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Today, parties and events entertainment require surpassing your guests and create a unique atmosphere. Calling on a professional bartender contributes to the success of a moment that we want to be unforgettable!

Freelance bartender artists can perform a freelance juggling show during a private party. Freelance bartenders will perform synchronized movements and create unique cocktails.

Easily hire the best freelance bartenders via the unique Eventeus.com talents platform. They guarantee exceptional entertainment, combined with tasting unique cocktails, whether traditional, modern or even tailor-made.

Hire a freelance bartender for your next event with Eventeus!Photo: envato – @grafvision

What is a freelance bartender?

Equipped with bottles and shakers, freelance bartender artists will surprise you with a powerful show that will make your event an unforgettable evening.

Part of a catering company or working as independent freelancers, the bartender experts should have professional training and experience and bartending certification.

The freelance bartending job is to serve alcoholic beverages and make the show and create original cocktails based on your party theme and your guests.

How to become a freelance bartender?

To become a part-time or full-time freelance bartender. You first need to acquire the proper bartending experience. Then comes your reputation and your professional networks to find the best gigs and new potential clients.

Whether for a family or a professional event, set up cocktails shows with professional bartenders and flair and mixology specialists. Rather than offering a tasting of traditional cocktails, you will amaze your guests and amuse them.

Cocktail entertainment lends itself to many occasions: on stage, thanks to a mobile bar, a flair bartender’s show usually lasts 10 minutes, with the possibility of offering several shows in one evening.

To work as a bartender, you have to be quick, friendly, discreet, taste for contacts, and a commercial sense.

Bar entertainment is one of the most popular services. More and more organizers are using innovative animations, which allow their teams to come together and win over their clients.

Studies and training to become a professional bartender:

Training and experience are still often acquired on the job. However, the profession has given rise to the creation of several specialized diplomas, essential for working in luxury hotels or restaurants, nightclubs, and cabarets:

  • 2 years level studies in marketing and hotel-café-restaurant, services
  • Training as versatile catering agents
  • Bachelor degree in marketing and catering services,
  • Technical courses in hotel and restaurant services and technology
  • Specialized training as a professional bartender
  • BA in hotel & catering management

How much does a freelance bartender make?

Hire a freelance bartender on the occasion of a trade show, a wedding reception, or a year-end party is the best way to expose a product or project in a relaxed atmosphere.

Most bartenders in Europe are multilingual. This quality is always welcome when they are called upon to work with an international clientele.

Here are the average rates and services for freelance bartenders in Europe:

  • 6h service: around € 400
  • Professional mixologist barman: from € 450 to € 900 per event
  • For a flair bartending service, count a flat rate of about € 750

The service duration of a home bartender generally varies between two and four hours. Although prices may vary depending on the services requested, for classic cocktail entertainment, count a minimum of € 12 per person, and up to € 60 for a cocktail or wedding reception.


Hire a freelance bartender for your next event with Eventeus! Photo: envato – @DC_studio

What are the advantages of being a freelance bartender?

Work independently as a freelance bartender is becoming increasingly popular. The possibilities for this are also becoming more diverse.

But what is the main reason for people to take the step into self-employment? Why do so many prefer potentially risky freelance work to secure permanent employment? What is the reward in it?

For most freelance bartenders worldwide, there will only be one reason: you are your own boss, and you don’t have a boss who is always behind you!

I would say that’s a good reason, but there is a lot more that creates the incentive to work freely:

  • your workday doesn’t have to start at the same time every day
  • the working hours can be divided freely and can be perfectly adapted to your own rhythm and individual requirements
  • there is no daily commute to work, no annoying jostling in buses or trains, no traffic jams on the streets – provided you work at home, of course
  • the relative freedom and independence of being able to organize (almost) everything as you see fit

Find the best freelance bartender for your next party with Eventeus!

The bartender is a waiter or a waitress who generally welcomes customers in high standing establishments: luxury bar, grand hotel bar, nightclub, American bar. He/she prepares and serves the drinks.

To easily find freelance bartenders online, you can join the talents and artists community on Eventeus.com. As a leading online platform for events professionals and performers, Eventeus will connect you to the best freelance bartenders worldwide!

Be among the first to hire the best freelancer bartenders! You will make an impression, in addition to giving everyone a good time.


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