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Casting shows and the hype about musical YouTube stars who were able to achieve their breakthrough in a short time have awakened the dream of many people to become self-employed and freelance as musicians in recent years.

Who has talent and ambition and is likely to occur in front of a (broad) audience can with a well in the most real sense of the word here sounding business idea to deal with?

Therefore, with the growth of freelancing jobs and projects everywhere, it is now easier than ever to hire freelance musicians online for your events on the best freelancing marketplaces and talents’ communities such as Eventeus.com.

As a corporate company looking for a professional artist who performs music for your next event or as music producers and sound designers who start working in a recording studio and looking for session musicians, freelance artists and musicians are finally easily hooked online near you.

How to become a freelance musician?

In general, the business idea of ​​becoming freelance as a musician offers many ways to take your professional happiness into your own hands. Talented musicians can let their vocal creativity run wild and find their audience.

However,  if you want to enjoy lasting success as an independent musician, you have to steer creativity into strategic channels. Those who go to casting shows are often confronted with arbitrariness and a lack of predictability. Besides, toggle contracts prevent them from developing freely. And the undeniable short-lived nature of casting shows is not desirable for lasting success as a musician.

Therefore, it is advisable to take a closer look at the relevant framework conditions and concretize the options for freelance as a musician against this background.

Business start-up as a freelance musician: start your own business at your own pace!

  • Analysis of the initial situation
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan!
  • Legal requirements to become a freelance musicians
  • Find clients and new gigs online to earn money as a freelance musician/artist.

Hire freelance musicians for your events with Eventeus!

 What are the best freelance sites for musicians?

 The option is to join more specialized freelance platforms where you can sell your services and find gigs online as freelance musicians and artists, or find your next music entertainment professionals as a client:

  • Facebook forums

Besides that, you can also use the most modern online collectives for artists and freelancers such as Eventeus.com. These communities connect clients and freelancers worldwide with great exposure for artists and a comprehensive selection for customers.

How much does a freelance musician make?

 Here we are giving you some information about freelance musician’s rates and wages in Europe, in the music sector, by average income per year and field of activity:

  • Composers : 25.000 euros
  • Lyricists: 25.000 euros
  • Music editor, arranger: 18.000 euros
  • Conductors, choirmasters, musical leaders: 17.000 euros
  • Musicians (orchestra, stage music …): 13.000 euros
  • Musicians (pop, rock, dance, …): 17.000 euros
  • Singers (orchestra, chamber, stage music): 13.000 euros
  • Singers (Pop, Rock, Jazz, …): 18.000 euros
  • Artistic-technical: 18.000 euro

Where to find the best musicians for private events?

 As the world of freelancing has changed and evolved, you can now find a large selection of freelance musicians and artists online.

Besides, freelancing websites such as Upwork and Frelancer.com are now some of the most prominent players in the freelance jobs industry. However, these platforms are quite mainstream. Do not focus on freelance musicians and artists. Also, with so many freelancers a platform, it is difficult for freelance musicians to stand out.

However, to be efficient and find the best musicians for your private events, you should be able to find dedicated online platforms. Try Eventeus.com and join the talents and artists community to find musicians for your next parties and events!

Hire freelance musicians for your events with Eventeus!

Hire a band or a solo artist for your next party with Eventeus.com!

From hip hop to the most classical music, from significant corporate events to private wedding parties, we have seen hired musicians for all types of events and parties.

Therefore, musicc and entertainment have always been key to successful events. With Eventeus.com, you finally have access to a digital marketplace that helps people booking talents and musicians online for their events and travel experiences all around the world.

What are you waiting for? Join the community of artists and talents on Eventeus.com.

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