complex software and call on specialized tools (such as compositing, for working with rushes filmed on a green background).

  • But technical skills are not enough. Video editing is a long and complicated activity that requires a great sense of observation and organization and specific patience and rigor qualities.
  • A good video editor must also be endowed with a real artistic sensibility, an essential quality for making quality films.
  • As a self-employed entrepreneur, it is essential to have a good sense of communication to best listen to your clients’ projects to meet their expectations. When he creates his film, the director has an idea: it’s up to you to bring it to life!

How to become a freelance video editor?

The profession of freelance video editor can allow you to vary the moods and types of orders.

By becoming a freelance video editor (using all modern programs and techniques such as adobe premiere pro, 3D designs, and special effects, etc.), you can offer your services to many types of clients:

  • individual
  • production companies
  • audiovisual communication agencies
  • possibly TV channels
  • companies and public organizations.

The types of requests are also varied. You may need to mount:

  • institutional videos for companies
  • music videos
  • short or feature films
  • advertising clips
  • documentaries
  • movies
  • reports
  • “souvenir” films for individuals, etc .;

Depending on the client’s mission and possibilities, you can work from home (or from a room rented for your business) or directly from the client’s office.

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Where to find freelance video editing jobs

Once you are set up as a freelance video editor, you will need to find new clients and projects to develop your business. You can now find video production gigs and freelance job posting on the internet.

As an independent and experienced video editor, you can:

  • Use word of mouth through your personal and professional network to find new freelance jobs
  • Join mainstream online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Instagram …. To promote your activity and look for new opportunities.
  • register to the major freelancing websites as Upwork and Frelancer.com
  • Join talent and freelancers communities such as Eventeus.com to find freelance video editing jobs and other job alerts worldwide

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