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For many couples, a wedding is the most important, if not the most beautiful day of their life together. On this day, everything has to be just right. Nothing can be left to chance.

Regardless of whether the party is with 500 people or whether the wedding is celebrated comfortably in a small circle, you cannot avoid a few preparations as a bride and groom.

So, one of the essential points on your to-do list is undoubtedly the question: “Who takes care of the music? And what music should be played at all? ”

Fortunately, some people have specialized in exactly this topic and are happy to do the work for you, namely wedding DJs.


With Eventeus.com, you will find the best DJ for your wedding day. Our professional wedding DJs online will make your wedding and wedding reception with family and friends a memorable one.

What is a Wedding DJ?

What would a wedding celebration be without music? Quite simply: a wedding without a dancing couple and exuberant guests.

No matter how great food, decorations, and wedding presents can be — if nobody is dancing, the wedding is somehow only half the fun.


But who should take care of the music on the day of the day? Can’t one of the guests do that instead of a wedding DJ who plays a few playlists on his laptop?


Sure, it works, but first, there is probably no right mood because the music may become monotonous, there are no real transitions, and guests and the bride and groom cannot spontaneously wish for a hit.


Besides, every guest at your wedding should have the opportunity to celebrate appropriately and not have to spend hours on a task. That is why it is worthwhile to hire a wedding DJ with a mobile disco and suitable equipment for the wedding.

Your guests will thank you for it, and you will probably rave about the unforgettable party at your silver wedding anniversary years later.

wedding dj online

How much is a Wedding DJ?

It should be noted that there are regional differences in prices, similar to the real estate market.

You should expect a budget for the wedding DJ of 800 – €900.


The best and most successful DJs cannot be found below the thousand marks in summer. Due to the high demand, some candidates are already close to €2,000 plus VAT.


Which songs does a wedding DJ play?

Hiring great wedding DJs is also an excellent way to fit the right timing and set up for the father-daughter dance, but your disc jockey for your big day will also activate the dance floor, fit the with guests requesting specific songs.

Music accompanies your wedding from the beginning to the end: It creates atmosphere and lets emotions bubble; it brings the mood and a good mood — that’s why you should choose your wedding music carefully and carefully.

Adjust your music at the wedding precisely to the individual situation and think about what you would like to hear.

The first dance is an incredible moment of the wedding. Tradition has it that the bride’s father takes her for a waltz before “ceding” his hand to her new husband.

How to find the best DJ for your wedding?

Thanks to the best online platforms for talents and artists such as Eventeus, you can now find the best DJ for your wedding online.

What are you waiting for? Hire the perfect DJ services online with Eventeus.com for your special day.

wedding dj online

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