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For a festive occasion and corporate events, live music is a great option to build up a unique atmosphere. Hire opera singers for your private VIP evenings, anniversaries, product launches, weddings, seminars, and more.

How to book an opera singer for your events on Eventeus.com

With Eventeus.com, find opera performers and singers who will come to your location for a private show with your guests.

What is an opera singer?

Opera is quite merely a play, except that it is sung. Like in the theater, an opera tells a story with roles, acts, and scenes. The opera singer is a performing vocal artist who will tell this lyric story!

How to become an opera singer?

Practice and training for successful opera singers:


  • Practice your ear, know the masterpieces of Haydn, Rachmaninov, Schumann, Bellini, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Vivaldi and more
  • Familiarize yourself with many languages to be able to read any opera book.
  • Take contests and join a conservatory or a school choir.
  • Never stop training, but take care of your pharynx or your glottis.
  • Do not neglect the importance of the stage play.


opera singer for hire near me on eventeus.com

  • How to train your voice to sing opera?

The first characteristic of this power is the quality of breathing, and on it depends on the strength of the tones emitted by the vocal cords.

  • How do opera singers sing so loud?

Opera singers trained their voice, allowing them to increase their range going from the lowest note to the highest. The second feature is the extraordinary power of their voices, combined with the search for a pure voice.

  • Can you learn to sing opera at any age?

Yes, training can start early at choirs and music school!

  • How do you learn to sing opera? 

How to know if you can sing opera? It starts by joining the local choir and singing lessons to evaluate your level and then come the musical schools and studies. With our new talent online platform, you can now find opera talents singer on eventeus.com and get lessons from professional opera singers who will teach you how opera singers sing!

Why hire an opera singer for your events?

Bringing opera singers to your guests at your event is an idea born from the collaboration of opera artists. These live music opera shows are different from traditional recitals. The singers perform as at the Opera solos, duets, etc., where each air has been worked with the clients so that each artist can bring you the quintessence of his art and create the atmosphere and vibe fitted to your events.

Where to hire an opera singer? Eventeus.com

The opera singers trusted Eventeus has a unique platform to connect musicians and artists to the clients and event organizers. That is the reason why they are motivated to participate in this unique adventure.

For the client, it is a unique way to find original live opera performances and opera singers to create unique entertainment at their parties.

opera singer for hire near me on eventeus.com


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