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A vocal coach, voice coach, or voice trainer supports singers or speakers in preparing for a performance or speech and improving their singing, speaking technique, or breathing techniques.

He or she helps with the maintenance and development of a voice with voice training/vocal coaching. Many vocal coaches offer private singing lessons, group workshops, or master classes for singers.

The right warm-up and singing-in are simply part of the trade tools for professional singers and speakers. Professional voice coaching from a vocal coach prevents problems with the voice.


Therefore, professional vocal coaching is not a sign of weakness or a weak voice but a sign of professionalism. For comparison: You don’t accuse a professional footballer of having a coach, do you?


Are you looking to develop your singing style with a professional voice teacher and extend your vocal range with live and online singing lessons?

With Eventeus.com, beginners and professional singers can find the best vocal coaches online to improve their singing and online vocal technique to maximize their stage presence.

Your professional coaching sessions are provided by singing teachers from various musical styles with custom vocal training and voice lessons.

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What is a Vocal Coaching?

 Some vocal coaches have breathing techniques, diction, and pronunciation specialized because today is the voice of more and more people and more widely used than ever. A “healthy tone” means success in the market. Vocal security and flexible voice guidance are essential. In the study “The Voice as an Economic Factor,” 80 percent of executives, managers, and personnel developers agree that the voice makes a significant contribution to professional success.


The distinction between singing teacher and vocal coach is unclear and can often depend on the particular teacher’s definition. Some use the two terms interchangeably, which can confuse an aspiring singer seeking technical and stylistic assistance.

How to start Vocal Coaching?

Whether in the shower or the karaoke bar, many people enjoy singing. But if you are not currently aiming for a career as a singer, the question arises for many of what singing lessons bring and whether you will not be able to sing better yourself with a lot of practice at some point. With the best vocal coaching, you are not only doing something perfect for your voice.


As a vocal coach, the theoretical contributions and the essential “how to transmit” to your student is vital to succeeding as a professional, a beginner, or confirmed singing teacher, and vocal coach:


  • vocal anatomy, physiology, and acoustics
  • different pedagogical approaches, how to optimize the transmission
  • pedagogy by objectives and skills
  • neuro-pedagogy (neurosciences at the service of learning)
  • establish a vocal assessment and objectives related to the request of the vocalist
  • develop your analytical ear (voice analysis: forcing, aesthetics, etc.)
  • develop manual guidance (the teacher’s hand guides the vocal gesture)
  • return the learner to the heart of the learning process, self-assessment, and work for an organization
  • knowing how to adapt as you have different types of students
  • mental preparation for an audition, tour, recording, management of stage fright and emotions
  • the pedagogy of the spoken voice
  • new technology and voice pedagogy
  • motivation
  • practical educational scenarios

Where to find an online Vocal Coach?

If you want to take singing lessons, the first question that arises is how to find a good vocal coach. Recommendations from other singers are best. If this solution is not an option for you, you can now see the best online vocal coaches worldwide on modern talents’ and artists’ platforms such as Eventeus.com.

How much can you make as a Vocal Coach?

As a vocal teacher, you can expect to earn around €45.0000 — €62.000.


Besides, you can make your career evolve in different ways, such as:


  • professional singers who can justify their activity wishing to teach and become a singing teacher
  • singing teachers desiring to discover a new global approach
  • choirmaster
  • speech therapist wishing to develop an educational practice

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Hire the best Vocal Coaches with Eventeus.com now!

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Do you want to develop your singing voice with vocal lessons? Learn new vocal styles with coaching voice experts specialized in training singers worldwide.

As a modern marketplace, you can switch your hobby to an actual business and enforce it with their customers.

Besides, Eventeus.com can also be used as an industry comparison to estimate how much money other freelancers take for comparable services. In no case should you try to assert yourself against the competition with below-average prices. Dumping wages not only harm you but your entire profession.

For the clients, this is also a unique way to compare talents, skills, availability both in time and location … Eventeus becomes a simple and efficient way to find all the talents you need for your events and projects.


As a client, a company, or a professional, join the Eventeus.com network online now and start maximizing your business and actions.

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