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An orchestra is usually a large instrumental ensemble made up of several instrument groups.

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 What is an Orchestra?

The orchestra and the term orchestra have developed over many centuries, with many changes in instrumentation being closely connected with the development or invention of individual instruments.

With time, a seating arrangement has been created for the classical orchestra, which can be varied for various reasons.


So, an orchestra’s conductor gets an overview of the entire sheet music to be played on each instrument; he uses a so-called score as a template.

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How to get an Orchestra Job?

 Exercising a profession as a professional musician requires a great deal of willpower and unwavering personal investment for studies and work. Most often intermittent in the show, the professional musician must have a healthy lifestyle. He/she is constantly on the move.


A seasoned music lover has to rehearse every day, giving concerts several times a week to obtain legal professional status. It is a real choice of life; this job is only for enthusiasts.


The best way to find full-time positions as an orchestra musician is to apply to the local, regional, and national orchestra structures.


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Which instruments play in an Orchestra?

A symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra is a relatively large orchestra in which all specific instrument groups are represented. The names just mentioned are of equal importance in terms of the line-up or the orchestra’s function. They are only intended to distinguish several local orchestras by name, for example, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.


A typical symphony orchestra consists of four groups of instruments, namely from


  • the string
  • the woodwind
  • the brass
  • the drums or percussion


Each group of instruments is made up of several pieces, which in most cases appear more than once. The total number of musicians is between around 25 and over 100. It depends primarily on the composition itself and the purpose of the performance – on some occasions, for example, several orchestras can play together.

orchestra jobs

How much can you make with Orchestra Jobs?

A regional or national orchestral musician starts at €2,000 or €3,000 net, excluding bonuses. A beginning teacher receives between 1,200 and €2,000.


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