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For us, a website is the shop window of a company or organization. And the same applies here: There is no second chance for a first impression. Customers stroll randomly or come by purposefully and look into your displays and decide whether to continue or to linger …

The design of your shop window significantly influences the way customers take in information visually. Are products/services presented coherently and credibly overall? Do the shape and color match in terms of customer expectations? Are there any recognition values ​​from previous encounters? Does the shop window invite you to linger? Is the customer encouraged to buy? …

These questions from the customer’s perspective and your formulation of goals concerning your Internet presentation are discussed when designing a website.. It defines which content and additional functions (price calculator, virtual navigator, etc.) should be used on the website.

Successful freelance web designers are graphic designers, project managers, web developers, social media developers, and small business owners who must dedicate the right amount of time looking for potential clients.

What is web designing?

In a narrower sense, web design refers to the website design and the technical implementation of a website by the company’s communication goals and specifications (CD / CI).

Drafts and design templates should be implemented in a template using suitable technologies, filled with content (see also our two glossary articles on HTML5 and CSS ). For this purpose, mobile suitability, i.e., the web design adaptation to different devices and screen resolutions, has established itself as the standard in recent years. It is known as responsive design.

More comprehensively, web design includes planning, implementing, and controlling a web project with all the necessary intermediate steps. It involves recording the website’s requirements, developing a structure and a concept, the design, the technical implementation, any requests for accessibility and quality assurance and control.

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What does a web designer do?

As a full time or freelance website designers, the job is comprehensive: step by step website design and development, full-time and long term design project with the color scheme and all technical requirements.

As a web designer, your main task is to plan and design websites in consultation with the customer or supervisor. It depends on your skills and the personnel situation at your workplace, whether you take on the programming yourself or leave it to the developers.

In any case, you are responsible for the overall appearance of the website. For example, you think about which categories and sub-categories make sense and how they can be presented in a menu structure that is as clear as possible.

You also design chat functions or contact forms to enable the exchange between users and site operators.

Conceive & design websites

Classically, you also take care of a thematically appropriate color scheme. You insert pictures, animations, and other elements, which offer additional information and loosen up the visual impression. Upon request, you can also design logos, lettering, or other company-related recognition features.

For many of your tasks, you put yourself in the user’s perspective to check whether the website is well structured and understandable and whether the respective interested party can achieve their intended goal quickly or without problems.

An order should run smoothly from the listing of the offers to the dispatch of the requested goods in an online shop. With an information portal, your focus is on a meaningful division into clear areas.

With an information portal, your focus is on a meaningful division into clear areas. In an online shop, a smooth order from the listing of the offers to the dispatch of the requested goods.

Web design freelance is also about the designer to work enough time to get a decent revenue and find regular paying clients.

How to become a freelance webdesigner?

Many become web designers through training as a graphic designer, media designer, or computer scientist. In the meantime, however, you can also complete specific courses at universities and technical colleges.

The bachelor’s degree here takes three years. There are many options open to those who want to continue their education.

As a web designer, your job is to design websites or other multimedia applications and design them graphically. In an exchange with customers, you clarify the style and the basic structure of the respective website and incorporate content such as images or animations.

You pay attention to an appealing appearance and good usability to ensure a positive user experience. If you want to become a web designer, you can complete the thematically diversified 3-year training course to become a digital and print media designer.

Besides, you will acquire helpful theoretical and practical knowledge at a university, including with a media design, communication design, or graphic design degree that takes 6 to 8 semesters to complete.

Educate yourself & find out about new developments: The IT industry is continually evolving, which leads to changing trends and new standards in visual design. As a result, websites run the risk of becoming obsolete and no longer visually appealing.

As a creative mind, you must get inspiration from blogs or videos to create a contemporary design. If you need help with using certain software functions best, you can also bring clarity online.

Since the job of the web designer has no exact definition in its scope of tasks, you will acquire additional skills with further training. It is depending on the requirements of your job.

What qualities should I have?

  • Analytical skills
  • Organizational talent
  • Understanding of technology
  • Communication skills
  • Artistic talent
  • Creativity

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How much do freelance webdesigners make?

Your salary as a web designer depends on various factors. For example, your employer’s size and location and the industry of your employer play an essential role. Your qualifications, such as work experience or the degree of your university degree, also influence your income.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, your starting salary is an average of € 2.900 gross per month. After completing a master’s degree, you usually start with a gross monthly wage of around € 3.750.

You can also set up your own business as a web designer. In this case, your salary depends on the order situation. In times with a lot of jobs, you should remember to build up reserves.

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The need for web designers is likely to increase rather than decrease in the next few years. For many companies today, an attractive website is an integral part of their external presentation.

The advancing digitization of all areas also ensures that you, as a web designer, involve in the graphic design of programs and apps’ interfaces. Website builders and social networks as an advertising platform may make it more difficult for you to acquire customers, but you remain the specialist for tailor-made solutions.

As professional freelance web designers, you need to find new projects and clients online.

If you have broad competencies and some work experience in web design, you are also suitable for self-employment.

Eventeus.com  is the best place to find professionals and freelance web designers worldwide to work on your website and projects for clients.

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