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Music composers create musical works in different genres and different occasions (e.g., film or advertising music). As an essential part before publishing the most creative contents, professional music composers are needed worldwide in many fields.


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Here we have put together an overview with the most frequently asked questions.


What is a music composer?

Musical composition is the creation, implementation and completed publication (concerts, sound carriers, internet) of a musical work.


Whether the composer composes film music or songs, the music composer has an essential task — creating emotions, dramaturgy, and tension. The audience must be touched and picked up on an emotional level.

It is, of course, different depending on the target group. Therefore, in addition to musical talent, empathy, and the ability to criticize are essential characteristics.


Besides, a composer often works with other artists — here, teamwork and critical skills are required.


Typical tasks of the music composer:


  • Composition of pieces of music for different purposes
  • Finding ideas and composing melodies
  • Composition of tone sequences and arrangements for individual voices and instruments
  • Finding inspiration in literature, nature, visual arts and existing musical works


Building a musical composition

Musical composition is like writing a story. Without a pen, but thanks to tones, harmonies, and melodies. When building a musical piece, different sounds and notes are combined to create a narrative that the listener can get emotionally involved with.


Composers can use fixed formulas or let their ideas run free. It is essential that the music conveys a feeling and creates a tension curve in the best case. A musical composition usually consists of three elements:


  • Intro: Introduces the central theme and feel of the song
  • Climax: The climax releases all energy and emotion
  • Outro: Relieves tension, fades out and/or creates a transition


Classic requirements as a music composer:


  • Strong creativity
  • Sense of rhythm
  • Customer focus
  • Musical talent
  • Flexibility


Difference between music composer jobs and arranger jobs

An arranger is actively involved in a musical composition. He has extensive know-how in terms of musical instruments and composition techniques. The arranger used to support the composer with the instrumentation and musical implementation.


Nowadays — especially in film music — the music composer and arranger are often the same people. Thanks to digital technology, the composer can use a DAW to implement his musical ideas and present them to the director immediately.


In large Hollywood productions, arrangers regularly take on the conduct or conduct the orchestra to implement the music composer and music director’s wishes.

music composer

How to become a music composer?

To work as a music composer, specialist training in the field of music is necessary — for example, at a conservatory or a music college. But a university degree in composition or another musical subject is also possible. As a rule, composers learn at least one instrument — often at an early age.


To become a film composer, a degree is an advantage in most cases. But it doesn’t have to. Some composers have shown that you can also become a successful self-taught musician.


5% talent 95% hard work

As in other industries, talent alone does not mean success. A lot of hard work and self-discipline are essential basic characteristics. The music composer often invests hours, if not days, in a few minutes of music. There is a lot of tinkering and craft involved.


Practice every day

Only practice makes perfect. It also applies to talented musicians. Going into a creative activity is like a competitive sport. If you exercise every day, your results will improve. Only through constant composing and practising will you make progress and, at some point, celebrate your first successes.


Start small

It doesn’t have to be Hollywood, or the number one chart hit. Try to take small steps towards your goal. Start with your first orders or projects and make a name for yourself. Especially when working with other people, you can learn and receive valuable feedback.


Be a team player

As a music composer, in particular, you are often involved in projects. It is, therefore, essential for other people to work together to be able to. It assumes that you can subordinate yourself, are reliable and always keep an eye on the whole. Soft skills are essential, especially with a band.


Inspire people

One hand washes the other. As a musician, you are constantly looking for inspiration. Try to help other creative people in their work, give you tips and ideas, and always pay off. Either a creative moment arises for you while you are helping, or someone you have helped gives you a decisive creative impetus at some point.


Where to find music composer jobs?

A music composer is often done and prepared thanks to a music supervisor before being performed by interpreters (musicians, singers) or brought to the recording studio before music publishing.

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How much can you make with composer jobs?

In the United States, some film music composers can earn up to $2 million per cinematographic work. Like the well-known Hans Zimmer, some are said to have accumulated fortunes ranging from $80 million to $125 million. However, this does not correspond to the general remuneration in the field.


According to data from the US Department of Labor, a film music composer’s average remuneration is $50,000 per year or 46,000 euros.


In Europe, the average income of composers is around 65,000 euros. As for the median remuneration, it is 40,000 euros.


Besides, you can also sell ​​your musical composition. There are different ways to sell your musical creations. You can offer your music on iTunes or Spotify or offer it as a download on your website. You can also compose for third parties and share in the profits.

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