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In the 80s, hip hop became increasingly popular among white youth as well and in more affluent parts of the United States. The 80s and 90s movies and music videos made hip-hop dance styles famous worldwide.

Around the same time, the first professional hip-hop dance groups emerged with new street dance styles.

In the meantime, hip-hop dancing has become a sport in its own right, and many dance schools, specialized hip hop classes, and professional hip-hop dancers around the world also offer hip-hop dance courses.

Various international associations also organize regional, national, European, and world championships around the hip hop culture and the history of hip hop, where dance crews of B-boys and B-girls compete with dancers from all over the world, alone or in dance crews.

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What is hip hop dance?

 When we talk about Hip-Hop, we mean Hip-Hop Culture as a whole. Culture in its own right has created its codes, its aesthetics, its mode of operation. Today Hip-Hop is everywhere in our daily life, in fashion, in the media, in advertising, a huge business… And despite this, despite millions of views on YouTube, even after thirty years, it remains a culture poorly known to dance audiences who frequent theaters.

Hip-hop dance, or street dance, originated in the USA in the 1970s and encompassed a wide range of different styles: Breaking or B-Boying (Break Dance), Popping and Locking are the old school ways, while other styles have changed over time (New Style), for example turfing, jerkin’, jookin’ or krumping.

Breakdance includes three categories of movement: On the one hand, the “freezes” in which the breakdancer freezes his position and holds it briefly. On the other hand, there are “power moves” in which he turns quickly on his back or head, and “styles,” which means dance movements.

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How to dance it?

 HipHop encompasses all dance styles that mainly developed in the streets of the American ghettos or schoolyards. These include break dancing, popping, locking, new style, krumping, and urban. Hip hop and street dance in themselves are very improvisational and, above all, communicative. He lives from emotions such as sadness, pain, joy, or even aggressiveness.

Depending on the dancers’ personality and creativity, these are enriched with elements from jazz or with self-invented moves and choreographies are rehearsed.

The different dance styles of Hip Hop sometimes include swift movements, a sudden pause in motion, and sometimes even almost acrobatic performances that are performed to the rhythm of the music. The whole body is used here. Regular hip-hop dancing can promote all aspects of physical fitness: body control, strength, endurance, speed, and agility. Learning the sometimes complex choreographies encourages concentration and memory. However, since dancing is based on choreographies and improvising, fantasy and creativity are also required. The music also ensures a good mood, relaxation, and fun in movement.

Hip Hop Dance today includes many different dance styles that are danced to hip-hop or funk music and in some dance schools to other music styles. The individual techniques are subject to only a few rules so that their interpretation is relatively free. In the beginning, there were three main styles.

Three main styles

  • “Breakdance” (formerly called “B-Boying”) includes the four elements of top rocking (dancing while standing), footwork (dancing on the floor), freezes (remaining in the most impressive positions possible), and power moves (rotating on the part of the body or along a body axis).
  • With “Locking,” the focus is on wild movements reminiscent of marionettes or cartoon characters.
  • “Popping” is characterized by short, jerky, seemingly mechanical movements. There are also numerous other dance styles such as “Krumping”, “Turfing”, “Jerkin” “and many more. In most dance schools today, depending on the target group, a mixture of different styles is taught, which is often expanded by other modern dances.

Another spectrum of dance styles is offered in so-called street dance courses.

  • Street dance courses specialize in dance styles that were initially created outside of dance studios, for example, on the street. In addition to the hip-hop dance styles, there are also numerous other dances from modern folk dance. Depending on the dance school and the taste of the respective dance teacher, a street dance course program can be quite different.


What are the health benefits of dancing?

 Hip Hop is not just a sport that sets all parts of the body in motion. It is a culture. With the language of dance, young people draw attention to themselves and their problems in society. In addition to the actual dance, rap (chanting), and DJing, this culture also includes spraying graffiti.


It’s  both dance and sport!

It all starts with a warm-up and relaxation session (with music, of course) before reviewing together the figures already acquired and then working on new exercises.

You will start with the warm-ups because hip-hop is as much a sport as a dance, and your hip hop teacher should be very vigilant about this mandatory training/warm-up: beware of free … but always in a good mood and rhythm!

The hips, stomach, arms, and chest come into action as much as the legs. The whole body works to acquire a harmonious and fine musculature. You get a lot of flexibility and tone. It’s a perfect dance to get to know your body and let go.

Whether you choose to do hip-hop or breakdancing, you need good core energy. Besides, with the right hip-hop teacher, any physical person can do it!

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Where to find hip hop dance classes near me?

 Are you looking for a sporting and artistic activity that is both pleasant and beneficial? Want to learn to move your body to the beat of your favorite music?

Thanks to the internet, you can look for dance classes near you or opt for online hip hop lessons … however, you have to be lucky enough to find dance schools with professional hip hop lessons near your home.

Besides, you will not be sure about the teacher himself, and your lesson could be based on much theory and not enough modern practice, moves, and tricks.

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