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Before booking a motivational keynote speaker, please note the following:

There are two different types of motivational speeches out there. On the one hand, there is a speech that inspires the listener in the short term. Sometimes the employees are extremely incited afterward. You are in a frenzy of the body’s endorphins.

This effect is incredibly strong but also quickly subsides again. Because no later than two weeks after this type of speech, the employees’ self-motivation has disappeared. Everything is the same as before the motivational lecture.

The other type of motivational speech is more subtle and reserved. You can recognize such a speech by the fact that the audience ponders. The speaker explicitly tests the beliefs of the audience. In coordination with the client or the speaker, pursues three goals:

  • To reduce the resistance in the audience to new things
  • Tap into the motivation of the individual and recharge them
  • Get the audience to think about it and get involved in the action

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What is a motivational keynote speaker?

A motivational keynote speaker is, in many cases, a prominent or at least well-known personality, a keynote speech (also keynote speech holds called) on a particular topic. It does not always have to be celebrities, but they can also be recognized experts in an industry.

A professional speaker clearly distinguishes himself from a regular lecturer: he does not read anything, does not stand behind a podium, or even gives a boring technical lecture. No, he speaks impulsively on a specific topic and takes his audience on an emotional journey.

A lecturer is enthusiastic about a specific topic and. He generates emotions and often lays the foundation for positive changes with his keynote speeches. He sets impulses and confronts his audience with a new topic. But it also provides entertainment. A keynote appearance is always also a piece of entertainment, just with added value in terms of content. Edutainment, so to speak.

Event and congress organizers, in particular, rely on guest speakers, who very often represent the final highlight of an event or congress. But companies also rely on external speakers for employee events, events related to personnel development, or annual kick-off events and kick-offs – in many cases, motivational speakers.

motivational keynote speaker

What does a motivational keynote speaker do?

Possible uses for a keynote speaker

  • Keynote speaker for management conferences
  • Speaker for motivation for employee events
  • Lecturer at customer events
  • Speaker at roadshows
  • Guest speaker for congresses and meetings
  • Motivational speaker for sales meetings
  • Keynote speech at conferences
  • Keynote speaker for inspiration at kick-off events
  • Speaker for motivation at gala events
  • Keynote speaker for resilience for a dinner speech


How to become a professional motivational keynote speaker?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to become a motivational keynote speaker. These processes have been tested and proven effective over the years and are recommended for anyone pursuing a motivational speaking career.

  • Start speaking publicly
  • Read, see, and listen to other motivational speakers
  • Write down all of your ideas as materials
  • Take communication courses
  • Gain experience
  • Start working in the field
  • Become an Expert
  • Be certified
  • Publish your speeches

Are there schools for motivational speakers?

Yes, people who want to become motivational speakers can attend motivational speaker schools. Although most public language schools are private, profitable companies; They are not graduating institutions. Some nonprofit affiliates offer courses in public. These are also not granted by any institutions.

In some cases, the courses you take through these organizations can be transferred to a traditional post-secondary institution for a diploma or advanced training credit.

Courses offered by profitable schools are usually seminars that last no longer than a few days. Typical courses or topics covered include presentations, language training, instruction, language theory, language organization, visual aids, and leadership training.

There is currently no traditional school that speaks a diploma in public. However, you can find public courses in various programs that lead to degrees in many different concentrations.


How much can you make as a professional motivational keynote speaker?

The most sought-after speakers can make tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per performance, but in most cases, these speakers were known for other reasons before they went public.

Well-paid speakers can be bestselling authors, executives of large companies, politicians, actors, or athletes, for example.

Motivational keynote speakers who are not celebrities often earn less for their demeanor. Speakers who are just starting can speak for free to help build a network, but experienced speakers can cost a few thousand to ten or twenty thousand dollars per appearance.

Motivational speakers can start their careers and earn $ 200 per speech. If they build a motivational reputation, they can make $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per performance.

By speaking and selling products, some motivational speakers make more than $ 200,000 a year. Most of these keynote speakers earn more than $ 5,000 per presentation.

On average, most earn $ 55,000 a year. However, a motivational speaker’s salary mostly depends on your name, expertise, niche, experience, and message.

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