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When the beat is booming in our ears, we get goosebumps, and our feet start to fidget, then we’d like to hear this music forever. But what are we listening to?

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What is a House DJ?

“House music is a feeling”! This sentence is no coincidence.

Anyone who dances on House music surrenders to the rhythm and beat, be it cooler, driving, floating, or jazz-like.

The subgenres of house music are just as diverse as the different dance styles. As if you were putting together a bouquet. Each flower with its particular color and smell embodies something of its own, but still fits into a harmonious and complementary overall complex.

The whole bouquet smells good, but you can just pick out a flower and sniff it if you like.

House today is not only something diverse. It is also something that connects. Those who dance to the House in the club celebrate together, a kind of group feeling arises — not only among the dancers but also between the “crowd” and the DJ.

It is also not to be underestimated with which visual power and motifs House can be changed and become more firmly established in the media-cultural memory.


What is house music?

 Whether in the club, at festivals, chilling out on the meadow, or in clothes shops: We have long since encountered electronic music everywhere. But when is the computer-generated sound techno, what is House music, and why is EDM something else? We explain the basic styles of electronic music to you!


In the 1970s, disco flourished thanks to the Bee Gees, Blondie & Co. Disco was danceable, but therefore still very close to pop or an incarnation of pop because disco tracks usually also contained weighty vocal passages.


In the late 1970s, however, DJs began to combine maxi-singles from disco tracks in distinctive ways. They concentrated on the instrumental passages of the individual songs and let them merge into one another. Most of this happened at a club called Warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. It is how danceable music got its name with eliminated or reduced singing: House Music.

house dj


House Music: it is not Dance Music nor EDM or Techno!

Like techno, House came into being in the early 1980s. The name goes back to the Club Warehouse in Chicago, where Frankie Knuckles constantly experimented as a DJ and thus created the music genre house.

In contrast to techno, danceability is more in the foreground here. The basic structure is a simple 4/4 beat with a kick drum on every quarter note. There are also snares or hand-claps on every other quarter note and hi-hats between every beat.

On top, there are melodic-spacey sounds and catchy vocals at a speed of 110 to 130 beats per minute (bpm). From acid house to disco house to Deep House, there are numerous varieties of house music today.


Minimal House

As the name suggests, Minimal House is a significantly reduced form of house music. Their pace is around 115 to 130 bpm and is, therefore, neither particularly fast nor particularly slow. The sparse but punctuated use of rhythm elements is concise. Other genres stack up layer by layer; Minimal House leaves it with very few but meaningful elements.

French House

French House is a distinct sub-genre of House for many reasons. On the one hand, it is customary in French House to enhance both instruments and voices with special filters. Singing, for example, is distorted or has a “space” touch thanks to a vocoder (vocal coder). Simultaneously, instruments are often over-driven, for instance, with electric guitars reaching unimagined highs and lows.


Also, it is not uncommon to integrate elements from disco and funk. Hand-claps, the integration of a dominant electric bass, and speech samples are typical stylistic devices that bring French House closer to disco.

Progressive House

Its driving character characterizes progressive House. Progressive house DJs like to structure their songs so that a drum loop forms the continuous basis, but this is enhanced with several elements (hi-hats, fading, scratching, synth sounds) during the runtime. Besides, there are often classic breakdowns and, in the end, a kind of “fading,” so to speak, an outro.


One of the most famous and important Progressive House artists is Deadmau5. In one of his songs, he achieved an interesting feat: “This Is Also The Hook” is a progressive house track that explains, up close and with a wink, how to set up such a track and what the DJ should pay attention to.


Deep House

In a certain way, Deep House emerged as a countermovement to “crammed” House Music, which aims to encourage wild dancing as loudly and overly as possible. It is one of the slowest subgenres of house music. It is not tied to a particular direction. It can be designed towards soul, sound industrial, or even seek proximity to the disco (one result of this is the nu-disco genre).


The most important thing about deep House: the listener should feel a feeling of weightlessness as if he were literally “taking off”. Deep House achieves this through cleverly placed breakdowns and pauses. The vocal part is comparatively important; Editing the voice is not mandatory, but it is often the case.


house dj

How to become a House DJ?

 Depending on the event, several types of DJs are recommended: you want a DJ who will provide a chic and relaxed atmosphere, a DJ who will liven up your events and involve your guests, or even a DJ who will make them dance …

Learning to DJ is no longer a question of being too little information about it. But there are many tips, advice, tutorials, seminars, and opinions available. It is the bane of modern communication options like the Internet. Everyone adds their tips.


How much can you make as a House DJ?

 By hiring a DJ for inauguration or a product launch, your partners will feel valued, and your customers will be sensitive to the positive and dynamic image that the DJ conveys.

Hiring a DJ means avoiding all the potential technical problems that can ruin an event, problems with microphones, sounds, or any other incident that could spoil part of the event. Count on the DJ to bring all the necessary equipment for a successful event: sound system, lights, microphones, and other accessories if necessary.


A good House DJ is generally paid between 500 and 1,200 euros for the evening. The price may change depending on the event’s location, the date, and whether it has to bring back the sound and lighting equipment.

There are various and varied situations (professional training and experience or seniority), musical styles, and conceptions very different from one professional to another.

For each situation, there is a specific variable remuneration depending on the skills of the person concerned and the choices made by him. For example, some beginner DJs sometimes agree to mix for free even if the level and skill are often not there.


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