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The stakes are high ! All of your guests are looking forward to your party. You have been preparing for the event for months. Caterer, dining room, decoration were booked several weeks in advance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances; everything must be perfect!

But what about your musical entertainment? Despite all your efforts, you have the impression that something is missing … Is it going to the “YouTube bar playlist” to act as the background?

What will the guests think of the musical atmosphere of the evening dedicated to them?

You have to dazzle them, or at least surprise them with an original and unusual element during your event! And suddenly, enlightenment: a unique musical entertainment with a professional Rapper! 

What is a rapper artist?

how to get rapper artists for my next events

Rap is a very energetic style of music that sets the mood! The rapper artist does not sing: he speaks to tell his story full speed. His speech rate is his flow. It looks like the rapper is having fun in his microphone, and that is the reason why it is captivating the audience et build up the atmosphere.

Are rappers and hip hop artist the same?

Rap was born in the 70s in the Bronx. The poorest people were left behind. They raped to denounce racism, unemployment … and also to criticize the police. In short, what they were going through.

The word rap comes from Rage Against the Police, Rap is part of the hip-hop movement with breakdancing, an acrobatic dance, and graffiti, you know, street drawings.

How to become a rapper?

Many young people get into rap, hoping to become the boss or at least become a great rapper. If many begin to write, unfortunately, very few reach their dream. In general, after a few months, the goal of becoming a good rapper is only a distant memory.

The best tips to become a great rapper:

  1. Write songs and record yourself every day: you have to practice
  2. Start by the basics: learn Hip Hop history and culture. Without a solid base, you will hardly be able to reach your goals.
  3. Meet new people and build a professional network
  4. See further and develop your skills
  5. Be patient: Success does not happen over a single day


A classic mistake of those who want to get into rap is to believe that it is enough to have the talent and to know how to rap to become an excellent rapper. Of course, it is essential, but it is not enough.

Having skills in rap is good, but you also have to be a real entrepreneur.

How much to hire a rapper?  

The price of a rapper artist starts around 300€ for a musical session at your party, for a set of rappers as a band with a Hip Hop DJ, count 550 €.

The rappers rate goes to over thousands of euros, based on the fame of the rappers and the type of service you are looking for. This price range is therefore given for information only!

How to find more underground rapper artists? Eventeus.com Marketplace


how to get rapper artists for my next events

What could be better to bring your party evening to the next level than American rappers, Lil’ Wayne style, and some of the best Hip Hop artists?

Only here, you do not know how to find and book rapper artists to ensure the entertainment of your party at the last minute.

Eventeus.com, the talents platform, and your private event organization butler tells you how to get in touch with the best rappers and hip hop artists near you, and not only the mainstream artists but also the ones from the underground rap scene.

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