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The packaging design is important from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Functionality is achieved by choosing the most suitable materials and packaging system, which depends on the packaged product.

The chosen solution must guarantee, at least, the basic functionalities such as conservation, consumer information, and ease of distribution. Besides, the consumer must find it easy to use and suitable for their lifestyle.

Regarding aesthetics, there are sectors in which presentation to the consumer plays a fundamental role in distribution. The packaging designer and the packaging concepts play an essential role in the success of the purchase.

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What is packaging design?

Packaging design is the creative and technical activity that consists of conceiving the volume and decoration of a packaging destined to contain all product types for current consumption or professional use.

Two great specialties:


  • The design of the packaging’s shape: it is about working on functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, polysensory, and eco-conception, among others. Everything is made up of the object’s configuration to transform it into an original, efficient, and practical packaging for consumers and users.


  • The design of communication through packaging: it is about working on the identity of the brand, the recognition of the product universe, the attractiveness at the point of sale, the visibility and legibility of the information … Graphic and visual elements reproduced on the packaging, to transform it into a medium that effectively transmits the messages from the producer to the consumer or user.


How does graphic design in a container help us?

Packaging design has become a fundamental tool for promotion and attraction since supermarkets exist, possibly the most competitive environment.


It will be the decisions in the design process that position your product at the point of sale. The graphic applied to the container will define its use, mean values ​​such as quality or price, and distinguish it from the competition. All these values, communicated correctly to the consumer, help them form an idea of ​​our product, our brand, and decide.

What objectives does the graphic design of packaging have?

Packaging design has several objectives, classified in this way:


  • Inform: Transmit objective data about our product to the consumer—information such as the expiration date, the place of manufacture, the price, or the composition.
  • Seduction: Generate feelings of desire between our product and our client.
  • Differentiation: As its name indicates, it is the characteristic by which our packaging will differentiate itself from the competition.
  • Reflex effect: That the user is reflected in our packaging provokes desire. It is our job to align values ​​between product and buyer.
  • Attraction: Encourage our product to be seen as soon as possible.

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What are packaging design jobs?

The graphic design applied to packaging is a vital tool to differentiate our product within a shelf.


How can graphic design increase the sales of a product through a professional packaging design?

In some cases, for technical reasons, our container’s format will be the same as that of the competition. Our graphics will then be the only resource that the consumer has to recognize our brand.

In the production chain, then at the stage of packaging for distribution, product packaging has become a very important step in the overall success of marketing the product on the market. Hence, the profession of packaging designer is undoubtedly the largest provider of job offers among the design professions.

The packaging designer creates packaging adapted to a customer’s request. It complies with specifications detailing all the constraints applied to packaging throughout its life cycle.

With an excellent technical and creative background, the designer packaging designer imagines and offers innovative packaging solutions or point-of-sale displays (POS) in response to a customer’s request. All stages of the packaging life cycle: from the expression of the need to the final packaging, by integrating its design, manufacture, packaging, transport, control, and recycling.

The packaging designer is also in contact with the marketing departments,

Here are some of the critical jobs and positions in the field of packaging design:

  • Packaging Engineer: he executes and manages changes to creating primary and secondary packaging materials by dimensions or specifications in them.
  • Product Manager: he must be knowledgeable in creating a bill of materials, know the area of packaging, labeling, packaging and packaging, design of packaging would be a plus.
  • Materials Engineer: he must establish and maintain the quality standards required for the entire packaging system.
  • Product and service designer: he is in charge of the packaging design and monitoring of product design in all its stages of the design process.
  • Graphic designer / graphic arts offset: he works and develops the design with specific application programs (
  • Project Manager: he will work with suppliers in the design of packaging and deliverables.


How much can you make with packaging design jobs?

The packaging designer is, above all, a creative, a necessary quality to find solutions to the many constraints linked to packaging.


The designer-packaging aims to sell the packaged product. The work done allows brands to stand out and differentiate themselves. For this, the packaging designer must be well-informed of trends, new consumer tastes, and television news. Thus, he can dress the products according to the spirit of the moment.


The beginner packaging designer works most of the time in a team. His salary is generally between € 1,500 and € 3,000 gross per month.


Where do package designers find jobs?

The packaging designer works in a team. Either in a design office or a company with its design section. It is a very popular profession.


Skills needed to become a packaging designer


  • Good general
  • knowledge Practicality
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity


Within a company, the packaging designer can move on to other positions. They can start as a junior packaging designer or as an assistant to the company designer. By accumulating experience and training, he can climb the ranks to become responsible for the design department.

Creating your own advertising design business is also possible for an experienced professional with strong communication skills and good management skills.

However, the career of a packaging designer can evolve by following a different path. He can start as an assistant packaging engineer, also called a packaging development assistant. Then, the post of senior technician in packaging analysis and control may be offered to him. He can also occupy the position of the project manager within a design agency.

His salary is generally between 1,500 and 1,700 € gross per month at the start of his career.

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