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Independent makeup artists create artistic masks and faces. Makeup and hairdressing or working with wigs can also be part of the range of activities.

They typically find work or assignments in theaters, television productions (film studios), at festivals, agencies, various events for makeup application, and more.

Besides, it is also possible to find customers in the private sector because makeup artists can set up their range of services so broad that services such as professional wig production or the construction of dummies are possible.

It is not uncommon for freelance and experienced professional makeup artists to work part-time in their workshop.

What is a freelance makeup artist?

The freelance makeup artist job is mainly done while standing. Your makeup service job consists of manual labor (apply makeup using different makeup techniques).

You can expect precision work in your professional makeup job, such as concealing skin imperfections, scars, or wrinkles.

You can also expect close physical contact with people, for example, face makeup and body painting.

Communication skills are crucial! You will have customer contacts such as advising customers in large drugstores, department stores, or perfumeries … But there is more to it, as you will be joining bridal parties, communicating on social media … You need to promote your makeup business and makeup artistry freelance artists through word of mouth and social media.

As freelance makeup artists, your make-up kit is more than what people would expect! Part of freelance makeup artists, you also find full-time hairstylists, bridal makeup specialists, …

The freelance makeup artists tasks:

  • They ensure that people are satisfied with the way they look and feel more beautiful.
  • Makeup artists use their work to make people shine. Whether at weddings, behind the camera, on the red carpet, or the theater stage, the makeup artist’s work is varied.
  • As a freelance makeup artist, you hide redness and impurities and ensure an even complexion.

Well-known companies such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, l’Oreal… have posted multiple job offers on the online freelancing and talent platforms. They are looking for freelance makeup artists all over and offer a wide range of tasks

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How to become a freelance makeup artist?

Freelance makeup artists are real quick-change artists. In this varied job, you will underline the beauty of the actors with the right styling.

There are several ways to become a makeup artist. For example, you have the opportunity to pursue this profession with a total of 4 to 9 semesters of makeup artist degree that ends with a bachelor’s, diploma, or master’s degree.

More common is a 3-year makeup artist apprenticeship, which you complete as a dual or at school. Although there is usually no specific school leaving qualification as a requirement, applicants with a university entrance qualification are often chosen. Previous professional training as a hairdresser is a great advantage.

What qualities should I have?

  • Discipline
  • Resilience
  • Organizational talent
  • Flexibility
  • Artistic talent
  • Creativity


Special effects / SFX make-up artist specializations

Thrillers, crime novels, and horror films live primarily from the right makeup by the actors. What would a crime scene be without realistic gunshot wounds or a well-made up corpse?

With special effects, you create real moments of shock and give authenticity to the play’s film adaptation. Even if you are already learning how to make up these effects in your makeup artist training, you can focus more specifically on them and develop your skills in this area. Your tools to do this are versatile.

How to get work as a freelance makeup artist?

The job prospects for makeup artists are somewhat difficult to classify.

Many makeup artists work freelance and are under contract on a project basis – especially in the television and film business because there are no permanent positions like sand on the sea.

The most crucial thing in this area is contacts. In particular, graduates who have learned in a company find a job more quickly than apprentices who have had purely school-based training.

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How to start your own freelance makeup artist business?

Ideally, makeup artists could already set up a network to become self-employed, which can now be used for marketing and customer acquisition.

A broad range of online marketing should by no means be missing so that potential clients can be found on a wide variety of channels:

  • The field of action of search engine optimization is of great importance in this context because only those who are placed high with their homepage can also be found.
  • It is also advisable to effectively advertise your manual skills on social networks in the form of videos or pictures.
  • A blog is also ideal for artistic activities to keep customers happy and gain new customers through this additional presence.Hire a freelance makeup artist with Eventeus.com!

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As a makeup artist, you will find jobs in the following areas and companies: drama theaters, theaters, concert halls, television broadcasters, television studios, film industry, hairdressing salons, films, video films, masks, advertising film production companies, television, advertising industry, perfumeries, personal care, cosmetic salons, art, museums, congress organizers, up artist, fashion shows, trade fair events, conference management …

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