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A stable, impressive stage is indispensable for a memorable event in a ballroom, hall, or open air. Many venues have permanently installed stages, but occasionally, it is impossible to avoid renting a stage for the planned event.

Rental stages are offered in various sizes and shapes by stage rentals so that interested customers have a large selection available, from small sets for street or garden parties to XXL stages for festivals.

 How much is a stage hire?

The following values ​​can serve as guide values ​​for price orientation for stage rental (rent for one day):

  • The price per square meter for pure platform stages without a roof should not be more than 15 € / m². Individual platforms (stage modules with dimensions of 2×1 m) are available for less than 20 euros in many places.
  • System platforms without a roof usually cost less than €20 / m².
  • Mobile stages (trailers, semitrailers, etc.) cost between 26 (medium size) and €13 / m² (over 50 m²), depending on the size.
  • The construction manager and assembly/dismantling crew, and transport costs must be included in the cost calculation. Depending on the size of the stage, prices range from 500 to over 1000 euros.

stage hire for events

How to find a stage hire for Events?

For event production, fashion shows, live music, etc., you may need to use stage rentals you’re your corporate events, outdoor events and parties, and more.

With Eventeus.com, you can easily rent a mobile stage, an event stage, or a concert stage online through the best stage hire companies that will offer full0service and set up to help you build the best events.

Which companies are the best for stage hiring?

The best way to find stage hiring and stage rentals is to connect with theater companies or theater troupes based on the type of show they have created, such as classical, contemporary theater, or street theater.

stage hire for events

Organize a stage hire for events now with Eventeus!

Do you want to hire a stage for your next events and projects? Would you like to connect with the best events professionals globally and increase your professional network?

With Eventeus.com, you can now be part of a huge online network of professionals, musicians, artists, performers, designers … and find a stage to hire near you and around the globe!

Join the Eventeus.com community now and recruit the best freelancers to boost your events, manage parts of your projects, find stags to hire, and offer a unique experience to your clients, guests, and other partners.

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