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The concentrated compositional work of a string quartet draws the performers’ attention and the audience to the subtleties of the interpretation. Until now, theoretically, all composers deliver at least one string quartet as a journeyman’s or even masterpiece.

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What is a string quartet?

 The string quartet has set standards within chamber music since the Viennese classical period (after 1780).

The tonal and color homogeneity of the standardized pure string instrumentation. A string quartet composed of 1st and 2nd violin, viola, and cello are the standard set up. It is based on the subtleties of the composition technique, including:


  • balanced participation of all in the musical events,
  • dense motivic-thematic work,
  • sculptural figures and characters.

The peculiarities of sound and composition in string quartets are first and foremost the equality of the voices. The violin does not necessarily have to play the leading role of the melody, as was the norm in baroque music because violas can also play a solo part in string quartets.

Besides, solo passages of the cello, which usually only provided an accompanying bass, are no longer unthinkable. The string quartet, whose instruments are all made of the same material, is also characterized by an exceptionally harmonious sound and, in contrast to orchestras, the ensemble’s small cast.

string quartet

What instruments are in such a quartet?

 The string quartet is the leading genre within chamber music. It is a particular case of the quartet, the ensemble consisting of four instruments, and is made up of:

  • 1st and 2nd violin,
  • Viola and
  • Violoncello.

How many string quartets did Haydn write?

Joseph Haydn wrote a total of 68 quartets. Usually, six quartets are combined into one opus number. Today Haydn’s string quartets are the reference for some of the most recognized ones.

How to form a quartet?

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