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It is not necessary to listen to rap songs to see the significant influence of hip-hop DJing, turntablism (the art of scratching with the turntables) on popular music. Typical techniques such as scratching beat juggling, cutting, or back-spinning are not only known in the DJ scene because they can be found on songs or as part of the stage performance of all “popular” music styles.

You can hear scratching on songs by pop artists or admire a Hip Hop DJ playing on the metal band Linkin Park’s songs on stage with his turntablism solo.

You can also feel the James Brown and the rock steady heritage, the electronic sound, and other influences from the rock n roll hall of fame artists. There are also the funky sounds that make you move on the dance floor, such as with Funks Records and Universal Zulu Nation, and other earliest artists.

Besides, Hip-hop DJing has left its mark on the studio’s actual production techniques, with influences inducted into rock, electronic music, and more.

Today, with Eventeus.com, you can now find the best Hip Hop DJs worldwide, and you will fully discover how this filigree art form, with artists from the LA and the West Coast to New York and the East Coast sound or the Hip Hop scene in North Carolina and other cities in the US and all around the world.

What is a Hip Hop DJ?

We go back to the beginnings of the turntable wizards in the Bronx, New York City — United States, in the early seventies. It also shed light on the origins of the turntablism movement in the early eighties and the global DJ competitions and introduced some veteran and current superstars to the scene.

In 1961967, a boy named Clive Campbell, aka DJ Herc, followed his mother from the island of Jamaica to the Bronx, New York. In addition to sport — hence his nickname “Herc” for Hercules — young Clive was also enthusiastic about music, following his father’s example, who was a passionate reggae lover.

Also, in 1973, his younger sister had the idea to finance her new school clothes by joining a self-organized party. She rented the residential complex’s recreation room, and her brother Clive was the DJ of the evening. Although Kool Herc was still a beginner at the plates, the party turned out to be a huge hit.

This party is widely considered to be the musical spark of the entire hip-hop history, hip-hop culture, and movement.

The new young DJs developed the techniques presented by Herc and also the selection of music. Technically, DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, in particular, advanced things by being the first to perform fast back-spins, for example.

Since he had to work without a headphone cue due to the high speed, he developed the so-called clock theory. Since the positions of the “loop points” to be repeated can be read off like a clock hand, Flash began to mark the labels of its disks with arrows.

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Many things that are taken for granted for DJs nowadays didn’t exist back then. The DJs of the time also developed/tinkered their slip-mats. Mixers suitable for the “new” DJ techniques were accordingly rare in the mid-seventies.


1975 a young up-and-coming DJ named Grandwizard. Theodore coincidentally invented scratching, a stylistic device that is so essential for turntablists and hip-hop DJs. When his mother complained about the loud music one evening, he let the music continue playing on one drive while he was arguing with her and, lost in thought, moved his hand on the second plate rhythmically back and forth. He developed his newly discovered technique — the first scratches were technically relatively simple baby scratches — initially at home before he presented them to an audience at an outdoor party for the first time.


Afrika Bambaataa is known less for the technical but more for hip-hop DJing’s musical advancement because he uses a more global music pool than his colleagues. Songs from Italy, Tanzania, or even German jazz fusion records were and are still not uncommon in his DJ sets today.

Who is the best Hip Hop DJ?

 Hip hop is the most classical genre in popular music. Witness hip-hop’s hottest DJs, producers, and rappers take to the stage and the decks and enter the diverse world of Hip Hop music.

Here are some of the best Hip Hop DJs nowadays:


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How much does a Hip Hop DJ cost?

The amount of a fee or a service is discussed and negotiated according to many criteria (negotiation, relationship, affinities …). A well-known Hip Hop DJ is generally paid in a price range of between 400 and 1,000 euros per performance.

A star Hip Hop DJ (international figure, renowned and famous DJ) who plays in concert in 80 countries may ask for a fee ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 euros to play a DJ set or for a single evening.


How to find the best Hip Hop DJ near me?

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