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Metal is a genre of music and a scene of the same name. The name is the short form of the term Heavy Metal, which today only describes this music’s original form. Their origins lie in blues-rock and hard rock in the early 70s.


The metal scene has many music variations: speed metal, groove metal, death metal, power metal, black metal, and more.

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What is a Metal Band?

Metal bands are characterized above all by a guitar and drum centred timbre.


Numerous sub-styles have been established since the 80s, with black metal, death metal and power metal, for example, being particularly widespread. With the increasing variety of styles, the spectrum of musical techniques broadened. The spectrum ranges from basic, mostly rhythmically very driving song structures to complex compositions with parallels to classical music, from guttural singing to operatic singing techniques, from extremely slow to rapid fast rhythms. The texts are just as diverse, ranging from pure fantasy to orgies of hate, religion, and melancholy to social and political criticism.


For a long time, the English- speaking area was dominant. Later on, German, and especially Scandinavian bands in the 90s, could become style-defining. Nowadays, metal is an international form of music. In addition to North American and European bands, bands from Brazil, Japan, Israel, China, Egypt, and Australia have also achieved international success.


How to start a Metal Band?

Music is about passion and fun! If you are serious about being part of a band, you need to be motivated, talented, and confident to build a Metal band.


Find musicians. 

Your brand could be made up of you, but you would probably like to share the gasoline bills with someone when you start touring. For a rock band, you typically need at least one guitarist, keyboard player/pianist, and drummer — the lead singer, may or may not play an instrument.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of band you want to be in and what type of music you are doing. What feels right to you?


You can search for band members on:


  • Pages on the Internet, for example. If you don’t have any buddies who’d like to jump on the bandwagon, give these sources a try.
  • Facebook works for pretty much everything.
  • Hang flyers in cafés and music stores, or clip them to windshields if you’re feeling brave. Where do your people hang out? Go there. “Open micro” night? Clear. Bars or Clubs? In any case.


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What is Metal Music?

Metal can be defined as driving the blues out of rock. Metal has various influences from classical music. The units that vary in the different sub-genres, and the metal to a short, successful phase by 1987, are not definable as popular music.

In addition to the music, many artists and their albums cover and their shows a focus so that the metal also shapes a visual component.



Metal is seldom performed by individual artists, but primarily by bands with often three to five members. The standard line-up here consists of drums (usually with a double bass drum), electric bass, rhythm guitar (which is partly dispensed with), lead guitar and vocals, which are sometimes also taken over by one the instrumentalists.


In some subgenres, keyboards or synthesizers and samplers, and occasionally turntables, are also used, but rarely as a lead instrument. Other instruments are also frequently used. For example, the flute or violin or fiddle are often the lead instruments in folk metal.

The respective line-ups in the band are seldom multiplied, for example, several singers, each with different vocal styles or two drummers or additional percussionists.


Electric guitars play a crucial role in metal. High gain, distortion, an equalizer that emphasizes the highs and the deeper bass, and some other electronic effects are considered mandatory and create an overall powerful timbre. T

Occasionally bands use seven-string guitars, including Korn. But some bands do without guitars and instead use distorted basses like using a guitar, like the black metal band Necromantia, which among other things, uses an eight-string bass.

Guitar solos are also a matter of course in most of the branches of metal. Often used techniques here are sweep picking and tapping, and in general, virtuosity in the form of fast playing speed plays an important role.


The singing ranges in the individual metal styles from clear singing in the more traditional metal styles to vocal singing (mainly in Nu Metal) to distorted croaking and guttural singing (growling, shouting and screaming) in Black or Death Metal. Especially with the latest styles, it is often difficult to understand the lyrics. The clean, i.e., clean, vocals are often very high (especially in Power Metal) and sometimes even falsetto.


Melody and harmony 

A characteristic of traditional metal that distinguishes the genre from other music styles derived from rock music are modal scales, also known as church scales.


In addition to modal scales, other scales often flow into the solos and melodies. Many classically inspired rhythm guitarists play in harmonic minor.


The pentatonic and the blue scale are also very popular. Some guitarists use the scales in melodic licks over modal chords.

Although an elementary system, guitarists like Angus Young use the pentatonic scale in various ways, it is worth noting that metal is distinguished from hard rock in particular by using the aforementioned other scales instead of the blues scale.


Metal makes extensive use of the organ point as a harmonic basis. An organ point is a sustained or rhythmically repeated note, typically in the lower pitch range, above which one or more free harmonies are played in another pitch range. Metal riffs often build on a persistently repeated note played on the guitar or bass’s lower strings (mostly E, A, or D strings).

In other words, a particular bass note is repeated over and over while playing several chords that would typically not contain that bass note.


Rhythm and tempo 

In the metal, which is mainly 4 / 4 -Stroke used other signatures but are by no means excluded. The beat in Metallica’s song One changes several times.

Metal Ballads are sometimes in 6 / 8 -Stroke, not least because this tempo is good for chord decomposition (arpeggios).


Depending on the genre, unconventional rhythms are seen as an essential style element. In Progressive Metal in particular and in parts of Death Metal, the tempo and time signature are often changed. And in this way, the songs sometimes seem (intentionally) hidden. In some genres such as mathcore, complex timing schemes, along with dissonance, are style-defining.

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Who are the most famous Metal Bands?

Which metal bands have what it takes to be included in the top best Metal bands of all time?


  • Iron Maiden

The music of the British band Iron Maiden is known for its theatrical appearance. In their kind, they are unique and unmatched. The stories of the songs stimulate the imagination.


  • Metallica

Metallica and the American singer James Hetfield have shown a lot of sensitivity with the song Nothing Else Matters and aroused general interest for the genre and its more complex sounds among many non-heavy metal fans. Hats off for that.


  • Black Sabbath

It great fun listening to the voice of Brit Ozzy Osbourne. He could sing down the phone book, and you would still have to listen. Besides, the songs’ melodies each have their character and are not just modifications of other pieces by the band.


  • Pantera

The music is like a bulldozer ride through Middle-earth. It is very suitable for reducing aggression and doing heavy physical work.


  • Motorhead

There is something familiar about the voice. You believe every word he says, no matter whether he shouts the lyrics in a quirky and snotty way or softly whispers into the microphone.


Other Metal Rock bands and artists include Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, White Zombie, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Lamb of God, Deep Purple, Dream Theater …


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