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Events have long been one of the essential marketing tools for companies, organizations, and people. 

Events enable and promote people’s encounters, establish personal contacts and bonds, arouse emotions, and thereby create a positive mood. 

In today’s digital world, event planning is more than ever the creative counterpoint to partially impersonal electronic communication with its virtual worlds of experience. So,  Event coordinators‘ job descriptions cover a lot of duties and responsibilities.

What does an event coordinator do?

Event management means a lot: separate appointments, booking locations, customer service, exciting tasks, and diverse clients. 

Above all, whether the job titles are event coordinators, event planners, etc., it means the planning, organization, and implementation of events. Basically, the coordinator assists you on the day of the event, but primarily, he/she will be on your side to design and set your events from A to Z.

It can include concerts, trade fairs, sporting events, special company events, and congresses or campaigns for marketing purposes. The bigger an event, the more critical the concrete strategy for a targeted organization in event management and the event industry!

As an event coordinator, you take care of the planning and implementation of the particular event. Various questions are at the center of event management: 

  • How big is the budget? 
  • Where and when should the event take place? 
  • Who should take part? 
  • What is the goal of the event? 
  • What do I have to do to achieve this goal? 
  • How do I draw attention to the event?

What you have to do to plan a perfect event and what requirements are placed on you as the organizer of a major event will you learn in the event management course.

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How to become an event coordinator?

Would you like to organize events? Would you like to study event management? 

Then find out here which course suits you best. We describe some of the most recognized priorities and specializations for you with the best Bachelor and Master courses in event management:


  • Event management
  • Personnel management, business administration
  • Tourism management with specialization in event management
  • International event management
  • Business Administration – Event Management
  • Tourism, hotel, and event management
  • Sport & Event Management, Sport & Event Management …


  • International Tourism & Event Management
  • International Sport & Event Management
  • Experienced communication
  • Communication management 
  • Management and marketing (sport, event …)
  • Sports marketing, music management

How much do event coordinators make?

In France, the average salary for Event Coordinator jobs in France is € 27,000 € per year or €13.85 per hour.

The average salary goes up to € 45,900 for more experienced workers.

How to hire an event coordinator?

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