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The author of linguistic works of art is called a poet. Consequently, a poet is the author of poetry, which in the broadest sense, is perceived as literary and linguistic art. The term can mean the creator of all literary genres but is used today primarily for artists who deal with lyric poetry. The term writer is more commonly used as a generic term.

Even in the Middle Ages, the terms writer and poet were synonymous, and the poet has been primarily a love-writer and the poet as a genius and author of high literature.

Nevertheless, the term poet underwent a change in meaning in the 20th century, which is still attached to the word today, i.e., in the 21st century. The term lost the status of an era’s writing genius and was used synonymously for author and writer.

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What do poets and writers do?

If the term was previously differentiated from (professional) writers and authors, it lost its lofty status in the 20th century. Above all, through the rapid spread of film and radio, which used naturally written material (manuscripts) as a basis, the writer’s personality took a back seat. So, it was not so much the poet that was in focus than his work.


Accordingly, the terms writer and author are mainly used today and form generic terms for all writers. The poet actually means mostly the authors of poems, whereby the term lyric poet is also familiar. Authors of ancient times are increasingly referred to as poets. The term poet very often has an ironic connotation these days.

Who are the most famous poets and writers?

Shakespeare, Moliere, Baudelaire, Leopardi, Allan Poe, Garcia Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Edgar Lee Masters, Emily Dickinson, Giovanni Pascoli, or Jacques Prévert… here are some of the most famous poets and writers worldwide.

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How much can you make with poets and writers jobs?

You can earn it in a number of different ways, especially as a writer. You don’t have to go back to school to learn more and make more. Further, you don’t need certifications or any other degree to become a writer.

It would help if you had a passion and a commitment to write. Many writers endeavor to do research daily, write thousands of words, and find work everywhere. The most dedicated writers want to do 6 or 7 numbers a year and publish more than 10 books.

They don’t want to be successful quickly. They want to be wildly successful.

That is why many writers diversify their income. It gives you the opportunity:

  • Explore different ways of writing.
  • Maintain a steady stream of income.

Here are other ways you can make more money as a writer:

  • Copywriting
  • Write on different platforms
  • Pitch publications
  • Create a writing class
  • Publish a book
  • Create a blog
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Be a freelance copy editor

Don’t be afraid to diversify your work as a poet or writer to maximize your earnings!


What are poets and writers contests?

The creative writing competition, including the literary prize, literary competition, writing competition, call for papers, poets, and writers contests, is something to get lost in. Even if academic competition organizers sometimes talk about a literary prize, one thing is sure a literary prize is not a literary competition. Why?

Because a literary prize puts published works in competition while a literary competition only puts manuscripts in competition.

Another simple distinction, a literary competition is very different from a call for papers. So much so that some authors prefer to participate in a call for essays rather than a literary contest. But, this appreciation is much like tastes and colors.

In any case, a literary competition ends with a ranking and awarding one or more prizes. In contrast, in principle, a call for papers ends with the publication of the texts selected and not classified in an anthology. The only common point between the two formulas is that they are always manuscripts.

What about the writing competitions? To keep it simple, let’s say this is the generic category. As soon as there is a selection of manuscripts, based on formal regulations, there is a writing competition with a view to a prize or publication.

Given the number and diversity of poets and writers contests, there is always an opportunity to be seized. For all young authors from 7 to 77 years old, we can say, paraphrasing the famous slogan well known to French comic book lovers of “Tintin” and whatever the genre they like.

Contest organizers sometimes charge participation fees. But, in this case, they are frankly not prohibitive.

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