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Are you looking for a picture book, a digital illustration, book covers, and other kinds of illustrations, graphics, and images?

You can now find the best talents worldwide with unique online freelance marketplaces such as Eventeus.com.

Eventeus is a digital talent marketplace supporting talents from all around the world. Find a professional illustrator and graphic designer in Los Angeles, a London-based character design expert, a graphic design, or other freelance illustrators who created illustrations from the New York times and other big names in the industry … The best worldwide based illustrators are now at your reach in no time!

What is an illustration artist?

 An illustration is the applied form of the fine arts, drawing, and painting. It is an applied image creation, a “working art” that visually conveys a context to a target group. Like the design, illustration always has a function and task.

It affects how we are informed and educated, what we buy, and how we are persuaded to act. It offers opinion and opinion. Further, it entertains and inspires us.

What does an illustration artist do?

 Illustration (from the Latin illustrate: “illuminate, explain”) has the task of telling stories (storytelling) and communicating this visually without words/letters or, in addition to texts, to clarify and explain content.


Disciplines are:

  • editorial illustration for journals, newspapers, magazines, brochures and books, new media & internet),
  • advertising illustration.


Fields of work and use: Digital media and print media for advertising agencies, publishing houses, newspapers, film, television, internet, business enterprises, etc.

Illustration artists also work for book illustration, children’s book illustration, non-fiction, technical, scientific illustration, press illustration, satire, caricature, comic, animation, storyboard, fashion drawing, character design, historical and cultural images, artistic illustration, concept art, and much more.

illustration artist

Who are the most famous illustration artists?

Here are some interesting, irrefutably surprising illustrators who sometimes reserve little touches of weirdness. These are the best and trendiest illustrators from 2019/2020:


  • Sangho Bang: His extraterrestrial and psychedelic worlds.
  • Andy Busc: Illustrations in black and white, at the border between reality and fiction.
  • Luis Enrique, Aka Smithe, surrealist graphic designer.
  • Petra Eriksson: Composition of colorful illustrated portraits of women.
  • Malika Favre: a French illustrator who shines abroad.
  • Nuket Güner Çorlan: minimalism activism.
  • Tom Haugomat: Between everyday life and adventure.
  • Bogdan Sorg’s Altered Reality
  • Haejung Lee: art against time.
  • Robin F. Williams: Discovering an artistic vision of gender identity.
  • Stéphanie Wunderlich: A freed and resolutely feminist illustrator.


Where to find an illustration artist?

 No matter how good your writing, adding illustrations to your story can help you further improve your writing quality. Take a look at our list of the best book illustrators and contact the one that’s right for you.


With the best online marketplaces such as Eventeus, you can now easily find professional illustration artists online.

More than just decorations, illustrations help create mood and draw the reader into a book’s story. They often influence how the reader imagines the characters and the world they are in. You need the best illustrator possible. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top book illustrators, based on the criteria below.


1. The quality of the designs

When a graphic designer joins Eventeus, you can see their portfolio and assesses their conceptualizing ability, the quality of their technical skills, and their knowledge of fundamental visual design principles.

You can easily see what level the designers have on their profile. So, you know right away what to expect in terms of experience from the designers you contact.


2. The experience in book illustration

Illustrations should reflect the content of the book itself. It is not something that all graphic designers know how to do… It requires both being open to the style of the author and understanding the world of publishing.

Also, to select the designers on this list, we not only took into account their graphic skills, but we also took into account their experience in this particular field.


3. Professionalism

Having excellent illustration skills is no excuse for behaving like an amateur. It is why the graphic designers’ professionalism is also a criterion that was evaluated to create this list. Thus, we reviewed their previous clients’ opinions, verified that they all respected the deadlines set on the projects for which they were responsible, and were always courteous in all their exchanges.


Find an illustration artist with Eventeus.com!

Eventeus.com has been a popular network for talents, artists, and freelancers worldwide. On the platform, talents can present what they have already done and what they are currently working on.

The main focus here is on the detailed profiles and skill presentation. Employers have the option to search by location or type of project, the professional they are looking for …

Eventeus platform has set itself the goal of bringing creative people together with employers. That is why they can store their own portfolios here or search for freelance jobs. Besides, potential clients have the opportunity to search for suitable talents and artists.

What are you waiting for? It is time to join Eventeus.com and find the best xx near you and anywhere on the planet.

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