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Do you want to be even more successful as a seller? What is stopping you?

The view from a different perspective helps. As part of joint sales coaching – as coaching on the job – we find out what options there are.

You will use your strengths even more effectively in the sales pitch. Your sales coach makes a decisive contribution to finding a solution.

With Eventeus digital marketplace, you can boost your sales organization with custom sales training by using the best sales coach, improving performance with fitted sales coaching techniques for your sales rep, and all sales areas for improvement.

What is sales coaching?

Personal sales coaching sharpens the perception and reflection of your behavior. It serves to strengthen your existing skills and resources in the sales pitch.

You will get to know the best sales people’s success factors, develop suitable sales strategies, and use your communicative strengths in a targeted manner for every sales pitch.

In sales today, one thing counts above all: credibility. The time of “knocking on, knocking down, cutting off” is over. If you still bet, the customers will run away in droves, and they are right about it! Today, customers also expect authenticity from trainers and consultants. Experts in demand have successfully demonstrated what they recommend themselves and who can inspire their participants and listeners for new approaches.

You can find a professional and exerts sales coach on Evenetsu.com online marketplace. These experts are always trying to find ways in which salespeople and companies can continuously improve their sales with little effort. They bring 100% passion for reaching your goal and bringing people forward in their professional activities!

Book a professional for sales coaching with Eventeus.com!

Why is sales coaching important?

Coaching is always a unique form of further development of employees. The personality, mentality, and the individual salesperson’s existing competence structure are included as a coachee. It is of great importance to us to support and encourage employees and demand empathic performance from them.

To promote individual salespeople in the field service, personal coaching on the occasion of a visit is very useful. Field training is used when employees are accompanied and coached by a trainer in customer contact.

We accompany your salespeople 1: 1 in the field service directly to your prospects and customers on the sales front. The know-how acquired in training is now implemented in practice and receives supportive feedback for successful sales talk.

Topics of sales coaching that can help you get better and maximize your sales and revenues:


  • What are my big and small strengths?
  • How do I manage to plan and organize my time well?
  • How do I deal with stress and borderline experiences!
  • Who exactly is my target group – who will buy from me?
  • What do my key customer benefits sound like?
  • Telephone/scheduling
  • Creating a response – How do I make my customer feel safe?
  • Explore the situation and needs
  • Find possibilities and solutions
  • How do I deal with objections and pretexts?
  • Making agreements – How can I build trust in the final phase?
  • Reflection – How do I use successes and failures for my development?


What does a sales coach do?

Not only salespeople, field workers, key account managers, telephone operators, call center agents, acquirers, and specialist advisors can be coached. Job seekers too. Or people who have a personal issue and who are looking for a solution.

A professional sales coach does:


  • Personal goal setting and process planning
  • Sales-related and individual objectives for customer visits
  • Exciting beginnings in the sales pitch
  • Develop discussion dramaturgy together
  • Guide the customer with mirror and questioning techniques. Discover question repertoire.
  • Objections are fantastic templates in sales talks: Objection handling for dummies.
  • Use of personality and empathy
  • Making the sack: closing techniques in the sales pitch.
  • Recognize the psychological knot: self-management and mental coaching.


Find the best sales coaches with Eventeus.com!

 With Eventeus.com, in a few clicks, a real talents’ marketplace is set up online!.

The contributors are all artists, musicians, designers, professionals, and freelancers … connecting to each other as well as with potential clients, companies, agents, producers, and more all around the world!

Thanks to Eventeus, you can easily find the right type of coaching skills for you, the sales manager, your sales leaders, and your team members. An effective coach with review sales processes and coaching conversations and sales coaching programs to improve sales with a defined action plan.

An effective sales coaching is a modern tool that promotes sales enablement for sales teams worldwide. Don’t be the last one to dynamize your team and increase your sales and profits!

Eventeus is a unique platform that directly gives life to the projects between the artists and the clients by removing the intermediaries that currently compartmentalize the creative industries.

Eventeus.com will bring together the new generation of talents and people looking for skilled professionals!

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