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Are you preparing your wedding photos or your bridal party? You want to be the most beautiful, you have already chosen your dress, your shoes, and even your lingerie. But you are still hesitating on how to make your make-up for the D-Day.

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Between the makeup artists and your common knowledge: is there anything to hesitate about?

What is a makeup artist?

The beauticians are great care and beauty professionals. But with a professional makeup artist offer, you have access to different hair and makeup services. Professional makeup artists have more advanced makeup application, more specific and more technical background, thanks to a makeup school or training, and cosmetology license.

With a great makeup artist who has enough experience to transmit high-level techniques, you can get the perfect hairstylist and makeup services for your big day.

You can feel comfortable and confident with a makeup artist for your wedding day and other parties and events.

What does a makeup artist do?

The professional make-up artist will prevent you from missteps! Your wedding day is significant, and you will be in the spotlight all day. If there is a moment when your makeup should be perfect and without false notes, that’s it!

You know how to wear makeup daily, but the wedding make-up must hold it all day long, and your and airbrush makeup without should last falling under the pressure of emotion. Because yes, the big day will bring you its share of emotions ranging from laughter to tears of joy, and your complexion must remain flawless from start to finish.

The make-up artists offer their services to avoid all the risks when doing makeup, yourself. For the big day, for a red-carpet event, for a social gathering, etc., a professional make-up artist will do a perfect job.

Using a professional makeup artist is more than preferable on such an occasion, and the total cost of make-up services is affordable for such important days.

Make-up trial runs before D-Day:

You will meet the professional sometime before the big day for make-up tests. Even if the makeup artist will not take long to determine the right shades to give you good looks without turning you into a clown, the makeup test is essential to allow you to get used to the proposed style.

How to become a makeup artist?

Long training courses range from 6 to 10 months. This duration is ideal for perfectly mastering all makeup techniques, starting with the basics of the types of makeup suitable for fashion or television.

Makeup school: an essential step to become a professional makeup artist:

  • When a makeup artist opts for a 6-month course, disciplines such as artistic makeup and special effects are integrated into the theoretical classes. The sessions last a total of 1.000 hours. All students must complete internships at a beauty salon to apply the academic courses they have learned.
  • For the 10-month training, the courses are more in-depth.

Aside from makeup techniques, students also learn about different skin types, facial morphology, ethnic makeup styles, or techniques suited to fashion shows or the movies.

Hairdressing lessons are also provided throughout the year, so each student is versatile at the end of the training.

Our professional esthetician and makeup artists are trained to progress in this profession. By following specialized courses such as those offered by makeup schools, makeup artists have new professional opportunities, because their curriculum covers diverse fields.

Aside from classic makeup, our professionals are also experienced in the field of photography, entertainment, or cinema.

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How much cost makeup artists?

On average, the price of an artistic make-up session varies between 100 and 500 €. The services of professional makeup artists are often requested, and for many occasions: wedding, birthday, halloween party, red carpet event, video making, photoshoot, fashion show, to name a few this.

Among the most requested artistic makeup styles, we find the glamorous and daring fashion, the romantic and sweet look, or the natural style. Prices will vary significantly from one professional to another, depending in particular on where they are installed

The artist’s reputation

A professional makeup artist will also set his rates according to the reputation he/she has acquired in the trade, or according to the studies, he has followed (school of professional makeup and artistic makeup, conservatory of makeup).

The masters with whom he worked (as an apprentice or during his first jobs) will also justify a higher total cost, as well as the people he/she took care of (celebrities and personalities).

The number of hours, an essential factor in the final grade

For wedding style events, photoshoots, or video productions, the professional will count the number of hours spent with his client and travel costs in his rate. Before the meeting, negotiate an hourly rate or a daily rate.

find make up artists with eventeus.com

How to find a makeup artist near me?

With Eventeus, you can book a professional makeup artist for the day or half a day. During critical events, this gives the possibility of great make-up and styling at a more advantageous rate.

As a professional event specialist, Events can connect you to the best makeup artists and professionals for all your events and parties. We have checked, their trial runs, read the reviews, and met our professional makeup artists.

Besides, our services are available online at any time … send us your request and your questions now!

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