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Many people dream of working where others go on vacation. Others want more freedom in terms of work and would like to be able to work from home. We know that this is possible because there are enough successful people who work from anywhere, regardless of location. However, we often cannot imagine it for ourselves.

There are now countless ways in which you can work online and make a living from anywhere. The internet makes it possible. So how can you, too, manage to break away from the chains of the office chair? How can you do your previous work from anywhere or from home? And what other jobs are there that you could take on to become location-independent?

To earn extra money online, you can:

  • Become a freelancer working from home as a virtual assistant, search engine optimized articles writers, graphic design experts,
  • Sell products or services as a new online business
  • Set up a blog and generate passive income through affiliate marketing after creating a profile and a blog that attracts readers
  • Launch your YouTube channel and earn money online through advertising
  • Spend a lot of time filling up online surveys for small businesses on Google

Below you will find the best online jobs you can do online and work from anywhere globally.

Which are the best ways to make money online?

How can 30 days of vacation a year ever be enough to see the world? How can you live your life the way it feels right to you when I have to spend most of my life in an office? … Working online from anywhere, it is possible.

There are this uncomfortable feeling and frustration about the structures there, the environment, and the office for some of us. You would never choose yourself … And then you dare and take the step into self-employment and freelance!

Some people are looking for a job that they can do flexibly from home at the same time. And so, they came across virtual assistance through various online platforms. And ultimately, you just focused on it.

The freedom and flexibility to be able to work online anytime and anywhere is pure luxury.

Today, to make money online, you can support my customers in online marketing, revise websites, write newsletters, plan social media, and flexibly support my customers in a wide variety of tasks.

And now you can work from anywhere!

Does what we just wrote sound familiar to you? Would you also like to be able to work online and thereby make yourself independent of location?

There are now more and more companies that also enable their employees to work from anywhere, regardless of location. There are also numerous jobs with which you can earn money as a freelancer on the Internet.

As a freelancer, you exchange your time for money and support your customers with various services. With the right business idea and the right products, you can also build a scalable online business and earn money from anywhere in the world.

In the next step, let’s get to the various jobs you can work online. I’ve broken it down into the following three areas:

  1. Working online as a freelancer
  2. Online work in permanent employment
  3. Working online in e-commerce

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How to get started with making money online?

 As we just explained, you have 3 ways to earn money online and change your working way. Freelancing is by far the best option, but we will give you more details about each opportunity.

Working online as a freelancer

  • Virtual assistant: In my opinion, virtual assistance (VA) is the ideal introduction to self-employment. Virtual assistants support their clients with a wide variety of tasks. The little word “virtual” reveals that everything happens entirely online and independent of location.
  • Blogger: In theory, you only need your laptop and a good internet connection. With your own blog, you have the opportunity to report on your favorite topics or to occupy lucrative niches and thus become an expert.

As a blogger, you can earn money online, among other things:

  • Via affiliate marketing (you link products and providers that you like and recommend to your readers and receive a small commission from the advertised company),
  • via guest articles that you publish on your blog,
  • write about the products that you sell to your readers through your blog.
  • Copywriter, ghostwriter, E-book author …: If you generally enjoy writing well and are good at writing, then there are many more ways you can earn money online. Content creator
  • Corrector & editor: You could also work online as a proofreader or editor. And the need here is vast – whether for company publications, online shops, blogs, or magazines …
  • Translator: The perfect job that you can do from anywhere. You can find corresponding offers to apply for on Upwork, freelancer.com, or Eventeus.com, for example.
  • Graphic designer: All you need is the right software, a powerful laptop, and a good internet connection.
  • Online Marketing Manager or SEO specialist: You also have many options to make your knowledge and skills available to your customers. Either like me as a freelancer, in which you help with the implementation of the technology and the creation and design of content or act as an adviser

Other possibilities for online jobs

  • Web designer: you go one step further in the online world. Here you plan and design the new online presence together with your customer and then go into implementation and program the page.
  • Software or app programmer: In addition to the programming of websites, many other software and app need to be developed, designed, and implemented. You also have an excellent opportunity to earn your first passive income.
  • Accountant: Even if you come from the accounting field, many sole proprietorships and companies are super grateful to get external support for bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and Co.
  • Photographer: If you have a right eye and a knack for the camera, you can also earn money as a photographer online and work from anywhere.
  • Videographer: In addition to photography, you can, of course, also specialize in video production. You are not entirely independent of location when filming, but you can support your customers from anywhere in the world when cutting and editing.
  • Language teacher: Pass on your knowledge in the form of lessons and work from anywhere. There are now some platforms on which you can register as a language teacher.
  • Coach: If you are interested in psychology and personal development and want to motivate, support, and inspire others, you can also work as a coach.

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Online work in permanent employment

If you are currently employed or want to look for a new permanent job, you have more opportunities these days to work regardless of location.

Many companies now work exclusively with remote teams, and the trend is rising. Many companies that offered “normal” office jobs just a few years ago are now recognizing the numerous advantages of being independent of location.

Because employees are often more satisfied and significantly more productive when they have the opportunity to work from home, more and more studies and surveys confirm this.

Is it perhaps even possible in your area to work regardless of location and, at the same time, remain an employee? If you find that going to the office every day is the only factor that annoys you, consider this possibility and think about how you can best raise your boss’s issue.

But if more than just getting to the office or working on-site annoys you, and you would instead work more self-determinedly. There are various options available to you with which you can work from anywhere and be your own boss: freelancing!!!

Working online in e-commerce

If you want to go one step further and not only exchange time for money, you can also build your own online business in e-commerce. This way, you create a scalable business model, and you can earn a lot more money by selling products on the internet than just with your services as a freelancer.

  • Sell digital information products: The easiest way to earn money in online trading anywhere is to offer digital information products. The best way to do this is to have your own website. The products mainly include e-books, online courses, and webinars.

Of course, you need a specific community and reach to sell enough products. But the work and perseverance are usually worth it. If you offer the right products and your target group has built trust in you, you will generate passive income in the long term with your products.

  • Sell physical products: Building your online shop on your website and developing your own physical products goes one step further. You can also use Amazon FBA to create an online shop on Amazon. FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” which means that Amazon takes care of storage, shipping, and customer service for you and provides the platform for your online shop.

Another option is to do dropshipping. Here your product manufacturer or wholesaler sends the goods directly to the customer. Orders, marketing, and customer service are handled through your online shop. With drop shipping, you also save the storage and shipping of the products.

How much money can you make online?

Often, we land on the freelancing planet, and we start to look at the prices on the market to set our own.

Even if we look at freelance platforms where the prices are lower than the average, we see that freelancers charge 300, 400, 500, or even 700 euros per day! How the hell is that possible ?!

How can I go from a gross salary of 2,000 euros to a daily wage of 450 euros? Why is the freelance salary so high?

Your mistake # 1 compares your former (or current) employee compensation with the average freelance daily rates. It has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Why compare the incomparable? Freelancers have no paid holidays, no job security, no specific benefits for employees (13th month, reductions, mutual insurance, etc.), insufficient social protection, a ridiculous retirement …

As freelancers, they must moreover pay “out of pocket” all the professional expenses vital to the exercise of their activity, anticipate the slack periods, or take a thousand different hats and functions to keep their business alive.

Work from home and earn your money with online jobs with Eventeus.com!

But business life as a freelancer is unique and fits some people. If you are ready to start your life as a freelancer or if you want to boost your activity and find new clients and freelance projects online. It is simple: join the community of artists, talents, and freelancers on Eventeus.comand start making money online through many online projects!

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