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The violin’s history is over 1000 years old, and violin players are still popular at events today. In addition to classical pieces, our violinists also play jazz, lounge, pop, rock, tango, flamenco, dubstep, house, charts, and others.

With famous violinists as Niccolò Paganini and Yehudi Menuhin, solo violin and violin concertos have been recognized as a unique performance for centuries.

Whether on the big stage or discreetly in the background— our violin players are total professionals and know how to win over the audience. Are you looking for a violin player for the wedding?

Hire the best violin player for the wedding or an event with Eventeus.com and create unique and memorable entertainment with a performer who plays the violin based on the mood and atmosphere you want to make.

How to become a famous Violinist?

Great talent is one thing. A solo career is quite another. In the music world, the only perfection counts. It demands a lot from gifted children — but also their parents.

Even if talent is an essential foundation: Only with around ten thousand hours of practice time does a musically gifted child become a professional musician.

To play violin in an orchestra, you have to be compatible with the team. Mental strength helps to cope with the many journeys and stressful phases before concerts. Often you have to perform even though you don’t feel like it.

Accuracy is also essential when practicing. It would be best if you strive for the golden mean. Do not practice too loosely and not too doggedly.


Who is the best violinist in the world?

 Noble musical instrument, if there is one, the violin reserves wonderful melodies for our ears when well mastered.


Paganini, the most outstanding violinist of all time

Born in 1782 in the Republic of Genoa, Nicola Paganini began the mandolin at five years old before moving towards the violin two years later. Therefore, a virtuoso and precocious violinist and a great composer of the Romantic era, he turned the codes of the instrument upside down by developing new techniques, from trills to out of touch. Legend has it that his talent came in part from the “extraordinary” extensibility of his hands and fingers …


From the past to the present — the music world continues to produce excellent violinists who bring us closer to the violin in very different ways.


Nigel Kennedy

The Briton Nigel Kennedy (born 1956), according to his statement, wants to make music and is sometimes referred to as a “punk violinist.” Thanks to his many years of classical training, he has superior technology and in-depth knowledge of classical literature. Kennedy caused a sensation by refreshing classical composers’ works with music by, for example, Jimi Hendrix.


Sarah Chang

A well-known violinist who made a name for herself in classical music at a young age is Sarah Chang (born 1980). She has already played with almost all major orchestras and conductors, and her concerts attract spectators in droves to concert halls all over the world.


How does a Violinist control dynamic?

At the violinist’s left ear, the violin reaches peak values ​​of over 115 dB in ff (fortissimo). The instrument has a relatively balanced dynamic range. At a distance of 6 meters, the sound level in pp is around 45–48 dB; in ff, it is approximately 75–79 dB at the same distance.

Difficulty and sound of the keys 

Not all keys can be performed equally well on the violin. Keys in which open strings are often struck are comparatively easy to play. The key also affects the sound.


With 19 major keys and 19 minor keys, for example, it says that A flat major is “not very difficult” to play and sounds “soft, veiled, very noble”; E minor is “easy” to play and sounds “screaming, ordinary.”

Professionals called some keys “almost impracticable,” some even “impracticable.”


How much do professional Violinists make?

 A soloist violinist in an orchestra can earn a monthly net salary of €4,500 net/month in Europe.

As a freelancer, the violinist’s salary varies enormously from year to month and even week to week. It’s pretty much impossible to paint a clear picture of you, but let’s say you can do between four and eight concerts a month, in addition to teaching about 10 hours a week.

  • A show is paid between €140 and €170.
  • You can usually make €75 an hour for rehearsals.
  • You will often get away with €600 for three days of work.

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