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How to find a photographer for your events with Eventeus

The question most people are asking: why choose a professional photographer?

Indeed, many people have a camera and/or a smartphone that makes (we must admit) stunning photos. People use them to photograph children in everyday life (outings to the park, during an activity, eating … to capture the present moment.


1. The technique

However, a few points make all the difference, and that should convince you to live this experience of a real photographer near you. Let’s go to the other side of the lens.
Being a photographer is not only about having a camera that costs an arm and pressing a button. No matter how much you have invested in a high-performance device, there is a whole technical aspect to master to have the result you want.

2. The look of the final photos

Calling on a professional also means drawing on a different perspective. The professional to whom you will entrust your most beautiful memories, which you will also have chosen for his photographic style, will be able to bring you a different look at you, your family, and the way he perceives things.

3. The photographs

You know the photos with an utterly uptight smile and not at all-natural? I think many of us recognize each other in this example. For my part, I much prefer photos taken on the spot, in spontaneity.
A professional photographer will know with his experience to create a climate of trust with his clients to put them at ease and thus obtain pictures that convey an emotion, which tells a story, YOUR story.

4. Live a unique experience

The last point is to be able to live this moment together (whether as a couple or as a family) and also to bring a unique touch to your family photos.
Ok, the selfie or self-timer mode of your device is great, but being able to spend a real moment of complicity with the people who are dear to you and having beautiful family photos to offer and transmit to our children is even better.

How do I Find Photographers near me with Eventeus

Eventeus is one of the best companies to help you with booking talents and professionals for all your private and corporate events, as well as your travel experiences all around the world.

Rich of a strong network in Nice, the French Riviera and all-around France, Eventeus platform, accessible online, will get you access to the best professional photographers to realize your custom photoshoot as well as favored types of photography session:

Private photo sessions:

  • Wedding and family photographers,
  • Family portrait,
  • Black and white,
  • Portrait,
  • Newborn and maternity
  • and more

Corporate photo shootings:

  • Event photographer opening and opening ceremonies
  • Birthday and celebration event photographer
  • Forums and Conventions
  • Team building photographers
  • Cultural events
  • and more

photographer near me

1. Wedding photographers

D-day looms on the horizon. We will have to start thinking about all the details. There is one thing I can help you with your wedding photos. As a wedding photographer, the role is to support you from the first day.
The photographer will bring very great importance to the fact of meeting, discussing, getting to know each other at the bend of a pre-wedding shoot, for example.

2. Family photographers

A good photographer will know how to accompany you throughout your day while remaining discreet and spontaneous to capture the smallest details, between grandparents, future parents, or even for a wedding. No matter the place, your portrait painter will let things be done with discretion, without intervening. It is a question of restoring the “real moments” of life, the complicity between parents and children, and of erasing themselves so that the family forgets the presence of the professional.

3. Professional photographer

Anniversary, cocktail, reception, inauguration, congress-show, award ceremony, product launch, festive evening, incentive and team building, forum and conventions, seminars, roadshow and street marketing, concert and live music, end of year parties, etc.
We have the professional photographer services for your professional events, shooting achievements according to your specifications for companies and institutions.

photographer hire

4. Newborn and maternity photographers near me

Your long-awaited baby is finally here. The discovery of his little face, the first cries, the first bath, the first feedings, his small hands. In short, all these early moments that you live in maternity.
Why not keep track of it? I suggest you capture all these moments naturally and authentically. We all hope that we can keep a memory of this meeting with our child, of these first glances, these exchanges, these moments when you discover yourself.

5. Portrait photographers near me

Solo, as a couple, to offer, or to have fun, all the opportunities are suitable for a photo shoot by a professional photographer.
Whether you want a creative portrait, in the studio, outdoors, at home, or a portrait with the enhancement of a site, a family home, we can study together the best solution to allow you to obtain the portrait corresponding to your personality.

We will discuss together the staging of your personalized photos. We can make available to you if you wish a makeup artist and a professional hairdresser to enhance the photos further.

photographer hire

6. Boudoir photographers

The boudoir session is a subtle blend of finesse, sensuality, sweetness, subtlety, femininity … Much more than a photo session, I would like to offer you a moment for yourself.
It is a real experience that I suggest you live. A way to learn to love yourself, to accept your body with its strengths but also its weaknesses, to take a kind look at yourself. To simply find yourself beautiful. Because I am convinced that each person is beautiful in their way and that the way we look at us has an impact on the people around us.

7. Senior photographers near me

Today, families call on a Professional Photographer to immortalize a pregnancy, a birth, their children who grow up so quickly. But the family does not stop at parents of young children. Our senior Photographers like to include grandparents or even great-grandparents.
Despite the bodies marked by the years, the seniors radiate by their style, their complicity out of time.


Events photographer near me

Hiring a photographer with Eventeus, it is now fast and straightforward. You can decide on the photographer’s individual skills, set up your needs and requirements and book your photo shooting with decent photography cost for your shooting in Nice, on the French Riviera, all around France, in Los Angeles, or anywhere on the planet!

Eventeus team will find the perfect fit within our network of professional photographers.


Find Photographers jobs on Eventeus.com

As a photographer, you can join the Eventeus network and get in touch with new clients and new opportunities.

As a professional service supplier, Eventeus will carefully look at your skills and your work … contact us now to start a new professional partnership.

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