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For an event, professional dancers express themselves in various forms: dynamic Brazilian dancers, professional belly dancers, French Cancan shows or original choreography created specifically for your event … Our dancers have chosen to specialize in party evenings.

From 1 to 5, 10, or even 20 performers, or even more, you can now quickly get in touch with the best dancers to join your parties and corporate events and make a unique statement and entertainment.

Our network of dancers is made of professionals offering well-designed shows and acts. Their wardrobe is rich in a variety of costumes, always in keeping with the theme of the evening. Whether it’s a company event evening, a product launching, a wedding party, or even a stag night,

Eventeus is in touch with perfectly experienced choreographers and artists to make your event a success!

Why should you hire dancers for your events?


how to find dancers near me for my events and parties

Choosing to hire professional dancers to host one of your events is an excellent idea for several reasons.

First, these professionals know how to adapt perfectly to the theme of the event you are organizing. They can indeed animate an outdoor activity such as a flashmob or a commercial animation in the street (street marketing), as well as offer dance demonstrations for an event organized by a local community for example, which addresses a large audience.

Then, depending on the type of dance proposed: hip hop, African dance, Brazilian dance, Zumba, oriental dance, rock, Bollywood, etc. Professional dancers can, according to your wishes, give a warm atmosphere to your event by inviting the public present to dance or create a more pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

Professional dancers are regulars at corporate events, whose inner workings and codes they know. Their presence during an event evening, such as the launch of a new product, a corporate anniversary, etc., brings originality and cheerfulness.

  • The dancers can adapt their performance to the message you wish to convey to your employees or customers.
  • They are also professionals capable of surprising and captivating your guests. They will leave with unforgettable memories of your evening: inventive, daring, and adaptable contemporary dance allows you to dance in bubbles, on spinning studs or in the street for a happening.

A dance dinner show

A dinner show on the theme of the dance is a must for event evenings. The most classic is the cabaret review, always appreciated by the public, imperatively incorporating French Cancan.

Organizing a dinner show around a specific theme is the guarantee of successful evenings. It can involve bringing in professional flamenco, oriental dance, Argentine tango, salsa, or even African dancers.

A salsa themed evening

Salsa, an Afro-Caribbean dance, is synonymous with conviviality and atmosphere. So, It is a perfect dance to spice up an event evening and for your employees to quickly get in the mood and feel good.

Professional salsa dancers demonstrate their talents and can offer an introduction to this dance to your guests. Atmosphere and success guaranteed for your event!

A disco-themed evening

What other musical themes that disco certainly guarantees to satisfy and delight the greatest number? Proposing an event evening under a mirror ball, in neon lights of various and vibrant colors is the ideal to ensure a frenzied atmosphere.

Call on professional dancers that your guests will be keen to imitate on the dance floor.

Aerial dance for your event night

Aerial dancing is one of the dance forms that are particularly popular at the moment. Not surprising! It is a majestic and breathtaking dance performance in the air that will surely command the admiration and astonishment of the participants in your event evening.

Performed around a fabric, but also on a hoop, a trapeze, or using straps, aerial dance is the magic and unforgettable animation par excellence.

But the options are endless, and you can now easily define your tailor-made dance performance for a corporate evening, table dances for business, and more!

Dancers for corporate evenings

The must, for a corporate event evening, is to offer guests, during the cocktail or dinner, a tailor-made dance animation corresponding to a specific choreography creation, or as a more fixed installation integrating artists who evolve within this space.

Why choose a custom dance show

Rather than calling on a dance company that offers “turnkey” shows, you can turn to choreographers. Their job is precisely to reinterpret your wishes in the form of choreography, taking into account space constraints, of technique and budget, of course.

The point is to be able to pass a message, to respect a color code, or to observe a specific attitude related to the business project.


how to find dancers near me for my events and parties

How much does it cost to hire Dancers?

An evening, whether organized in a personal or professional setting, aims to please your guests. But its success depends on the quality of the animation, and in this area, the ideas for themes are many.

Here are some quotes and price review for popular dance shows and cabaret dancers:

  • French Cancan dance show from 1.500 / 2.000€
  • Charleston dancers for wedding from 500€
  • Cabaret review from 5.000€
  • Several dancers for product launch parties from 1.500€
  • Cabaret-style animation from 2.000€
  • Contemporary dancers and show
  • Ball opening for classic dancing from 250€
  • Dancing gala dinner from 2,500€

The options are endless, and based on the atmosphere you wish to create!

How to become a good dancer?

Placing a public event or a corporate event under the theme of the dance is the assurance of pleasing the broadest possible audience but also of creating an atmosphere which can be, depending on the theme, either pleasant or magic, or be wild.

Themed dancers will understand how to provide the fitted dance performances based on your type of events.

Placing a public event or a corporate event under the theme of the dance is the assurance of pleasing the broadest possible audience, but also of creating an atmosphere which can be, depending on the theme, either pleasant or magic, or be wild.

So, call on professional dancers to liven up your event and guarantee its success.

Wondering how to find dancers Talents? Eventeus.com Marketplace 

Thanks to an incredible network of talents and performers, Eventeus will be on the side to the best dancers to fit your party and create a unique atmosphere and entertainment you are looking for your guests.

With a wide selection of dance styles, you can now quickly and simply create a professional dance entertainment for your birthday party and themed events. You can have dance shows with belly dancers, cha-cha, hip hop and break dancers, ballroom dancer, etc.

Eventeus.com is the all-in-one solution for booking dancers for corporate events and private parties.

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