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Journalist, freelance writer, editor: how to get started? There is only one way to succeed: news, articles, reports, interviews, tickets. There is no secret to start a career in this environment. You must write! Read, write, clear and decipher, synthesize, write, and write again …

Send papers to editors you admire, contact peers and editors, meet editors near you, choose sites whose tone and focus match your personality and interests.

But thanks to our modern society and the digitalized business, you can now succeed as a freelancer thanks to excellent freelance writing websites online such as Eveneteus.com.

What are freelance writing websites?

First, you need to determine the type of job you want. If you are a blogger, there are plenty of blogging and ghost blogging (that is, blogging without getting your name credited) jobs out there.

However, you may feel ready to step out of that box and be a brand ambassador, product description writing, or copywriting. You will need experience in any field you are involved in, so if you have it, add it to your resume.

Professional journalists

He/she analyzes, debate, comment on, and decipher the evolution of the political, cultural, economic, and social worlds. They can work in different media, radio, television, or on the web.

Freelance editor

Unlike the journalist or reporter, the editor writes articles that condense existing information into simple words. As a copywriter, you will, therefore, not be investigating.

Freelance writer

He/she works in total independence and can offer his services to businesses and individuals. He is free to choose his missions and organizes his schedule as he sees fit.

Professionalism is mainly present in the web world. It is compatible with self-employment and will be considered a liberal activity.

There is no specific qualification to become a web editor. However, if you have studied literature and have a perfect command of the French language and its subtleties, this is a good start!

However, specific training can strengthen your skills. The qualities required to become a good copywriter are indeed numerous. He must thus:

  • be able to do in-depth research and then synthesize it
  • be exacting about your sources so as not to disseminate false information
  • know how to adapt your speech to a simple language that is accessible to as many people as possible, avoiding the use of “copy and paste” in your texts
  • adapt to its target and know how to capture its attention

We also advise you to train in SEO on a self-taught basis or through training. Your customers will ask you to apply specific methods to optimize your articles’ referencing in the main search engines.

How to find freelance writing websites with Eventeus

Which are the best freelance writing websites?

 Are you looking for a way to find a new project or job as a professional and independent writer? Fortunately, many freelance writing websites have been created to provide enormous opportunities for content writers.

It’s just a matter of defining what you can do best. This way, you will be able to search for opportunities on websites that match your skills and talents.

You can choose some mainstreams online:

  • Guru

The site not only provides daily matching functionality but also allows freelancers to showcase their past professional experiences. If you register on this site, you will rarely miss out on good opportunities, as you will be notified as soon as they arise.


  • Craiglist

Although some freelancers believe that Craigslist is a platform for buying and selling various goods, it can be a source of high paying freelance jobs. It has sections devoted to housing, employment, chat rooms, concerts, and wanted items.

Besides, these are well-known freelance writing jobs websites:

  • Upwork

This website has over 15 million customers. It offers jobs for almost all types of freelancers. This crystal means that any freelance writer can find a job there, no matter what field they specialize in. It offers short and long-term projects, both time and per hour projects, and beginner and expert level assignments.


  • Freelancer.com

It is excellent for small businesses that need talent and helps with everything from writing needs, website development, and logo design to marketing. As a freelance writer, you can then bid on the job and, if selected, complete it and get paid safely.


  • iFreelance

It is an excellent freelancing website for writers, ghostwriters … You can easily find the writing gg you were looking for as a beginner.


  • Fiverr

For years, this website has been a hotbed for clients and writers. The idea here is to create solid gigs and display them on the dashboard for customers to buy. If your work catches the attention of a client, you can quickly get a high paying project.

These best freelance writing websites are great, but the competition is fierce!

But you can now find the best talents and freelancers community online such as Evenetus.com to get in touch with new clients and be part of the industry and the international community of freelancers.

How to find freelance writing websites with Eventeus!

How to create a website for freelance writing?

The question is not: “do I need a website as a freelance writer?”. Anyone who cannot be found on the Internet today is also non-existent. Showing an online presence through a website is now an indispensable part of self-employment for every freelancer. At least you should!

Because your website is not just a carrier of information, it is the flagship, proves the contemporary profession, and creates your own business profile and outline.

Unless you’re a freelancer in IT, you probably don’t have any knowledge of HTML / CSS or programming languages. Good news: Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need a professional by your side. There are a lot of providers who offer extensive website modules and templates. With these flexible basic structures, a perfectly good website can be implemented relatively quickly and easily.

First, you should think about a few fundamental factors such as purpose, target audience, or industry. These later influence the design, structure, and content. A concept drawn up in advance gives you an initial sketch of your website and can then focus on other factors.

If you already have a homepage, the first thing you should ask yourself is:

what do I want to change or improve? More modern, better, faster? Should the search engine ranking be enhanced, the design or the operation? Or is your wish more in the direction of “more profit, more attention, more image”?

Checklist for your website as a freelancer:

  • Define the goal and purpose: What do I want to achieve with my website?
  • Define target group: Who do I want to reach with my website?
  • Analyze competition and competition: What is the competition doing?
  • Choose name and URL: What should the page be called, and is the domain available?
  • Tools: Your friend, the website builder
  • Structure and usability: Page structure, menu items, navigation, etc.
  • Content: Texts, content, SEO etc.
  • Design: colors, elements, etc.

What is the best freelance website for beginners?

 Interestingly, this freelance writing lets you find a job as a beginner and build up your career, portfolio, and experience throughout the years.

With the best online freelancing websites and online marketplaces and freelance websites, you can find many customers (including some online magazines, corporate clients, private customers, students …).

You will usually charge per character as a freelancer since lines or pages are not billable here. FYI, t remuneration is often between USD 0.01 and EUR 0.10 per character.

More and more freelance writing websites are indeed looking for co-authors and paying them for their articles. Upwork or Freelancer.com are some well-known online freelance writing sites with an extensive choice of freelance writing jobs.

Clients pay freelance writers based on projects and needs, and freelance writers have used content mills in many different languages.

These platforms offer many opportunities, but the competition these freelance websites for beginners is quite fierce. You certainly won’t get rich there, but it can be a good start.

Besides, a few copywriting platforms bring website owners and writers together, such as Evenetus.com, excellent talents, and freelancers online community to find more job opportunities and projects for freelance writers worldwide.

Join the best freelance writing websites with Eventeus.com!

Become a full-time or a part-time independent writer thanks to the best freelance writing marketplace and talents community: Eventeus.com.

Eventeus.com focuses on connecting freelancer writers, talents, artists, and professionals, with potential clients worldwide for freelance writing gigs, digital marketing, freelance websites’ contents, social media posts, and other types of writing needs.

Connecting to the best freelance writing and job sites is easy:

  1. Register,
  2. Create profiles as freelance writers,
  3. Explain ad present your freelance work and services as well as your fees,
  4. Start looking for freelance jobs and paying gigs
  5. Start freelance and work for clients worldwide and pay the bills

With Eventeus.com, you will find freelance extensive job boards as well as a great platform to gain exposure. A perfect platform for freelance writers looking for jobs onlinefreelance writing websites: both long-term cooperation and one-shot freelance gigs.

Eveneteus.com will suit you if you:

  • Enjoy presenting complex issues in a concise, understandable, and useful way.
  • Always have an open ear for essential innovations in your field and recognize the target group’s needs.
  • Have a passion for evaluating texts and give constructive feedback.
  • Want to help prepare articles ideally for readers.
  • Are linguistically versed and can also explain complicated issues in an easily understandable manner.
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