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Real leaders who take responsibility on and off the field are few and far between. But what qualities characterize a personality? And how can this be promoted and developed in a long-term training concept?

With Eventeus.com, you can now easily find the best high-performance coach online near you and worldwide. With a unique online marketplace and networking platform, it is simple for clients to find the fitted peak performance and personal development coach based on their action plan.

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What is a performance coach?

Are you looking for a performance coach, neutral and non-judgmental listening to work on a personal issue or quite simply to set your next areas of development?

A professional performance coach will be a perfect help if:


  • achieve new results, take more control over your long-term development.
  • develop your communication to have more impact on others.
  • get across your messages and projects more efficiently.
  • You want to change and find a new direction to give to your career or personal projects. You want to set personal goals and follow an action plan that is right for you.
  • Some contexts put a strain on your social skills. You want to improve your quality of life and reduce stress by managing emotions or building confidence. You want to find the resources and strengthen them to face these situations with more serenity.
  • Problem Solving: You want to overcome difficulties, but you don’t know-how. Identify the resources available and the actions to be taken to face them and progress.
  • You have a decision to make, but you are not sure. You are looking for a way to identify the decision to be made more quickly.
  • increase your efficiency, stop postponing tasks that are important to you. And you would like to set up tailor-made time management. You have no time to waste and expect quick results.
  • You have already accomplished a lot, but you can no longer move forward alone and need a boost to accelerate your personal projects.

What is performance coaching?

The individual lifestyle is becoming more and more critical. Areas of activity organized independently by young people are becoming particularly important, such as excursions organized in the circle of friends or shared hobbies. Their own identity is expanded, stabilized, and lived out.

Lifestyle and value patterns continue to be based on the group’s attitudes. Besides, relationships with the opposite sex are of central importance. The individual lifestyle and the necessary professional orientation continue to require strongly future-oriented thinking and acting.

Of course, these complex tasks also lead to increased worries and fears that need to be considered.

Here are more details about performance coaching and fields of action:


Educational goals:

  • Holistic promotion of body, mind, and soul
  • Stabilization of social skills and the ability to work in a team
  • Consolidation of personality under complex requirements
  • Introduction of psychological methods to optimize performance


Individual care:

The holistic promotion of body, mind, and soul is becoming more complex and now increasingly includes mental, social, and professional aspects. Young people of this age also need support beyond the pure sporting connection: in their personal development, the coordination of school and sporting requirements, and advice on other things.

Practical, age-appropriate, and sport psychological training is becoming increasingly important. It includes examining personal norms and values, the targeted building of self-confidence, and the optimal regulation of motivation and aggressiveness.

The players should deal mentally with all educational and sporting requirements and optimize them through mental training, self-talk, and target agreements. Accordingly, it is very important to give the players concrete feedback about their development and external impact in regular feedback discussions.


Sports focus:

  • Variable application of all techniques in different game situations
  • Tactical training: attack creatively and defend actively!
  • Developing specialists: individual position training
  • Optimal fitness: football-specific training of all components

Hire a performance coach with Eventeus.com!

How to become a performance coach?

Are you sure it’s smart in 2020 to drive 500 km to listen to a trainer give a presentation when you might as well do the same from home? Listen to your performance coach presentation, interact with the speaker and the other students, work in a sub-group or pairs, see the others, be supervised, etc.


Find the best performance coaches near you and worldwide on Eventeus.com, and set up your custom performance coach sessions online!


How much can you make as a performance coach?

The performance coach’s salary depends on several factors. It may, for example, rely on the nature of the support. Thus, a coaching session is between 230 and 450 € / h when the intervention occurs by contacting a professional coaching agency.

Note that some coaches provide services for individuals. It is mainly the case for life coach sessions or private coaching.

The interventions of coaches who work individually without an affilitation with a performance coaching agency offer a different price than guides. The prices of the services vary between 70 and 150 € per hour.

The service’s cost also depends on the reputation of the specialist, the mission entrusted, the duration of the intervention, the objectives to be achieved, and the role of the coachee.

Some performance coaches and experts on EVenteus.com also offer packages accessible to job seekers or people in difficulty.


Hire a performance coach with Eventeus.com!

Eventeus.com is a unique and comprehensive marketplace for talents, artists, and other experts and freelancers.

With Eventeus.com, companies and participants can exchange ideas and discuss the clients’ projects to define a custom work based on the freelancers’ skills and the clients’ needs.

As a client, you can easily find the matching talent together with the right companies. It also enables authentic conversations and increases the chances of success for targeted projects.

Finally, Eventeus offers the recruiters and the talents a straightforward platform for relevant job advertisements from the companies and an online presence with the freelancers’ profiles and skills.

Join Eventeus now and find the best performance coach near you and worldwide.

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