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Upgrade and perfect moving celebrations with a professional trumpet soloist!


  • Do you like to celebrate your parties with loved ones, family, and friends?
  • Would you like to offer yourself and your guests a particular highlight?
  • Would you like this day to be remembered by you and your guests?


With music, you create a mood, arouse emotions, and create valuable memories!

As a talented trumpet artist, you can now find trumpet jobs online on Eventeus.com. From jazz trumpet gigs to a private lesson online, you can easily connect with potential clients online on the Eventeus website.


Who is the most famous Trumpeter?

In the early 30s, Armstrong was considered the best jazz trumpeter in the world. The fact that he could sing unmistakably with his grating voice composed himself. Moreover, he built his own band and was the first black man to get his own radio show, which made him a star that jazz has never seen again.


In the mid-1960s, Armstrong even achieved what nobody would have expected a jazz musician to do. His hits “What a Wonderful World” and “Hello, Dolly” drove the Beatles off the US charts’ top. In total, the genius of the century left well over a thousand recordings, solo and with the best of his time.

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How to play the Trumpet?

Usually, the trumpet is in the left hand—the right-hand plays on the valves. The musician blows through his lips, with his lips swinging into the mouthpiece. The vibrating lips are synchronized with the so-called air column in the housing. It is where the sound comes from. The trumpeter varies the sound with lip tension and air pressure. If he presses the valves, the air’s path through the pipe is lengthened, and the sound becomes deeper.


Professional trumpeters can play around three to four octaves on a standard instrument. The average musician reaches an octave and a half. The sound spectrum is mainly dependent on the trumpet and its length.


Good to know: A trumpeter cannot produce clean tones on a badly built or poorly tuned instrument. Therefore, when purchasing an adequately processed and tuned instrument, care should be taken.


How to find Trumpet Jobs near me?

When we are Trumpeters and musicians, we often want to make our music known and do concerts.

Except when you have to go to the “trumpet jobs search” phase, things often get complicated very quickly. Few places to welcome groups, no payment, poor reception in areas, the problem of promotion and the public who are not always there, etc.

Finding “quality” concert dates and trumpet gigs is not always easy.

With Facebook, for example, you have many bands promoting their concerts. Just follow a few bands in your area that are “doing well” and spinning around a bit, and note where they go.

You can also contact bars, clubs, and event agencies and hope they have trumpet jobs for you.

But the best option is to join artists’ and talents’ marketplaces and connect with potential customers online to find gigs and new projects as a Trumpeter easily.

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Get Trumpet jobs now with Eventeus.com!

Professional musicians and Trumpeters are characterized by the fact that they usually require a great deal of know-how, which one can have acquired at music schools and through self-study or previous professional experience.

With Eventeus.com, you can now promote your skills and services online to customers, clients, and companies worldwide. It is a great way to get your name out there, present your trumpet skills, show your portfolio and promote your services worldwide!

What are you waiting for to find the best trumpet jobs online with Eventeus?

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