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Hire a DJ near me with Eventeus.com


An evening is always accompanied by music, whatever its type. But the latter may not be to everyone’s taste: too offbeat, too soft, also classic, etc.


When you are organizing an event or a party, you are designing the program of the evening precisely, and you want to give satisfaction to all your guests. So, how to remedy these unfortunate mishaps?

You can entrust the animation and the atmosphere to experts like professional recognized DJs.


The success of the event depends significantly on the performance of the chosen DJ and his professionalism.


hire a dj near me with eventeus.com


Why should you hire a DJ for your events?

Perhaps you were thinking of renting professional sound equipment and asking a colleague to do it? Be aware that entrusting the entire sound system of your professional event to an amateur is risky.

They may have the required knowledge in the field, but a professional event DJ does! It is essential to set up the proper music entertainment, and it is better not to take a risk.


  1. Recruiting a professional DJ for your event = Quality service

A professional DJ service will know how his equipment works, how to use it, but also create good sequences between past music and manage the lighting of your reception venue at the same time.

By calling on a DJ, your event will be animated the way you want. You just have to provide him with the schedule of events and indicate the desired spirit. From these two elements, it will create the most suitable playlist.


If your event party requires speaking with a microphone, the DJ will correctly manage the sound system. He can decrease the volume of the music or cut it according to your needs and make the necessary adjustments so that all correctly hear the intervention; without any unpleasant interference or noise occurring.


  1. Give an excellent image to your guests

At each event organized, your image is at stake. A technical quack, a sound problem, a microphone that does not work: all these incidents can taint your celebration.


To prevent them from happening, call on the experience and know-how of a professional DJ. Your guests will surely appreciate being able to listen to music and enjoy a smooth moment.

Besides, having the service of a DJ can, during a product launch, cocktail, or of an evening, make a difference with your customers or partners. They can feel valued by the quality of the animation of your event.


How much do DJs cost to hire?

As a professional DJ, the DJ rate is around 300 / 500 € for an evening set and can go up to 2.000 € euros in case of additional services (light and smoke system and other special requests)


For an hourly rate, count on average between 50 and 100 €. All you have to do is find the DJ that will fit the party you want to set up!


Eventeus.com, the provider of all kinds of talents for all types of events, is committed to connecting you to DJs anywhere in France, and they are professionals!


For a wedding evening, the birthday of your best friend or your other half, an evening in a bar or a corporate evening, we have the DJ for you! But how do you define the DJ rate? We will explain everything to you!


The DJ price will be managed according to your event!


How to become a good DJ?

Becoming a DJ is a dream for many, igniting the crowds like David Guetta, making interplanetary hits, knowing the glory … but above all, it is a lot of work and a long way to go in this ultra-competitive environment.


Today, the DJ profession is recognized by the government, and more and more DJ schools are being created: this profession is becoming accessible to the greatest number.


hire a dj near me with eventeus.com

  1. Skills to become a DJ: The DJ is above all a music enthusiast:


  • He has a sense of rhythm (essential to master the famous Beat Per Minute), is on the lookout for the latest trends, and knows how to anticipate them.
  • He is also able to adapt to the public, to “feel” it: playing in front of an excited crowd in Ibiza will not be done in the same way as during a wedding.
  • A DJ works standing, at staggered hours (weekend, evening/night) and in often hot places.
  • It is advisable to have a certain charisma and know-how to sell: this job requires keen interpersonal skills to make yourself known and find work more quickly.


  1. Become a DJ: what training?

Learning to be a DJ can be done by yourself (tutorials are emerging every day on YouTube).

However, even if it is possible to become a DJ without a diploma, today, there are more and more private schools to become a DJ. Their quality is measured first and foremost by the network they can open for you when you leave school.


These schools offer technical training to learn how to mix and use Computer Assisted Music software. There is also the DJ’s School, which allows obtaining a certificate of “musical and scenic presenter.”

If experience remains the best school, the profession is increasingly supervised. Since 2014 the title “DJ Producer of current music” has been recognized by the government. The DJ is, therefore, a pure sound professional.


How to find and hire DJs online?

Eventeus.com Marketplace is here for you. As a talents and artists platform, Eventeus brings you all the professionals you may need and require for your parties and events,


As an online event planning butler, we can connect you to the exact DJ to set up the music and entertain you dreamed of and make your party as unique and original as you can be.

hire dj near me

With Eventeus, you know the essential things before choosing a DJ for your next events! Private parties, wedding DJs, corporate events, product launching with a DJ-MC, team building, the DJ services offered are many to arm up the dance floor or to create the desired vibe.

For over 20 years, DJs are part of most events as a critical entertainment service.


Don’t miss the chance to get the final touch to your events and check the many opportunities you have to find the right talents on Eventeus.com for your next events.

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