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By working with the best music mixer, he/she can take your music to the next level. You need to take control of your artistic and creative vision.

With in-depth knowledge about sound effects and experience to mix music and find the right balance, a professional music mixer is vital to publish the best songs, arrange the best audio tracks and add a new dimension to your videos.

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 What is a Music Mixer?

 During mixing, recorded soundtracks are mixed. Various processes such as equalization (EQ), compression and reverb effects are used.


Mixing aims to get the most out of your multi-track recording by adjusting volumes, determining a track’s position within the stereo image, and applying audio effects (e.g. chorus, reverb, delay). It would help if you shaped your arrangement so that all tracks are optimally proportioned to each other.


What does a Music Mixer do?

Music mixing typically refers to a multi-track recording, while mastering is the fine-tuning of a complete mixdown.


Music mixing is about combining individual elements or instruments into a song. All parts of a car have to be put together so that everything works properly in the end. Mixing ensures that all aspects are in the right place. A good mix should flow smoothly into the mastering process.

All recordings with more than one track must be mixed. There is no right or wrong number of tracks – just no track is not an option. The output of a mixed multi-track recording is known as a mixdown. It is the last step before mastering.

It doesn’t matter whether you recorded the tracks yourself or are using pre-recorded sample packs – it is much more critical that you learn how to mix your music independently.

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How to find the best Music Mixer?

 To take your music to the next level, you need to take control of your artistic and creative vision – this is how you improve your skills.

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How much can you make with Music Mixing?

 As a staring music mixer, you can expect to earn 200 to 300 euros per song.

Aa a professional music mixer, you can easily charge 400 to 600 euros as you will be able to deliver a great mix as a music mixer engineer.


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