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Recently, many organizers have been describing the style of music in their clubs as “Open Format,” “Mash-Up,” or “Club Classics.”


Open format DJs are DJs who do not necessarily play electronic dance music such as techno or house, but rather those who prefer R’n’B, Hip Hop, Latin, and chart music.


What is an Open Format DJ?

 The term open format DJ is relatively recent, but its essence and DJs that made this presentation have existed since the 80s.

At that time, parties between friends, known as a garage dance, were widespread, where the DJs themselves had a vast and often exclusive repertoire, in which people wanted to go to the party precisely because only that DJ had the songs.

In short, the open format DJ is an artist who is not tied to a specific style of music. He has a pervasive musical knowledge, a very refined technique connected to any novelty. He has an extraordinary track feeling that knows how to play the right music at the right time.

open format dj

How much does an Open Format DJ make?

The performer on the show, an open format DJ, is most often paid based on its act. Its income depends on its notoriety.


  • Independent mobile DJ: between €500 and €1000 per show (wedding, evening …)
  • Resident open format DJ of a club: between €200 and €400 per night


Which songs does an Open Form DJ play?

One of his biggest challenges and day-to-day work is to research music constantly. Nowadays, even the lay public has access to the news quickly due to the technologies.


So having your repertoire always up to date will stay ahead of the rest of the DJs.


The Open Format DJs play multi-genre throughout the evening, so all guests will enjoy songs and music they like.


  • Electronic: From the most conceptual to the most popular, it is the style that has the most significant impact on large sound systems and makes many people dance!


  • Pop: Covering all songs from Madonna to Lady Gaga.


  • Hip Hop / Black: Favorite style of many DJs, mainly because it is a genre that combines well with scratch techniques.


  • Rock: From the most classic to the most current.


  • Funk: It is also one of the most popular styles for Open Format DJs.

open format dj

How to find the best Open Format DJ?

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