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Hire Rock bands for your events on Eventeus.com

Successfully organizing an event such as a private party is not an easy task. Are you desperately looking for ideas to make your event more friendly?

Hiring a rock band for your event is a sure way to inject personality into your event. The range of possibilities is enormous in this sector. A rock show will always delight your guests!

With Eventeus, you can now easily and quickly recruit professional musicians to host your private party; a double advantage for your reputation as live music will:

  • Give originality to your event;
  • Entertain your guests with good music.

How do I hire a rock band?  

Do you want to organize an event in an unusual way (wedding, anniversary, corporate cocktail, etc.)? Do you want to make your event more lively than usual?

But you do not know how to bring more joy and merriment to your guests. A rock band for hire on Eventeus.com is perfect for livening up your private evening, and it is the ideal solution to make all types of events stand out as moments of great fun!

The recruitment of musicians depends on the tone you wish to give to your event. Eventeus is your supportive partner to upgrade your events with a wide range of artists, talents, and music bands.

Eventeus event services are available online at any time, and you will be connected to a vast network of talents, artists, musicians, and even some of the best catering companies and other third parties to set up all your events.

Rock band talent eventeus

How much to hire a rock band?

Depending on the reputation of the group, and the duration of the performance, the price of a rock band concert varies between 220 and 2000 €.

  • You have the choice between small amateur groups, regional actors who are starting to make a name for themselves and finally famous artists who will charge you for concerts at ten thousand euros!
  • There are also, of course, a multitude of styles of rock, from classical to Nu-metal through punk and blues.

Factors that will influence the total price include the duration of the event, size of the event, size of the group, necessary equipment, travel costs, and of course, the reputation of the group. You will also need to consider all of these factors to assess the value of the quote before your eyes.

For a live rock band lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, it takes on average between € 500 and € 1,500.

Find Your perfect Rock Band music style?

With Eveneteus.com, you no longer need to use a DJ to play recorded music. If you want to give a livelier atmosphere to your private evening, you can choose from a wide range of musicians and performers who will make your event unforgettable such as:

  • 4 or 5-piece band
  • Queen cover band, Kiss or other iconic rock bands
  • The 70s, 80s, 90s tribute bands
  • Classic rock bands
  • Dance bands
  • And more

A private concert of live music at the reception location, within your premises, on a barge, in a park, etc., this is a convivial, festive, but above all, an atypical moment. It generates memories that will fuel the team spirit that you maintain and your positive image.

The organization of a company evening, an original company party, a company seminar, a gala evening or a dinner show, and, more particularly, their musical programming, ask for the support of a sound expert and its distinguished service providers.

Submit your questions and requests on eventeus.com and enjoy the show!

rock band talent eventeus

  1. 70s rock bands

A musical style that will gain momentum and take a significant turn in the 70s is Rock. Get ready for the rock bands with iconic singers. In the 70s, rock rhymes with power and extremely talented guitarists. The guitar solos in some songs will often steal the spotlight from the singer.

It’s also the start of the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll period with The Rolling Stones!

  1. 80s rock bands

How to talk about 80s rock without mentioning Van Halen, Scorpions, Indochine as well as not remembering the excellent clips from I Want to Break Free, and the California Girls cover that David Lee Roth had made of the Beach Boys classic. Crimped hair, spandex look, and full-blown guitars!

  1. 90s rock bands,

The 90s undoubtedly marked a turning point in the musical landscape. Grunge is making a splash with Nirvana as the standard-bearer, alternative rock is popularizing, and the English scene is reinventing itself with the Britpop movement with Oasis. An unprecedented eclecticism of musical styles!

  1. Classic rock bands

All our classic rock bands are 100% rock’n’roll artists who could make your event, whether it is a wedding after-party, a home concert, or a corporate evening an exceptional moment. Classic rock covers will include all the big names and hits: the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd … but not only!

  1. Punk rock bands

Its cultural origins come from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, and date from the mid-1970s. Punk rock is generally marked by the presence of three musical instruments: an electric guitar with a saturated sound, a bass guitar, and drums. Sex Pistols, Ramones and the Misfits are part of the playlist!

  1. Alternative rock bands

Born in the late 1970s in the UK, alternative rock refers to a style of rock opposed to the mainstream of it. Your band will bring you the sounds of Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Muse’s, Nirvana, etc.

  1. Indie rock bands

Formerly used to refer to groups outside the general public and far from the eyes of the big labels, it has come to refer to a particular sound vaguely defined by catchy guitars, energetic drums, and wordy lyrics such as The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Strokes, etc..

  1. Hard rock bands

Van Halen Hard rock (also called heavy rock) is a variation of rock that took its roots in the mid-1960s in garage rock and psychedelic rock. It is characterized by heavy use of distortion from guitars, bass, keyboard, and drums. Get ready for some Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and more.

  1. Pop-rock bands

Our selection of professional pop artists who could make your event, whether it is a wedding ceremony, a birthday, or a company party, an exceptional moment. Pop-rock songs are including legends of the genre: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears … and much more! Check with the band to set lists of songs.

Famous Rock Band 

find rock bands for your events on eventeus.com

Our professional bands perform on your type of parties – from a corporate event to a wedding ceremony or a birthday party. You can choose your rock cover band right now!

The professional bands will be able to bring the rhythm of the songs that all guests will know and enjoy.

  • Queen rock band

One of the best bands in rock history. A singer with incredible charisma, magnificent choirs, fabulous musical mastery, a guitar sound “made by Brian May”, a rock-solid rhythm section, rich melodies and varied, a mix of hard, soft rock, ballads, and breakaways to other styles.

  • Kiss rock band

In a more “glam rock” style, this “circus” rock band which has nevertheless managed to impose an intense hard/heavy over the years. The voice of Paul Stanley is one of the best in hard and heavy rock, powerful, warm, a little loud, so the very rock in the soul.

  • Best rock bands

All cover rock band will get you through the Beatles, AC?DC, Dire Straits, Bowie, The Clash, Depeche Mode … a live rock anthology!

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