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Ways of recording musical ideas in writing and passing them on to others already existed in antiquity. In the 19th century, however, people could record music for the first time record music.


Meanwhile, there are many sound carriers and playback devices and without, we can hardly imagine life without canned music. Also, the possibility of listening, hearing, and knowing so many music styles is also due to various recordings for music, films, and advertising …


With Eventeus.com, you have no access to one of the most comprehensive online marketplaces for artists, talents, and professionals. You can easily find a music producer, sound engineer, recording engineer, recording and mixing expert, music business management, post-production audio engineer, etc.

From Los Angeles – CA to London and Tokyo, you can set up your job alert and check the job ads to record studio gigs, with hands-on experience on mixing music, music recording, arranging for booking studios, and delivering recording products, live performances, recording sessions.

music recording jobs

What is Music Recording?

The employer in the music industry is offering full-time and part-time positions for music recorders. The music recording engineers produce the best studio and performing recording for an extensive range of clients:


Recording studios

Of course: the classic employer in the music industry is the recording studio. Unfortunately, these have their very long days behind them and today often only exist as 1-2-man companies that cannot afford permanent employees.


Nevertheless, it is worth contacting the studios in your area. At some point, you may need a vacation replacement for a few recordings – and you already have your foot in the door! Many recording studios rent out their studio time: Here, you can firmly establish yourself and produce music for your customers during your studio time.


Production companies 

Production companies have to think in a completely different way, as they take on the complete production of films, commercials, TV shows or live events, for example.


In addition to filmmakers, media designers and editors, experts in music and sound are, of course, also sought here. Due to the variety of media, production companies currently have the most potentially diverse jobs available for sound engineers.


Broadcasting, including radio and TV stations

In particular, the public broadcasters represent a dream job for many: good pay (also as a freelancer), regular working hours, secure job.


However, it isn’t easy to get one of these coveted jobs. But especially when it comes to radio and Television, the emphasis is placed on solid training – this is where your studies can give you a real advantage! The same applies to broadcasting almost everywhere: an internship or sporadic freelance work can be a significant first step.


Theatres, festival halls, opera houses, event centres 

All of these venues work together with permanent sound engineers. They take care of the installed sound technology and ensure good sound during rehearsals and performances. Anyone who is now thinking of narrow-minded, older people should correct their picture. Modern programs and concerts now alternate with classics, so that the program in theatres and other places is very varied and exciting.


Events and seminars

As described above, live sound engineers have different requirements than their colleagues in the studio.


First: The workaround music “on the road” is complex and expendable, but for many, it is precisely what they are looking for. Live sound technicians mostly work as freelancers. If you are lucky, you will be permanently employed by the more significant event service providers and production companies.

In contrast to many employers in the music industry, one thing is sure in event technology: You are constantly on the move, and when others are enjoying their weekend, you are at the mixer. If you don’t mind, and maybe you’re looking for precisely that, you’ve come to the right place because high commitment and strong nerves are rewarded with variety, new people and lots of trips.



Since the video game’s industry overtook the film industry in terms of sales, games have also been seen as a large field of activity for sound engineers, sound designers, music recording experts. It ranges from recording the orchestra score to sound design localization by voice actors. Besides, the gaming industry is booming and brings up more and more small studios to implement new projects via crowdfunding.


But a permanent position is also conceivable. In ​​online and browser games, permanent teams’ need has become very large as they ensure that the games are continuously developed.


How much can you make with Music Recording?

There are many buyers for sound music recording. You can work in the music industry, but there is more … Starting with the media that are always looking for suitable music for advertising, or agencies looking for background music for websites.


Movies & Television This is probably not the most accessible point on the list. But there are a billion filmmakers out there who are often willing to pay the money for excellent compositions. The internet is enormous, and you have to find it. And Television, too, is always looking for suitable compositions.


How much does a professional music recording earn?

The (full time) average monthly net salary €4,450 net/month over 12 months, or an average gross annual salary of €68,000 gross/year.


How to start a Music Recording career?

 You can also find a job in the music industry with an apprenticeship in the commercial or technical field. Many companies look forward to lateraling entrants or professionals with sound audio know-how.

Please keep your eyes open when looking for an employer in the music industry. At this point, we hope that we have given you new ideas and taken the application one step further! As every musician knows: Sometimes you have to open your eyes to the unusual to have the best ideas!

music recording jobs

Where to get jobs as a Music Recorder?

Have you completed your training as an audio engineer, sound technician or similar and are now looking for an employer in the music industry? Should you now go through job advertisements and write applications? And if so – where is the best place to look for the right job? But would you instead pull up something of your own?

With Eventeus.com, you have the opportunity to connect with the best talents, professionals and freelancers globally.

It is an excellent opportunity for music recorder professionals to find new clients, connect with other people in the industry, and find new gigs online.


Get into Music Recording with Eventeus.com!

Do you want to recruit music recording jobs for your next events and projects? Would you like to connect with the best professionals globally and increase your professional network?

With Eventeus.com, you can now be part of a vast online network of professionals, musicians, artists, performers, designers … and music recording experts near you and around the globe!

Eventeus is a modern online marketplace that connects clients and companies looking for people and experts for music and dance gigs, events planning and set up and more.


Join the Eventeus.com community now, recruit the best freelancers to boost your events, manage parts of your projects and offer a unique experience to your clients, guests and other partners.

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