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As Charlie Chaplin said: “Every day you don’t smile is a lost day”! This quote is undoubtedly one of the most influential comedians of the 20th century.

For your next parties or corporate event, you can now easily hire stand-up comedians, cabaret artists, ventriloquists, and other clean comedians who are guaranteed to bring a smile, if not a loud laugh.

We offer you a wide selection of different humorists, from fun stand-up comedy to improvisation theater groups, Christian comedians, or fun makers known from various comedy club programs.

How to hire a comedian for a show on Eventeus.com?

Whether indoors or outdoors, 10 or 10,000 guests, children or adults – every comedian in the Eventeus.com portfolio is an experienced show artist who knows how to make the audience laugh!

Art comes from ability – we leave nothing to chance because on Eventeus.com, our artists are exclusively hand-picked, and they are experienced professionals.

Fill out the form, click on your desired act and comedian, and inquire about its availability for your next event.


find a comedian for hire near you on eventeus.com

What is a comedian?

When the time comes, you always have a good gag in store? You like to be in the spotlight, regardless of whether on the big stage or in the small village pub?

Then dare to become a professional comedian and make the people around you laugh!

As a comedian, you think of a program, rehearse it, and face your audience. Your main goal is always that not only do you find yourself funny, but that you entertain people.

There are various types of comedians – from pure speakers to jokers with confetti and New Year’s Eve to satirists who take up current political events and world events with a wink.

How to become a comedian?

Since many comedians work independently, you should be commercially fit so that you can charge your gigs.

Besides, you often have to negotiate with artist agencies or clients for contracts. To get as far as signing contracts or negotiating fees, you must have already started your career as a comedian.

To achieve this, you need:

    • rhetorical talent,
    • artistic skills
    • a distinctive language, gestures
    • excellent facial expressions.

It is because these characteristics characterize your style.

There is also a bit of charisma to sweep your audience away and, of course, a hefty dose of humor.

Since you should always vary your stage show, you also have to be creative. Language feeling and confidence will help you formulate the right jokes. Especially in the beginning, you will be a one-man show.


How to do stand-up comedy and how to write a comedy sketch?

Few comedians are alone in front of an audience to tell one joke after the other. Strictly speaking. In most cases, a stand-up comedian is a person telling a story.

1. The topic

When preparing a comedy program, you first have to be aware of what topic you want to deal with or what jokes you want to bring.

2. The connection

A book or a film needs an action that leads from the introduction to the showdown. It is very often similar to a comedy program.

3. Spontaneity and flexibility

Comedy is a living medium. What is funny in Los Angeles today can be entirely out of date in a month in Paris. As a comedian, it is therefore essential that you leave your back door open and that hardly anything in the program is carved in stone.

4. Introduction and ending

One thing must be clear to a comedian when he is on stage: he has little time to convince the audience that he is worth watching.

5. Your own style

This point is the most challenging part since every comedian has to decide this for himself. There are various lines of comedians, but each one is unique.

How to become a comedy writer?

In a “Comedy Master Class,” young comedy writers can try out what makes good TV comedy. It is all about writing gags and to test them with a critical and honest audience.

What to wear to a comedy show?

The clothes you were on stage should be the reflection and the continuation of what your character is about, as well as the understanding of your comic archetypes.

You have to evaluate what will go in the direction of your comedy, what can confuse the audience reading, and what has no impact!

How long do comedy shows last?

A comedy show should last 2 to 3 hours with a regular break to do the transition and introduction between the comedians. It is usually hosting 4 to 6 stand-up comedians, with 10 to 15 minutes each to perform.

How to find open mics for stand-up comedy?

Comedy and stand-up comedians are part of a small world. It is all about developing the proper professional networks and know as many other comedians and expert in your field.

It is not an easy task, but some talent platforms such as Eventeus.com are a great way to find other comedians near you to develop your contact list, as well as promoting your standup show to new potential clients.

How to get booked as a comedian? Eventeus.com

The other side of the Eventeus talent platform is the opportunity to showcase your profile, your acts and your availability to people and companies looking for comedians to create new entertainment and shows during their events.

How much does it cost to hire a famous comedian?

To bring in the stars of standup comedy, prices can go up quickly. It can go up to 250,000 euros, or even more if it is someone very well known.

How much to hire a comedian?

The basic price for a performance by a comedian is around € 300.

Why should you hire a comedian for your event?

Make your guests laugh, did you dream of it? For intimate meetings in small numbers or larger gatherings of a few thousand people, you can call on an actor who will liven up your evenings and ignite your audience.

Organize a comedy show for any occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday, a festival, a corporate event or a fundraiser.

Where to get comedian talents? Eventeus.com

Regardless of whether you want a short comedy act or complete comedy shows, on Eventeus talent online platform, you will find the right comedian for your next event comedian here!

Eventeus portal offers you only selected, experienced show professionals with transparent pricing.

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