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Educational, motivational speaking and coaching allow everyone. Whether you are a college student, high school student, student, or adult, keynote speakers find the keys that offer them the possibility of directing, more efficiently and serenely, their energy towards their studies or their profession.

In this case, the motivational speaker’s role, such as a coach, is to open up avenues through his questions so that the learner finds how to be involved again. He can use tools when it seems relevant, for example, mind map, schedules, role plays….

Nowadays, motivational speaking is growing exponentially. Suppose you are looking for education keynote speakers for a school district. A motivational speaker for your office team or a motivational coach to change your life, Evenetus.com will be the perfect online marketplace to find professionals online!

What is an educational motivational speaker?

Motivational speaking is a collective term for emotional and cognitive processes that are responsible for the fact that a learner intentionally learns something new to achieve or prevent the consequences anticipated by him and more or less directly linked to learning.

The learner’s own expectations are an essential part of the motivation to learn. Therefore, for scientific psychology, learning motives attempt to explain behaviors through which people add new knowledge and new skills to their previous experience.

In educational psychology, it has above all dealt with the central factors of learning motivation and developed a famous formula for them, which for some is likely to have a rather demotivating effect on dealing with it.


What does an educational, motivational speaker do?

The motivational speaker and his audience are bound by a contract that decides the objective and the support duration. During a free evaluation session, the coach explains the coaching process and the goals.


  • Job Coaching: The motivational speaker is not a mentor who will follow you during the job search and the rest of his career.
  • Orientation and motivational speaking: Guidance allows students and adults … to ask themselves the essential questions to build their educational and / or professional career.
  • Self-confidence and motivational speaking: It offers work on your development axes to enhance their strengths, take a step back from their negative feelings or certain stressful situations, and transform the beliefs that block them.
  • Extrinsic motivational speaking: This goes deep into your core to affect changes in your whole life.

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Is there special education for motivational speakers?

If you are driven by the desire to share your expertise, your extraordinary story, and convey strong emotions to an audience, this page is for you. It is essential to follow a training fairly complete both in substance and form to achieve excellence and become a powerful motivational speaker.

Essential elements are reflection, structuring of speech, storytelling, non-verbal communication, public speaking, stage presence …

To do this, specialists can support you and benefit from their experience to help you move forward. To help you in your process, here are some valuable tips on the strategy. Adopt to train for motivational speaker activity.

Who are the best speakers?

 Becoming a professional motivational speaker is a process that takes time, investment, commitment, and motivation. Nevertheless, by respecting the stages and being accompanied, it is possible to build conferences that will mark the spirits.

Here are some of the most famous educational, motivational speakers:


  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Bill Gates
  • Adam Braun
  • Anant Agarwal
  • Carol Dweck
  • David Goggins
  • Geoffrey Canada
  • Bill Nye
  • Michelle Rhee


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