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Company celebrations and events are – no matter how big a company is – always an essential part of the company’s life, that relies on the corporate event planner.

Because the relationship between managing directors, executives, staff, partners, customers, and guests is always loosened up with a company party, discussions are held together, and an entertainment program creates a pleasant atmosphere. That also contributes to a positive and friendly working atmosphere in everyday company life.

The bigger an event is, the more critical the concrete strategy for a targeted organization in event management.

A successful company party must be carefully planned – so a responsible and essential task lies in your hands once you have been entrusted with organizing the next corporate event.

Eventeus is a unique online marketplace and digital talent agency that will connect clients and corporate structures to professionals. Eventeus.com will help you to find the best corporate event planners to manage your event communications, events product launches, team buildings, corporate meetings, trade shows, and all other types of corporate events.

Hire a corporate event planner for your events with Eventeus1

How to be a corporate event planner?

It is a dream job for many. As a corporate event planner, you are responsible for ensuring that an event is an unforgettable experience and that everyone involved has a good evening. Because everything rarely goes smoothly, event managers have to be resilient and flexible.

The to-do lists of corporate event planners and managers are long: an event must be planned step by step so that a tailor-made solution can be implemented for the customer’s needs.

What is feasible, and what is not? How do we stand out from the crowd? And by what means is the most significant effect for the lowest price possible? This or similar is discussed in the conception phase.

Access to the profession of the corporate event planner is not strictly regulated.

Depending on the event’s size, one or more people are responsible for these different fields of work.

In event management, organizational talent, creativity, and flexibility are required from the individual because no event runs smoothly.

The event manager is not a profession that can only be targeted with a specific degree program.

Access to become a successful event planner is broad as you will be working with most departments within your client’s company on the one hand: customer service, sales team, marketing team, etc.; and third parties on the other hand: artists and performers, catering staff, lights, and music suppliers, etc.

Which event management courses are there?

Organizing events could inspire you? Are you interested in studying event management? Then find out here which degree program suits you best. We describe all focus areas and specializations in detail!

Corporate event management: courses and training

The event planner training course, for example, provides a factual basis. Suppose you want to embark on an academic career. In that case, you can choose the business administration course at state universities and model your job profile yourself through appropriate internships (such as advertising, event, and marketing agencies).

A major in Business Events and a specialization in Event Management are sometimes offered in some Business Administration and Management courses.

Besides, you can do business administration and culture, leisure, and sports management study.

Explicit event courses are only available at private universities that have recognized this gap in the study landscape and are using it for themselves.

Find universities and courses:

In line with the descriptions of the degree programs in event management, we have listed numerous universities that offer a degree in event management.

Is there the right course for you? We have listed some bachelor and master degree programs that can take you to work and getting years of experience in corporate and traditional event planning and management:

  • Bachelor degrees
  • Event management
  • Personnel management, business administration
  • Tourism management with specialization in event management
  • International event management
  • Tourism, hotel, and event management
  • Sport & Event Management, Sport & Event Management
  • Masters courses
  • International Tourism & Event Management
  • International Sport & Event Management
  • Communication management
  • Management and marketing (sport, event, and more)
  • Sports marketing, music management…

Corporate event planning: trade fairs, festivals, congresses, …

Possible later fields of application for initial orientation internships are event agencies, festival organizers, operators of trade fairs, congresses, and recruiting events, theaters, concert halls, concert halls, and other cultural establishments.

Initial experience in the area of ​​event conception and organization can also be gained in the private sphere. It quickly becomes apparent that a decent event cannot be organized alone at a school party or a party with several friends.

What does a corporate event planner do?

Events have long been one of the most important marketing instruments used by companies, organizations, and people. Events enable and encourage encounters between people, create personal contacts and bonds, arouse emotions, and create a lively atmosphere.

In today’s digital world, events are more than ever the creative counterpoint to the sometimes impersonal electronic communication with its virtual worlds of experience.

But not all events are the same. You can divide an event into different categories. The most important aspect is the distinction between commercial and non-commercial events. To give you a better insight into the two big event groups, we present commercial and non-commercial events using various examples.

Commercial and corporate events: this means events that are supposed to fulfill an economic purpose. There are two types:

Events as a salable product

With this type, you usually have to pay an entrance fee or a participation fee—examples: sporting events, concerts, trade fairs.

It also includes educational events such as conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars, and workshops. These events serve for further education and knowledge transfer. Education events are often offered free of charge but still belong to the events as a salable product.

Events as a marketing tool

The event is not the product, but it is used to market another product (see also “What is event marketing?”).

Again, there are numerous differences:

  • Motivational events: team building events, company celebrations
  • Information events: press conferences, shareholders’ meetings, open days
  • Sales promotion events: product presentations, roadshows
  • Sponsoring events: autograph session, customer reception
  • Trade fair events: In -house events as part of trade fairs organized by third parties

What you have to do to plan a perfect event  you will learn in the event management course. The demands on event managers are becoming ever higher and more unique. Well-trained experts are in great need in the job market. In the professional world, there are numerous fields open to you after completing your studies.

Besides, there are also some non-commercial events. It means private events, for example, birthday parties, church services, or charity events.

Hire a corporate event planner for your events with Eventeus

What makes a good corporate event planner?

An event manager works from event to event. The processes are often similar. Concept development, reaching target groups, planning the process, finding a location, and press work is almost always part of every event.

You meet a lot of people, on many different occasions. A reputation slowly builds up and sometimes helps with establishing a location when time is running out. Three essential and large areas of responsibility are a good organization, commercial activities, and marketing skills.

What prerequisites and skills are necessary for working as a corporate event planner?

As an event manager, you work with colleagues from many different areas. Communication and teamwork should be among your strengths. Since you may travel, this lifestyle should suit you.

Besides, excellent foreign language skills in English are a fixed requirement nowadays.

Soft skills that you will need as an event manager are:

  • Creativity for the conception of the event and PR work
  • Flexibility for short-term planning changes and, as already mentioned
  • Willingness to work extra hours and travel
  • Stress resistance, because all the strings often run to your person and you have to find solutions to various problems quickly
  • Organizational talent
  • Negotiating skills
  • Team spirit
  • Assertiveness.

Events can become the marketing mix pillars and become the starting point for an integrated marketing strategy. We will see many new opportunities for corporate event planners over the next few years.

New tools change everyday work!

New systems and software help event planners save time and better manage logistics, which is a critical part of the job. In the past, as tacticians, corporate event planners mainly dealt with a lot of details, and this will still be the same over the years. But the new technologies are already bringing some most efficient solutions, and regular training are essentials to stay updated.

Countless guidelines require more and more competence

Not only will the new technologies set the tone, but event planners will also deal increasingly with topics such as supplier negotiations, compliance, ethics, risk management, and transparency concerning ROI (return on investment)

They have to stay up to date and know (legal) regulations, and consider our planning. Know-how in these areas is the foundation for a strategic way of working.

How much does a corporate event planner make?

 Corporate event managers are responsible for the planning and implementation of various events. As an event manager, you will mainly take on organizational activities, but you will also take on some marketing tasks.

Average gross salary according to work experience (in Europe and USA)

  • >10 years’ experience: USD 55.000
  • 7–10 years’ experience: USD 46.000
  • 3–7 years’ experience: USD 42.000
  • < 3 years’ experience: USD 37.000

Factors affecting the salary:

  • The most important point relates to the type of industry or specific employer you work for. The bigger the company or your employer, the higher your salary will likely be. Renowned agencies or companies have the chance to pay their employees a substantial wage right from the start. If you start with a smaller start-up, the company has yet to develop, so there is not much that they can do for higher salaries.
  • The industry also plays a decisive role. If you work as an event manager in sports, tourism, public administration, in an advertising agency, or the music industry – this has a decisive impact on your salary.
  • Another factor is, of course, your previous work experience. The more experience you have as an event manager or in the event industry, the higher your salary will be.
  • Qualification plays a crucial role. If you have an academic degree in event management, your chances of getting paid are excellent. Academics make more money than others.

Find the best corporate event planner near you with Eventeus!

Planning a corporate event requires skills in many fields, and in an emergency, corporate event planners have to be very stress-resistant. Since different people always pull in the same direction, working in a team is essential in the requirement profile for planning events.

As a client, you can quickly join Eventeus.com to get in touch with local talents, artists, and professional corporate event planners near you and all around the world.

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