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Self-confidence grows and continues to evolve throughout an individual’s life. It is particularly important during the first years of the child and the period of adolescence. The family and parents then play a determining role.

Are you looking for private coaching to feel confident, develop your long term career goals without confidence issues and without limiting beliefs and skills that you have already?

With Eventeus.com, you can connect with professionals and freelancers worldwide and easily hire a confidence coach for an online course or a full coaching program to develop your daily confidence and build up a comfort zone that will change your work-life too.

With Eventeus.com, you can define and custom the coaching offering based on what you need and what you discussed with the confidence coach expert you selected … it is simple, easy, and you can start any time!


What is a confidence coach?

 Each of us will experience a lack of self-confidence one day in our life. Lack of self-confidence is expressed through an assortment of feelings: shyness, lack of confidence. When this feeling is too present, it can be useful to start therapeutic work.

Self-confidence is a quality that is not innate. It is also not an asset from all points of view. If many people suffer from a lack of confidence in their daily lives, some display an excess of faith, which paralyzes their whole life. In either case, it is up to the personal coach to manage self-confidence.

With a confidence coach and the proper life coaching, your coach will help you by offering personalized short-term support. The latter uses all the right means to develop self-confidence or resolve excess confidence in his clients through appropriate methods.

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What does a confidence coach do?

The right confidence coach has the opportunity to develop self-esteem, thanks to personalized sessions. The private coach does their best to help clients tackle their lack of confidence by making them aware of their resources or potential.

The latter does everything to determine the trigger for lack of self-confidence by focusing on specific areas: professional relationships, family, friends, couples, and others.

There are also specific contexts that cause people to develop excess self-confidence. Our life coach’s role is to help clients understand this phenomenon to move forward in life. The latter does his best so that the confidence coachees can measure the impact of excess self-confidence on their life and find the right solutions.

The confidence coaches you will find on Eventeus will use the best techniques to boost self-confidence. To help the coachees, the latter also gives excellent advice, in order to boost self-confidence, among others:

What you will learn:

  • Make gestural communication with speech: our life coach allows coachees to use all their bodies to express themselves. It will enable them to leave their comfort zone and realize their strength and competence.
  • Learn to know your needs: identifying your conditions and limitations is a great way to build confidence, according to our life coaching. The latter also allows coachees to save their energy and reserve to gain confidence.
  • Transform nervousness into positive energy: our private confidence coach advises clients to put all their nervousness into practical actions. The latter allows them to take advantage of their less good appears to be more comfortable in their bodies.
  • Celebrate any kind of success: It is essential that the coachees can celebrate their victory or success, however small it may be.
  • Accept your imperfections: useful is to know that no one is perfect in society. Thus, coachees must learn to accept their faults to move forward better.


What skills do you need as a confidence coach?

To exercise the profession of confidence coach, it is necessary to have specific minimum social skills. In particular, listening to others, knowing how to motivate them, highlight them, and especially give them self-confidence. This profession requires unfailing patience with the people being followed and managing strong emotions (spite, anger, frustration).

The confidence coach must also be attentive, communicative and ensure respect for a specific ethical and deontological framework in his follow-up. Moreover, the confidence coach must be able to identify the underlying problems that prevent an individual from reaching his potential and anticipate any blockages.

Organizational skills are also required, as the confidence coach is responsible for planning and setting goals and must be readily available.

Hire a confidence coach with Eventeus.com


How much does a confidence coach make?

The monthly gross salary of a confidence coach as a beginner is 1,500 to 2,000 €. But with the right communication and online presence, confidence coaches can easily reach 4,000 € per month.

The career of a confidence coach is built primarily through word of mouth. Satisfied customers will recommend it to their acquaintances, who in turn will use its services.

The most popular and recognized personal coaches have the opportunity to lead seminars and conferences. Tod do so and increase their monthly revenues; confidence coaches join online talents and professionals marketplace such as Evenetus.com.


Find the best confidence coach for your personal needs with Eventeus.com

In recent years, the “Eventeus.com” platform has been put online to help the artists and talents of tomorrow to make themselves known. A portal that appeals to many young freelancers and experts as well as clients, private customers, and companies worldwide, looking for specific skills and professionals.

Join  Eventeus.com and connect with talents worldwide and promote yourself as a specialized confidence coach as a freelancer!

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