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Your other half has asked for your marriage, and it is time to start preparing for the happiest day of your life. But you don’t know where to start, and you have little time to spend on preparation.

Why not entrust the organization of your wedding to a professional? This common practice across the Atlantic, it is little used in France. With the help of a specialist, you make sure you have the full organization skills and the support of an expert: the Wedding Planner!

Organizing your wedding day:

The wedding is an exceptional moment in the life of a couple, and this magic day, you will remember it all your life. But beware, you know that the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Just look at the testimonies of some married couples to understand how difficult it can be to experience a failed marriage: “My big day was catastrophic! I had to run from start to finish.” “My marriage was completely missed; it’s killing me. I am so angry I had to solve all the problems!”“I completely missed my wedding day!”

Moreover, the number of testimonies of spoiled marriages, unfortunately, continues to increase, so that we end up believing that the perfect marriage does not exist! Organizing a wedding from start to finish is indeed a real obstacle course.

If you have to organize it yourself, you will need a lot of courage and patience, a full planning design, event management skills, and a personal touch. But only years of experience can bring that.

Whether for destination weddings or classic wedding coordination, your wedding and event planning can be done with professional wedding planning services.


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What do wedding planners do? 

In a given time, more or less short, you will have to make a lot of choices and all this without going wrong, of course:

  • On the D-Day, you will have to coordinate everything. Don’t forget that time is running out; every moment is so precious.
  • Your guests will also be at the heart of your concerns. They will all without exception want to share a special moment with you. And they will not hesitate to solicit you regularly, so you will have to be present by their side!
  • The dreaded moment will come, that of the unforeseen that will have to be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid disaster …
  • A lot of work and pressure … and so little room for fun!

Doing everything yourself is not the best decision, and at Eventeus, we are convinced that the perfect marriage exists! You only need to find the best talents to be by your side, a professional from the start who masters all the workings of a successful marriage: the Wedding Planner.

It is THE most qualified person you could get to guide you and get you through the whole wedding organization. As event planners, with sometimes over 20 years of experience, wedding planners will be the perfect coordinator of the day. They make the most beautiful of your life!

What are the wedding planners’ responsibilities?

Let’s find out about the wedding planners’ responsibilities. Why is it the best option for you if you want a perfect wedding?

From the wedding ceremony to the evening entertainment. They also make sure for your guests to enjoy a unique event and you to go through the day as relaxed as you can be and enjoy every moment:

  • Tailor-made services for an original wedding

The wedding planner will support you throughout the organization of this unique day. In the course of the exchanges, he will get to know you. Then he will be able to present your services and ideas according to your tastes and your budget. From decoration to the choice of caterer, the Wedding Planner will take care of everything. Do you want a floral decoration? The wedding planner will find you the florist who will meet your expectations. It ensures a unique and turnkey wedding.

  • Saving time and money

Hiring a wedding planner will save you time and money. Preparing for a wedding requires a lot of investment, and it is not always easy to find the time to devote to preparations between work and family life.

Using a Wedding Planner will save you a lot of time. He will take care of contacting the various providers, such as the caterer, the DJ, or why not an officiant if you opt for a secular ceremony. Besides that, he will ensure communication with the various departments chosen and will only contact you when necessary. In addition, he can also negotiate the different rates to enter your budget.

  • Less stress

Preparation is often a source of stress and tension for the couple. We don’t know where to start, and we are afraid of forgetting certain things. The Wedding planner is here to listen to you and support you in this moment of life so meaningful. He will accompany you in the various stages, and he will give you advice. Through his experience, he will bring you his expert eye. You can also consult his specialized wedding site and projects that will provide you with valuable information for your organization.

  • Organizing a remote wedding

If you want to get married in a region other than your place of residence, the wedding planner will be your best ally.

Do you live in the south of France, but want to organize your wedding ceremony in Paris? His knowledge of the region and his address book will allow you to benefit from the services of the best providers.

Present on site, he will be able to ensure the smooth running of the preparations. He perfectly masters the remote organization of your weddings anywhere. It will prevent you from having to make a lot of trips. You will save time and money.

  • D-Day conductor

Present during the preparations, the wedding planner will be present during the ceremony. He will take care of your guests and ensure the proper coordination of the services present. In case of unforeseen events, he will work to resolve the little quirks so that you can fully enjoy your marriage.


find a wedding planner near you for hire on eventeus.com

How much do wedding planners charge?

The profession of wedding planner was born in the United States and emerged in France about 10 years ago. Its function: to ensure the role of conductor of the wedding day of its customers.

Before the wedding, his role is to select the service providers (caterer, florist, musical presenter, room hire company, etc.). The wedding planner will also establish quotes and contracts, plan the whole event (logistics, security, timing, etc.). He’s also taking into account the budget and expectations of its customers.

On the wedding day, he must supervise all the participants (providers and guests), manage the planning, and resolve the inevitable unforeseen events related to this kind of event!

How are wedding planners paid?

The wedding planner is paid by the hour or by the service. His remuneration represents approximately 10% to 15% of the total cost of the marriage minus the costs incurred for the providers.

  • A more modest 25-hour wedding planner package will cost 1,000€, and a 15-hour package would be 750€.
  • Weddings can take a long time to plan and execute: a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator can help you seal your union based on the tasks you give him.

How many brides use wedding planners?

In France, only 14% of a total of newlyweds use a Wedding Planner. However, compared to the USA, where it is more than 80% of marriages … everything remains to be done!

Thanks to word of mouth, TV shows on Wedding Planners and their dream marriages, wedding fairs, etc., more and more brides and grooms feel the need to go through a wedding planner. As they do not want  to be bothered or feel overwhelmed or want a perfectly organized and carefree wedding to be able to enjoy it on D-Day fully.

Do wedding planners pay for anything?

The budget for a wedding is calculated per person. In general, it takes around 200 euros per person for something of good quality, based on 100 guests:

  • These 200 euros include all the money that will be spent on your wedding. It includes the location rental, the catering service, the live band or DJ, the decoration and set up, the wedding dress and all other expenses for the bride and groom.
  • To give you an idea, the average cost of a beautiful wedding in France is 20,000 euros for a wedding of around 100 people.

You now have a total cost/amount for your wedding. Based on this number, count 10to 15% of the wedding planner’s fee. The event planner will then run all the jobs and tasks listed before to help you organize and finalize all the wedding elements.

However, the Wedding planner fee does not mean that the Wedding planner will pay for anything. But as a professional wedding organizer, he/she will have the contacts and will be able to negotiate the rates with the different providers.

Indeed, a wedding planner can mainly help you in this area. It is indeed more accessible for him to negotiate the prices because of his numerous contacts and agreements with the rooms, caterers, talents, and performers, etc.

Do wedding planners decorate?

The Wedding Planner is not the Wedding Designer. As your event planner, he/she will define the whole set up and decoration with you, based on your wishes. From that point, the Wedding Planner will get back to you with several Wedding Designer options. The Wedding Designer is the decoration project manager

More than just a decorator, this designer of events (and therefore of marriage) is in charge of achieving the whole ambiance of the wedding. Its mission: to create a complete decoration from a few desires of the customers and to offer and advise the couple throughout the preparations.

It will be the Wedding Planner that will coordinate with the design team and explain your needs. He/she will make sure all is provided the way you want in several fields: floral arrangements, decorative elements (dishes, vases, tablecloths, etc.), creation of sweet tables and other wedding bars, computer graphics, etc.

As a Wedding Planner, he will have to advise the bride and groom on the board of colors to choose according to the desired theme and adjust everything to get your desired atmosphere for your perfect wedding.

Your special day and event design are well-ensured with the right wedding planner. Besides, you can also work out extra tasks such as the rehearsal dinner decoration and planning.

Do wedding planners need a degree or license?

There is no diploma course recognized by the State. Specialized event agencies offer paid training, but these are not a guarantee of success in the profession.

No level of study is therefore defined to find a position as a wedding planner. However, a course in the field of events can be a real plus to understand the requirements and the reality of the profession. As a wedding planner, you should not neglect the reality of the field. It is above all the event organization, applied to marriage. Therefore, it is necessary, beyond the apparent creative aspect, to have managerial, commercial, and negotiating skills:

  • Being a manager: because you have to know how to manage a budget, that of the bride and groom and yours, as well as the accounting of your activity (elaboration of contracts, quotes …).
  • The commercial aspect because you have to prospect and maintain your portfolio of customers, suppliers, and service providers (caterers, rental companies, florists, etc.).
  • Being a negotiator, because you have to coordinate different providers, find the best price.

However, to exercise the Wedding Planner profession, event-oriented communication studies are recommended.

Little by little, specific training is becoming more available to meet market expectations:

  • Bachelor in event project management with specialization as a wedding planner
  • License for communication professions: events

Do wedding planners save you money?

Getting married also means planning and budgeting for the ceremony. Also there are all the side elements: preparations for the spouses, party, meal, entertainment, the comfort of the guests, and the list goes on.

It’s a priceless day, but does it have to cost so much?

At first, glance, using a wedding planner inevitably represents an additional cost. By delegating a work that you could do yourself, you necessarily add the expense to your wedding budget.

However, the fact of calling on a company to take care of the organization of your wedding may allow you, ultimately, to save money! Could it be profitable to use a wedding planner to organize your wedding?

Indeed, the wedding planner has a good knowledge of all the expenditure items related to the event. He/she will not waste time to know what choice (of decoration, location, etc.) will suit you best, at the best cost.

Thus, the chosen services can be done at a price you would never have found alone. It is not uncommon for wedding planners to work with partners who grant them preferential rates, allowing you to save on your final budget.

Finally, let’s not forget that this expense will save you a lot of time … and that time is money! Besides, a professional Wedding Planner knows the tricks of the wedding celebrations industry. if you want to reduce the costs while still using the best wedding planners to organize your big day:

  •  A wedding on a Friday between October and April and far from major cities. The quotes of caterers or room hire companies can be reduced by 20%.
  • Select an all-inclusive formula for the room and the caterer.

The bill for the place where the festivities will take place represents more than 50% of the budget for a wedding.

  • Video and photos: limit yourself to the essentials.

Saving on this item by calling on friends is not necessarily a good idea. Keep a professional photographer but clearly define what you want and need.

  • Delegate management to optimize expenses

A competent wedding planner is the first and foremost one that will give you excellent value for money.

How do wedding planners work?

As a wedding planner, you should not neglect the reality of the field, which is above all the event organization, applied to marriage. Therefore, it is necessary, beyond the apparent creative aspect, to have managerial, commercial, and negotiating skills:

  • Being a manager, because you have to know how to manage a budget, that of the bride and groom and yours, as well as the accounting of your activity (elaboration of contracts, quotes …).
  • The commercial aspect because you have to prospect and maintain your portfolio. It should include customers, suppliers, and service providers (caterers, rental companies, florists, etc.).
  • Being a negotiator, because you have to coordinate different providers, find the best price.

It is a profession based on human contact and network. A careful presentation is necessary, as well as exemplary diplomacy:

  •  Your nerves can be put to the test on D-Day! You have to be able to manage providers, guests, the married couple, and adapt to each contact, without revealing your stress.
  • Besides, you support your customers in their project for several months. The interpersonal skills are necessary to identify their needs and help them over time.
  • Perfect knowledge of the events sector (actors, budget management, planning, logistics, security, etc.), and the process of a wedding (civil, religious, etc.) is elementary.

How to become a wedding planner?

Become a Wedding Planner as a logical follow-up to a professional career. Many people are interested in the profession of Wedding Planner since it is a logical continuation of their professional career.

Indeed, a certain number of employees in events decided to use their experiences to start their own business after working in the corporate event industry. These are people who have worked in the hotel and catering sector, organizing professional events, entertainment, and even in marketing, for example.

Become a Wedding Planner to work for yourself. For many other wedding planners, becoming a wedding planner is an opportunity to become self-employed. Thus, the primary objective is the creation of business, and we often link it to career change or development.


find a wedding planner near you for hire on eventeus.com

Find the best Wedding planner for your wedding on Eventeus.com

You have decided to entrust the organization of your wedding to a professional wedding planner. However, you have no idea who to turn to. The only leads you have are the wedding providers form the other many wedding you attended from your friends and family members, and the directories you found on Google search,

Even if you manage to find some contacts reasonably easily, there is nothing to prove their competence, reliability, and professionalism. You still need to evaluate several wedding planners before making your choice.

How to find the wedding planner of your dreams?

With Eventeus.com, you can finally reach a whole pool of talents for big day organization. Thanks to this unique all-in-one platform, you can connect with all the professionals you need to organize all your events. Catering companies, artists, musicians, live music bands, but also a whole list of Wedding Planners with different profiles and focus.

Last words of advice:

  • Make sure before the first meeting that the Wedding Planner is registered correctly as a Trade and Companies Registration in France (RCS and Siret numbers) as the profession is not yet being fully regulated. 
  • Note that you can also use a wedding planner to organize unusual themed or destination weddings in an exceptional place (aquatic center, museum …) or abroad. Bringing 30loved ones to a riad in Marrakech can also prove to be less expensive than a traditional wedding in France for 100 people. 

Logistics capacities (plane tickets, reservations abroad, hiring local service providers) of a wedding planner specializing in this kind of project are therefore precious.

Check the Eventeus.com wedding planner lists for your wedding in France or all around the world.

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