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With a good and talented Gospel singer who can cast a spell on everyone, you create the right atmosphere for your next event. Here you can find a singer for your event.

If you reserve an excellent soloist for your next party or event, there will be many atmospheres, and moments will be created that will not be easily forgotten. At Eventeus.com, you can book a soloist — regardless of whether you are looking for a solo musician, a singer, or an artist who offers both or plays different instruments.

On Eventeus.com, you can now easily find the best gospel music choirs and unique contemporary gospel artists with Baptist Church, Black Gospel, Southern Gospel, and all other gospel types.


 What are Gospel Singers?

 The Gospel (from Old English “good spell,” “good news.” It is a Christian Afro-American style of music according to German usage, which developed at the beginning of the 20th century from the spiritual and elements of the blues and jazz.

In the original understanding of the English language, “gospel music” in the broadest sense describes the development of Christian music on the North American continent from the gospel song of the 19th century to Christian pop music, but in a narrower sense also the church music of African American communities.

In a broader sense, the term is also used for Christian music sung in English to Christian pop music in general.

The gospels were initially practiced mostly as community singing but were also performed by singing groups, choirs, and soloists. A band often provided the instrumental accompaniment with drums, bass, piano, or organ. This chronologically first subordinate genre is called Black Gospel.

As a gospel choir, consider themselves religiously oriented choirs that emphasize the Gospel in the narrow sense of spirituals. Often church choirs call themselves that, which in addition to the Gospel also maintain a variety of other popular styles.

Learning to sing Gospel is like learning a new language! You have to learn a new way of chanting, of singing, of using the rhythm.

You must acquire and appropriate a new vocabulary, the vocal vocabulary of Gospel.

gospel singers

How to find Gospel singers online?

Gospel is beautiful, imposing, and poignant at the same time. Gospel can come from a choir or as a soloist with a choir as a backdrop. It can be experienced in many ways.

Online, on the best marketplaces for talents, freelancers, and artists, you can find Gospel singers and Gospel choirs. They can be reserved to perform a single specific gospel number or to give an entire act for events and parties.

IYou are looking for one of the most exciting and serious portals for bookings worldwide,? You have come to the right place at Eventeus, where you can book a gospel singer for a wedding for companies and private individuals as well as for young and old.

At Eventeus.com, you will not find a booking agency but a portal where the artists are gathered in one place.


Who are the most famous female Gospel singers?

 Mahalia Jackson is considered the most important interpreter of gospels. She is the one who made Gospel famous outside the United States, singing Thomas Dorsey’s tracks.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a gospel singer and guitarist. She toured around the world in the 1950s and 1960s. She is recognized as “The Mother of Rock’ n Roll”.

gospel singers

Who are the most famous male Gospel singers?

 Reverend James Cleveland is one of the first to conduct large gospel choirs (100 to 200 people). Nicknamed “The King Of Gospel”, he was the protégé of Thomas Dorsey.

Besides, you will probably hear about some other famous male Gospel singers such as Al Green and Kirk Franklin.


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