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During an evening with friends or a bachelor party, the gogo dancer animation guarantees a successful atmosphere.

For a unique and unforgettable party, choose to call on a gogo dancer. Sulfurous, glamorous and sensual, this sexy dance professional will liven up your evenings and charm all your guests for a warm and assured atmosphere.

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What is a gogo dancer ?


How to find Gogo Dancers near me for my events?


A Go-Go Dance is an artist who perfectly masters her/his hips and the art of making themselves attractive and exciting! Gogos ladies and men Chippendales, do not end the show completely naked. But it is no less sexy!

The Gogo Dancer’s show consists of dancing, generally three sets of twenty minutes each, during your party or your event.  Depending on the atmosphere sought, she/he can offer a choice of a languid and sensual choreography or another rather catchy … In short, if the goal is first to set fire to the dance floor , you can also trust her/him!

What do gogo dancers wear?

A gogo dancer show at home is not only beautiful to see, but it gives you sensations that you will not find anywhere else.

Their stage outfits, by their sophistication, are always very pleasant to see. On a podium, a bar or a stage, the gogo dancer sways languidly , and dances to the rhythm of wild music. Dressed as a nurse, stewardess, schoolgirl, secretary, etc., she puts on a show with sexy choreography ! It clearly sets the mood in an evening, and raises the temperature!

Gogo-dancers outfits have to be the sexiest and attract all eyes on them!

How much gogo dancers cost?

Through Eventeus network of professional gogo dancers, you can book your gogo dancing show from 150 euros.

If you want to be sure to please your guests (over the age of 18), you can choose a gogo dancer show without any fear ! Each time, the gogo dancer shows up in a different outfit , which gives men feelings of varying intensity . She/He then remains present for the essential souvenir photo session, in selfie or group mode.

Do you tip gogo dancers?


gogo dancer for hire

As any performer and live artists, gogo dancers will definitely appreciate a tip! So , you should not feel embarrassed about tipping your gogo dancer at a party.

Gogo dancers do their job because they like to dance and they like to create a show that will captivate their audience, and tips are a great way to validate that the show was well-appreciated.

Gogos love attention, they will appreciate your tips but you should keep in mind that “no touching!” is a rule.

Wondering how to find gogo dancer artists? Eventeus Marketplace

The  search for gogo dancer near you is no small task, and for good reason, it is not a very common job. Especially since the gogo dancers generally work at night and in not very soft environments.

Eventeus has a huge talents network of artists, performers and gogo dancers that you can easily and quickly book online through our all-in-one event services platform.

At home, in bars and nightclubs or even at commercial events, our gogo dancers do not hesitate to put out the big game to impress your guests.

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