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In the best-case scenario, your partner should be a friend, sex partner, confidante, and at the same time, a loving parent – forever and ever!

The high demands and the associated expectations of a partner put relationships under increasing pressure. The relationship training is ideal when you feel that in your relationship, you can gain more potential: you as a single finally attract the right partners want … you loose from entanglements and wish to be free … you wish for your children a happy and fulfilling relationship … you work on yourself with a coach to be inspired.

Are you looking for happy relationships with your family members, a great love life, better dating and relationships, conflict resolution, couples therapy, or simply to develop romantic relationships?

You can now find the best relationship coaches online on Evneetus.com. It is a unique online platform to look for marriage coach, personal trainers with a decade of experience, and a custom coaching program for a one-shot coaching practice or long term coaching sessions.

What is a relationship coach?

In the coaching profession, there is one that attracts many retraining people: the love coach, seduction coach, or sentimental advisor.

Many men and women find it challenging to seduce either out of shyness or lack of self-confidence and seek professional help.

The love/relationship coach, also called coach in seduction or coach in love, defines himself as a seduction specialist who brings his expertise and uses techniques and theories to help men become better seducers: words to use, tone, posture to adopt, approach tactics, etc …

Missions of the seduction coach:

  • Contribute to personal development in matters of seduction.
  • Help understand the body language of seduction
  • Advise on the dress style
  • Learn to communicate with the person to be seduced
  • Show approach techniques
  • Build self-confidence

The relationship coach will help you understand how your childhood, your previous romantic experiences, your parents influence your way of seeing your relationship and living your romantic relationship. Many of our beliefs and reflexes are unconscious.


 How to become a relationship coach?

Here are listed the essential qualities you will need to become a successful relationship coach:

Have good interpersonal skills

Intervening with people in more or less complicated situations, the professional must know how to listen and understand his clients to establish a genuine trust relationship and show empathy while learning how to keep distance with the clients.


The achievement of the objectives, the well-being, and the clients’ comfort depends in part on the systematic and rigorous work of the coach.


This job requires unfailing patience with the people being followed, and an ability to manage strong emotions (spite, anger, frustration)

Want to help others

The desire to help others is a quality centered on his own needs but has a substantial impact on the way the coach exercises.


Training to become a relationship coach: In Europe, there is no defined regulation of the seduction coach profession, which means that you can legally exercise this profession without a state diploma.

However, this profession is gradually becoming more professional, and initial training is increasing. Some specific organizations aim to promote and professionalize well-being coaching.

Besides, numerous distance learning courses are also accessible, allowing easy professional retraining in this field.

Hire a relationship coach with Eventeus.com!

 How to find a relationship coach online?

The profession of marriage coach is mainly on a personal basis in private practice for face-to-face consultations.

Modern ad freelancers’ online platforms such as Eventeus.com are the best marketplaces to find relationship coaches near you and specific experts worldwide.


This way, you can find the best relationship coaches’ profiles and make your choice to select the best-fitted professional to design a unique custom.

The relationship coach exercises liberally. He holds weekly sessions in his office, at his clients’ homes, or in the field, and these can be spread over several months if necessary.

 What is a relationship coach salary?

Like most liberal professions, remuneration will depend on the reputation of the professional. A seduction coach usually bills by the hour (between 50 and 150 €).

His remuneration, therefore, varies according to his reputation and the scope of his mission. But it can reach up to € 3,000 / month on average.


 Hire a relationship coach with Eventeus.com!

With Eventeus.com, companies and participants can exchange ideas even before the career event. Innovative matching, chatting, and dates increase commitment and the success of applications.

The dating coaches and relationship coaches work with people, get better in life, and coach new approaches and solutions. On Eventeus, the coach works with you on an excellent relationship all-around, based on your requirements and needs.

Matching needs and skills and job advertisements on one platform! Thanks to Eventeus, you can expand your career event with a browser-based app that works without a download.

Enable the chats and discussions between participants and the company. Also private clients, and strengthen the bond to develop a new project.

Eventeus.com also provides recruiters with the right tool to set up one-on-one meetings and manage job advertisements. And it makes it easy to find a relationship coach near you and worldwide.

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