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The wedding officiant is the conductor of a wedding ceremony. His role is multifaceted, it is not only to perform the marriage.

He intervenes upstream in the preparation and writing of the ceremony, then animates it on D-day. Also, he has to ensure that all the elements are united for a perfect union: logistics, decoration, sound system, the comfort of guests, etc.

How to officiate a wedding?

The wedding officiant must acquire the essential prerequisite of a right officiant is motivation and passion. Indeed, the latter accompanies the most intense moments of the life of a person, a couple, and a family.


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Skills or qualities of wedding officiants:

  • Knowledge of marriage, wedding ceremony, symbolism, rituals, etc.
  • Writing capacity: the officiant writes the complete scenario and the ceremony
  • Ability to speak in public
  • Relational and psychological capacities: the professional knows how to establish a relationship of trust both with the bride and groom for the personalization of the union.
  • Organizational skills to organize the whole event and manage the preparations.
  • Sense of creativity and originality.


How to become a wedding officiant for marriage ceremonies?

The officiating profession is still recent in France. However, interest in the secular ceremony or commitment ceremony continues to grow: American marriage ministries are now very common as a wedding officiant in France. Universal life church, justice of the peace, and more.

Even though there is no official celebrating or master of ceremonies diploma. It does not prevent a competent professional from having theoretical knowledge and mastering a certain number of writing, communication, or even animation techniques. In addition, this professional practice requires qualities of business manager whatever form it takes.

How much does a wedding officiant cost?

The prices for the celebration of marriage vary from one celebrant to another depending on several factors. Among these factors, the marriage officiant is ordained minister, if he must proceed with marriage licenses and religious organization, or simply perform the ceremony.

An other factor is the experience, expertise, and services offered. For a celebration of civil marriage, the fees of the wedding officiant start from 250 euros.

How to find a wedding officiant?

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