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Find a ventriloquist talent for your events on eventeus.com

Are you looking for a show or entertainment to liven up your event? Whatever the nature of the artistic intervention desired, you can find what you want with Eventeus, regardless of the type of event.
You may need ambulatory activities such as a caricaturist, a close up magician, or any other animation. Maybe you want a children’s show, a magic show, a clown, circus?

But why not step out of the box and choose unique and fun storytelling, a cabaret review, an animal show, and a street show altogether?
That is what the ventriloquist will bring to your party, a unique and captivating show that will drive the attention of your guests and entertain the audience.

Ventriloquism is a show very appreciated by young and old for its particularity.

A ventriloquist show is always a great success with its spectators. It is an art that consists of making a puppet speak to make it alive.
Very popular during children’s shows, the ventriloquist is a magician that creates magic by giving life to his stage partner, who is usually a stuffed animal or a puppet.

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What is a ventriloquist?

What is a ventriloquist? A ventriloquist is a magician who utters words without moving his lips as if the sounds came from his belly while giving the illusion that someone else is speaking – more often than not, it is an accompanying puppet.

When ventriloquism rhymes with professionalism:

The ventriloquist magician creates a real spectacle during your event thanks to his puppets that come to life. Your audience, big or small, will be amazed and impressed at how these ventriloquists can manipulate their voices!

You can use their talent for almost any type of event. Children will, of course, be delighted with a ventriloquist show for their next birthday party. As for adults, they will have a great time with a humorist ventriloquist at a professional or private event. Do not wait any longer and book a ventriloquist animation to live unforgettable moments!

As a true artist, the ventriloquist performs. If it is known to the general public, it can be brought to occur on television and stage, but most of the time, the ventriloquist is mainly responsible for animating:

  • private parties
  • businesses
  • associations

What does a ventriloquist do?

As a real magician, the ventriloquist gives the illusion to young and old to make a puppet speak.

The ventriloquist artist must find the right range of voices to make his puppet speak. And he must also give him a character, a way of speaking, find a story for him.

As in a dance, the practice of this discipline requires good coordination, because the words must go with the gestures. It is a permanent choreography that requires real talent and long experience.

Ventriloquist’ skills

  • Knowledge of the world of entertainment and the production of puppets.
  • Learn about stories to tell, draw, and work entirely on the material to design his puppets, manipulate them during the show, and may have to manage improvisations.
  • Imagination, creativity, skill, passion for art, and perseverance.

Some ventriloquist illusionists are versatile and offer shows combining ventriloquism and other disciplines. They are then in turn storyteller, magician, ventriloquist, balloon sculptor, etc., this, to the delight of the public, especially children.

Ventriloquists are for all types of audience

  • Children are those who are most surprised by the ventriloquism shows. If you are the parent of a child celebrating his birthday, the mayor of a town seeking entertainment for its inhabitants, the manager of a school, or an open center, ask yourself the question of involving an artist ventriloquist, it could be a great choice.
  • In the same way, if you manage a cabaret, a cruise liner, or a place of entertainment in France or abroad, have the reflex to book ventriloquist for your shows.
  • These shows always trigger laughter and are the guarantee of an event under the sign of good humor.

Young and old, please them! The ventriloquist chosen will adapt to your audience.

How to become a  ventriloquist talent?

But how is it possible to become a professional ventriloquist?

Becoming a ventriloquist requires an extended learning of techniques as well as tedious training. You have to train daily to master your facial muscles, vocal cords, and diaphragm.

There is no real diploma to be recognized as a ventriloquist. But a theater school, for example, can be advised to learn to stand on stage. Training can also be considered in the following disciplines:

  • circus arts;
  • mime;
  • puppet.

The most important remains experience. Better to have followed, during internships or assistantships, professionals to integrate the environment.

Qualities necessary to become a ventriloquist

  1. Have imagination: The ventriloquist often creates his double: the puppet. It must be imaginative and original. The ventriloquist must bring together 2 essential skills to please:
  • manipulate, bring the puppet to life on stage;
  • endow it with a unique and recognizable voice.
  1. Demonstrate persistence: Ventriloquism also requires a substantial physical investment. It is not given to everyone to be able to change their voice or, better, speak without moving their lips. It is essential to exercise a lot and not to overdo it.

How much cost a ventriloquist?

In terms of magic, there is one that charms and enchants the most considerable audiences: ventriloquism.

You already know what this discipline is and on what occasion to call on a ventriloquist artist for an audience of children or an audience of adults.

A ventriloquist is the best possible animation to make your event unforgettable while preserving your budget. Compared to musical entertainment and other classical performances, it is the ideal alternative to please and entertain your guests.

The price range we are giving you is for information as the price of the ventriloquists can change depending on availability, the date, or the nature of the event:

  • Children’s birthday party: from 200 euros
  • Close up and private events: From 500 euros (ventriloquists for marriage & business )
  • Corporate and Christmas shows: From 1.000 euros for a full show and custom parts

Ventriloquist for hire on Eventeus

Booking a ventriloquist is a great way to liven up your next corporate party, birthday, wedding, or family reunion.

The ventriloquist comedian began in the late 19th century. Since then, ventriloquists have amazed the audience with their manipulation of voice and touches their puppet humor. Whether you want a ventriloquist animation for your child’s birthday party or a ventriloquist who will add fun to your next event, Eventeus puts you in touch with ventriloquists in your region so that your next event is a real success!

As a professional event service provider, Eventeus has developed a vast network of catering professionals, musicians, artists, and even a list of reliable and professional ventriloquists.

Our services are available online at any time, so come and find out the many opportunities to facilitate your events and set up the best entertainment with top ventriloquist for your parties.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when booking the perfect ventriloquist show:

Find an experienced ventriloquist in the specialty you desire. For example, do you prefer an artist who focuses more on comedy, voice, or for children?

Get reliable reviews and information about the ventriloquists: try to watch videos of their shows. Most ventriloquists registered on our platform have videos to help you understand what they do.

Ask us for a quote: you will quickly receive personalized offers. If one of them suits you, simply proceed to the booking to confirm your reservation.

With Eventeus, you benefit from our support if an exceptional problem should arise. All you have to do is take full advantage of your event and enjoy the day!

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