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Pin-Up, shall we continue to call them, these dream creatures who allowed soldiers to escape from their sad condition at times.

The aviators adopted them during the Second World War. Their luscious and generous shapes adorned the cabins of combat aircraft and the plump sides of bombers.

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What is a pin-up artist?

The GI’s would post/pin-up the drawings or photos of their starlets on their barracks’ wall.

Young pilots found them virtues that bring good luck. They often named their plane after the starlet who appeared on it. Pin-up photographs obey precise rules, to the point that we can say that the individuality of each photo is produced by the variation and the combination of three rhetorical elements: the body, the costume, and the posture.

The pin-up is a body. Her photo represents and eroticizes the female body as it is codified by cinema, advertising, and mass media. It is a pure body-sign, in which the canons formed by fashion are expressed.

The history of the pin-up follows that of the fetishism of the woman-object. The pin-ups of the 1940s and 1950s have exceptionally long legs, and the end of the 1960s saw generous breasts disappear in favor of flatter breasts.

What does a pin-up artist do?

A pin-up is a woman whose photographic or artistic representation is hung in an attractive or “sexy” pose, hence the English expression of “pin-up girl.”

Since their appearance in the early twentieth century, pin-ups have remained a symbol of charm and eroticism regularly brought up to date.

A Pin-Up girl is a real or fictional model portrayed attractively. Since the mid-20 century, we have seen the Pin-Ups in calendars and popular magazines.

In popular culture, Pin-ups are regularly sexy but, above all, glamorous. Many actresses and models are associated with this image and fictional characters like Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit.


The illustration of the Pin-u from photo to drawing

The image sin Pin-Ups have their origins in photography. Indeed, in the early 19 century, burlesque theater peaked, and producers used the actresses’ images on business cards or flyers to promote their shows.

Betty Grabe, an American actress from the early 20 century, is regarded as the first star known as Pin-Up photos and drawings pinned on American soldiers’ lockers during the Second World War.

The painter Alberto Vargas published his Pin-Up drawings: the Varga girls, in 1932 in a men’s magazine. The success is that American soldiers between 1942 and 1946 claim nearly 9 million copies of the magazines. A large number of his drawings will be used to decorate planes.

The Nose Art is born: Pin-Up aircraft design. More agile than photography, drawing, and painting allow authors to produce even more fantasized images of women. The design of Pin-Ups becomes a style in its own right.


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Who are famous pin-up artists?

The famous pin-up models:


Rita Hayworth: New York actress, Rita Hayworth

  • is nicknamed the “goddess of love.”


Ann Sheridan: American actress, Ann Sheridan

  • is nicknamed “The Oomph Girl.”


Betty page: American model, Betty Page

  • is the inspiration for Madonna and Beyonce


  • Marilyn Monroe: Actress, model, and singer, Marilyn Monroe is THE Pin-Up symbol, the most famous throughout the century.


Modern Pin-Up:

Today, fashion and lingerie are taking over this trend and offering their modern version of the Pin-Up. Thus, models such as Dita Von Teese stand out thanks to their retro and sulfurous image.


Each pin-up artist presented has its own style:


  • Alberto Vargas: The Varga Girls or another name for the PinUps

He is often considered one of the most famous pin-up artists of all time. Vargas produced 180 paintings for the famous Esquire Magazine from 1940 to 1946.


  • Alain Aslan: The French Touch

He is a French painter, illustrator, and sculptor. After drawing in children’s books, or the covers of the French edition of Tintin’s newspaper, he illustrated posters for the Folies Bergere, the CrazyHorse, the Casino de Paris, the Olympia.


  • Baron Von Lind: PinsUp and Stars

Baron Von Lind is also recognized for his portraits, including Ronald Regan’s exhibited at the White House. He put his talent at Paramount’s service to make the portraits of Hollywood stars like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor…


  • Gil Elvgren: The Reference of pin-up drawing

Gil joined Chicago’s most prestigious advertising agency. He became a protege of the talented Haddon Sundblom, who was extremely famous for drawing Coca Cola’s Santa Claus. Elvgren himself has contributed to various Coca-Cola commercials.


How to become a pin-up artist?

Glamor is not reserved for models or professional models. All women indeed have a magnificent pin-up lurking deep in their hearts, and she has chosen to use her art and her considerable skills to reveal them through photos of boudoirs through the same collection.

Still not widely used worldwide, this trend is a bit particular. It consists of shooting portraits combining femininity, sensuality, and emotion, all in an environment trending towards glamor or burlesque.

These sessions, therefore, require a high level of preparation. There are no set rules, but it is best to call upon a makeup artist’s talents and invest in underwear and accessories that are both glamorous and vintage.


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